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Found 3 results

  1. Hey DD:A Community, i'm looking to start a series on my youtube channel doing DD:A and would like your advice on videos i thought i could make that you would be interested in watching. FIRST SERIES IDEA So first i want to create a "Dungeon Defenders: Awakened! CHALLENEGE" series, i will challenege the community to challeneges you have to complete a few examples: Complete 'map' on 'difficulty' by only using the following: Explosive Traps/Deadly Strikers/Slow Aura Equip Mista Mine on all your characters and you cannot use your weapons/abilities on 'map' with 'difficulty' and the list of challenege ideas i have goes on, but i would do a video to explain the challenege followed by my attempts at the challenge until it is completed. SECOND SERIES IDEA So for the second idea, i would do different tower defence strategies, first doing my personal favourite builds on all maps, then moving onto builds using all the heroes in different ways and also taking requests from people who have design ideas but can't be bothered to try it out themselves. A few ideas below: My personal favourite heros/builds for each map on the hardest difficulty (i believe if the build works on the hardest difficulty, it should work for all easier difficulties as well) Community Requests - People suggest build ideas and i will try them out and show if they are effective or not and give my opinions. THIRD SERIES IDEA When the full game is released, i will do guides/tutorials on how to do things, at this point its too early to detail exactly but using DD1/DD2 as examples, such as how to get certain items or pets, how to get trophies/achievements (assuming they create some for Steam, or PS4 as i only have those 2 right now) and other types of 'how to' videos depending on what content DD:A has on full release. If you wouldn't watch any of these 3 ideas or the current series i have on my channel which reviews all patches/updates that come out for the game then i ask you to tell me what you would watch regarding DD:A so i can look into making those videos. Since this is a request for advice from the community i won't link my channel but my name is RedShepard if you are interested, any advice on this is much appreciated!
  2. I created another video regarding the latest update from Chromatic Games, This is a forum post they made and not an actual game update, I hope this video is better than the last! Here are the times for everything discussed: 0:18 = The BETA has been EXTENDED into Janurary! 01:16 = A new update is being worked on for the Beta? 02:03 = A new survey is being released, complete it and have a chance to win a Prestigious Pack! 02:32 = DDA is not a simple port or remake! 02:58 = Issues with Pre-Ordering and packs have different rewards?! 03:44 = Anyone who backed with BackerKit should watch 04:04 = Anyone who backed with KickStarter should watch 05:08 = New FAQ section! The Forum post i am referring to can be found here: The FAQ Section can be found here:
  3. I am a new youtuber and am going to be posting videos for each new patch that comes out doing my best to explain what has been fixed, changed, added and removed etc... Please let me know if this is wanted on the forums and i will post my videos here to help you out.
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