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Found 5 results

  1. Can you please look into stopping people from abusing this function. I've gone into many games and earned my keep and been kicked from the game, just as there's a handful of enemies left, on wave 25, or just as i'm about to collect the chest upon completion. It's actually infuriating, and lots of people are doing it, and some are even kicking people as soon as they join a match. There's a solo mode and friends only option, if you don't want anyone joining. I've joined early on, or mid game in survival matches, and pulled my weight, saving many folk from doom, only to be booted b
  2. The healing function, instead of healing as i hold down Y it acts as though its an instant ability with a 1 second cool-down doing nothing (in an online session).
  3. Anyone else having issues with no sesion on the private tavern for Isle of dread and Sacrificial Warden adventures? We've been trying to play them for three weeks with no luck. The other adventures work, but not those two. Suggestions?? Thanks!!
  4. I play on xbox one, i bought gems over 36 hours ago i still have not got them AND YOU GUYS HAVE FULLY TAKEN THE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT I REALLY AM NOT IMPRESSED I WANT THE CURRENCY BY TOMORROW MORNING OR I WANT A FULL REFUND, I am really upset about how bad the customer service is, as i have been a fan of dd2 since 360 yet you guys are very quick to take my money yet wont give me the stuff i bought, i really am not impressed
  5. Hey all, so I'm new here. For the last three weeks in my private tavern isle of dread, and now the final level of Sacrificial warden is giving me the session not found error. Any ideas? It's only on adventure mode, and every other adventure works fine. Just frustrating thanks!!
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