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  1. Here is a place to put down some ideas for new tower concepts for DDA (or who knows, maybe you are planting a seed that will germinate in DD3). Non-linear shooting paths. Something i thought about today is that we have almost all linear towers in the DD franchise. Things all seems to shoot in 1 general direction, or 360. I'd love to see some curved firing zones. Something that can shoot around corners! We need some new Tetris pieces to build with. In short lanes and enclosed spaces, towers that have angled paths to fire at would be an interesting idea to add to the mix. Something that can make a 90 degree turn would be a lot of fun IMO. I'd even love to see erratic paths, like a lightning bolt that jumps around and hits random enemies in a zig-zag like path. Elevation specific defenses. I would like to see some def that are specifically geared to hitting enemies at much higher or lower elevations. Something to place on the mountain tops that rain death down below. Ramsters in DD2 really let me down with its extremely narrow and shallow attack pattern. I'd love to see some more variety in how we defend against places that are a full level or two lower/above. Enemy specific defenses. Now this idea could just be a shard/mod/passive, but the idea is that a def would only attack a certain kind of unit. Kind of like the mods in DD2 that increase damage to a certain type, but taken to the next level - now they only attack those types. It would help in builds where a certain unit type keeps wrecking your layout, and you could target them much earlier, and ensure they do no get lost in the mobs. Just an idea... AOE projectiles. The munitions you fire explode on impact for limited AOE damage. Think mortar shells and such. More air options. In both DD games thus far the air options have been very limited. I would love to see an actual variety of decent air towers that we can decide on which ones to use in a certain setting. Also, they should be strong enough to do their job. the fact that SGTs were not kings of the skies in DD2 is a big miss on that def. I'd really like to see at least 4-5 different air options, not counting defs that can shoot ground and air. Feel free to add to the list...
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