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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! My name is WTLlama and to cut a long story short I have through a dumb mistake of my own doing ended up with a preorder for DDA for the Nintendo switch. Funny story is I don’t actually own a switch. So rather then refunding it I though well hey I have a extra code and a community here why not give it away? Anyways I’m rambling to make it sweet and simple I’m giving away the digital key when it’s available . If your interested just leave a comment on this post for what your most excited for or a good experience you had with the previous game , really anything along those lines and at the end of it all I’ll pick my favourite and that user can have the key when it’s available . Anyways best of luck to all . Can’t wait for full release!
  2. Will there be a physical edition of DDA for Nintendo Switch?
  3. Look, I understand exactly why a studio, especially on the smaller side, would take a timed exclusivity deal. And I honestly believe in terms of funding for the game that it is often the right thing to do. The problem is, it can also be the worst thing to do, dependant on the reasoning behind it and simply how it is handled. So communication is Everything. But when working with deals, communication suddenly becomes difficult in itself. Here is how I would like to think this deal has gone down. A more honest scenario with the game in mind: (TLDR; they had the game at heart and are stuck in agreements for positivity and unable to give info) Imagine being Chromatic and getting your project, your work baby, funded for the first time and the elation that brings. You throw out all kinds of promises that you intend to keep, one of them often being the platforms you can make it for and other support. By this point, you don't want exclusivity, you want to be fan headed and are probably a little upset you did not reach all the goals as you want to make them the best game but are trying to manage this as realisticly as possible. Being funded at all is a blessing. You all start working on the project, some things falling behind, some things possibly being ahead of schedual, but nothing is as concrete in a prediction on how the development will go. You see the fans, your fans spilling their guts about what they love and don't love and you are constantly in talks about the direction of the game beyond the initial plan to your team. You want to work and shove as much stuff in but the further you go the more unlikely it is. Not only is time not on your side with your release prediction, but the funds you raised are being stretched for things you could not even consider. You remain confident you are able to make this game and even what you promised, but it is going to be tight. Real tight. During development you are suddenly given the option to have an injection of cash, which you know instantly willl be able to pay for and effect so much more on this development, than any after release updates could ever do. This is money to spend now, and that should lead to a better product, happier fans and better sales. Missed stretch goals? added, More content? added. You know you can make the game the best it can be without sacrificing you or your teams lives. You can tie it in to a delay and basically give yourself not just the development time you need to make the game well, but the time you need to make it great. It seems a no brainer to you, you were asking for as much funding as you can get via kickstarter, you are sure the fans would understand if that injection comes at a cost of a release delay on a couple of the platforms. They still get the game and it won't be tooo long, it's not full exclusivity. I mean they care for the game too right? You want to tell the backers but part of the deal comes with an NDA or other agreements. Nintendo did not just pay money for timed exclusivity, for your company to just go spilling the beans before a decent announcement, let alone treat the agreement as a negative thing via an apology. Being in the indie showcase is practically an honor, one that nintendo wouldn't want besmirched with negativity. They would be more than unhappy if you went to your backers and apologised for an necerssary evil, making out the deal to be bad in the first place. So your hands are tied. You accepted the deal, but now you cannot tell your backers, or even apologise. You can only explain in a positive light after the news has been broken through a third party announcement trailer. You can't just make new promises either as you should be 100% certain on what you can do before you go making them and it is still too early to tell. Tough place. (End of scenario) This is where we are at. This is where it all goes wrong. The problem is, that positive light will not go down to well to those who feel lied to. That information is needed so we know that this is for a benefit to the game and not just a way to line your pockets. We have already had drama with the delivery issues, we have already mentioned how there needed to be more communication, and now out of the silence, we are told that some of us have to wait longer than others, like some are worth less than others, via a third party trailer. The first kickstarter update since should have been thought out so much better. We needed more than just a single paragraph that tells us not only nothing but the word 'polish' but just jokes and brushes it off. I can guess your hands are tied with how you could announce it, but we have seen first hand how other studios can say a lot more than you have and I think more emphasis on what this can do for the game, and a mention of 'potential' additions to it, would go a long way even with nothing concrete. Will we get those extra goals? will we have new modes? levels? items? characters?. What improvement will this make to the stuff we DO have? There has to be something in it for those you sold down the river for them to understand the decision, or you just threw your backers under a bus to save money, just like it came across when you expected your backers to pay unexpected and ridiculus delivery costs because your deal with a delivery firm failed. Don't let them think you have lined your pockets at their expense! Be positive, but let us know what we get from this. The deal will always upset people, some will understand and others will not, but how can anyone if they don't know what this means for them. You don't have to make promises, just give us a direction that this deal has led you. Help us understand a little. I don't mean to come across negative, as I honestly try to understand. It doesn't even affect me as I have the Switch and PC version. But I don't like seeing unhappy people who feel like they have been betrayed, especially when the potential outcome is actually good for all. But then as someone who is unaffected, I'm going to find it easier to deal with. I fully back and support you and am damn excited for the game. But please sort this mess out a bit before you lose fans. Treat them like the supporters they are and give a little back. They are worth everything to you.
  4. Defenders! We recently made the announcement that we'd be able to do a release for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This means it is NO LONGER a stretch goal, and if we meet our goal DD:A releases on all four platforms guaranteed. For more information, check out our Kickstarter Update here! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Team
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