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Found 2 results

  1. I am really struggling with what level of Kickstarter to back. i mean now that consoles are part of the base project - i am so in!!!!! I just cannot decide how much money to back with. I put a lot of money into DD2, way more than i ever spent on DD1, so i am not opposed to dropping some bucks. I mean, i make money and i don't mind spending some of it on something i love. I am torn between the $75 VIP pack and the $300 gilded tavern pack. My biggest holdup is that after the $75 pack, the amount of rewards seems to drop off dramatically (depending on your viewpoint). up to the $75 mark, a ton of rewards are heaped on for each level. I feel this is the lowest i would go. However, after that there seems to be a big drop off on how much you get. After that level, the next level that is not multiple keys (as i do not need more than 1 myself) is the $150 level, but for twice the money the only addition is a title, a skin, and naming a enemy (maybe). Then each $50 increment only gets you another title, skin, and name something else (maybe). Then at the at $300 you get some DD2 skins and a gold tavern as well. I just cannot decide if naming a few things (maybe) and a few skins are worth an extra $225... Especially getting DD2 skins, as they are only for the 4 base heroes, that i do not use very much. I wish we could see some pics of the DD2 gilded and crystalline flair, as well as the DDA gilded tavern. That might just be the incentive i need to bump up. Plus i am concerned with the amount of people that have backed levels about the $75 point - that there will not be enough enemies and gear to go around for naming, so your ideas may not get used. Did anyone else here go above the $75 level? I am interested to hear your thoughts.
  2. So one of my favorite things in dd1 was getting to sign up for developer's ran matches online and having them add you to their lounge and going on special Quest they would make up and you get rewarded a special pet or item I can remember my 17 year old self freaking out when I got a Legendary Green love bear pet that shot hearts and did Wicked amounts of damage hope this can be a comeback that was some of the funnest time I had showing that off that I earned it doing a crazy quest for the Developers? Hope this can be a thing on PS4 like it was on PS3?
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