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Found 4 results

  1. Twitch Integration was stated on the Kickstarter page. I know it is not in atm as I asked and they responded with "No. Twitch integration is something that we want for the game, but is not currently in the game." However, it is not stated on the roadmap. So I have to ask, when do you intend to add this to the game as it was stated it would be apart of the game on the Kickstarter? If possible, can you give us the estimated month or a range of 3 months? Thanks.
  2. An idea came to me that could make DD into the BEST MMO EVER PUBLISHED. If there was a DD MMO in which you could level your characters, raid dungeons (while building with 9 people alongside you), world quests and all of those cool MMO features I believe it would be really popular. I asked a couple of people and they all said they would play the heck out of it. Does anyone agree that this would be a revolutionary MMO game?
  3. I know its a little off topic bcuz u guys are focusing hard in DDA. But could we pls get more bags for DDII ? MAN I LOVE THIS GAME, and im not quiting it with DDA like others. Im playing it a lot and reseting loop right now, so im saving my 10/10 mods and shards im gilding. I already have all bags and bank i can purchase and all is left to me is 19 slots, bcuz the rest is full :(((( could i have a reaply at least, like: "No it cant be done. all you will have is this!", so i can cry alone in a corner ?????? hahahaha
  4. After the last hotfix, we are not allowed to combine water servo + shoking rev. Mods anymore, so for those who already has this combination, are we going to lose that relic or something? We need to know, because if this is the case, we need to be prepared to change our strategy.
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