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Found 2 results

  1. Looking to buy all plain motes. Let me know your price per stack
  2. I am sad to see that console support is not part of the base plan of DDA. Should we interpret this as to Chromatic Games' support of these platforms for the future? The only reason i know about DD was PS3, and the only versions i have ever played have been on PS3 and PS4. If console support is not offered, DD will no longer be a part of my gaming life (as well as my $$$). I am especially sad to see that console support is a flex goal that the project has to come in at 140% to plan in order to obtain. Rolling some risky dice their CG...not to mention that it is not even your first, nor second flex goal. More maps is more important than console support? Wow.... As a console player, i have to say that i feel on the outside of this project right from the start. I'd love to donate to the Kickstarter, but why would i unless i know it will reach flex goal #3??? Like i am going to drop any dollars on a game i cannot ever play?!?! The way the Kickstarter was done discourages all console gamers from donating to this project initially. Weird approach if you ask me, but maybe i am no longer part of the demographic that CG is aiming for. At this point, an announcement from CG as to their intentions with DD2, DDA, and even DD3 would be a very good idea. I notice that "free to play" was one of the call-outs in the Kickstarter , so it looks like CG is taking a whole new route...maybe...i guess... Heck, even just introducing themselves would be a good step one. If DD2 support is lessening, and it will take EVEN LONGER for things to come out going forward, that is not a lot of incentive to keep playing in the DD2 hamster wheel right now. At least not without some context and vision on where we are headed. Now would be a very good time for CG to give us plenty of reasons to want to keep playing DD2. Let's see if any of those Big Things we are getting teased with are actually about DD2...(and involve the consoles).
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