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Found 3 results

  1. As this post says, you can talk all about bugs and problems the playstation 4 version may have. Such as... my very own problem, where I can’t get my playstation plus items after downloading it. I could actually use a solution to this problem because it’s annoying me. (Oh yeah, also if someone has a bug and you know how to fix it, let the player know!)
  2. Since the Betsy Prime update I rubberband in DD2 and after a varying time (between 5 and 30 minutes) I get "connection lost" and TeamSpeak disconnects too. (my connection is stable, I've got youtube in the background for music and everything is working there, even while playing) After 10 sec i get reconnected to TeamSpeak and DD2 either crashes or freezes completely in a way that i can't close it. EDIT: After reinstalling the game crashes instantly while starting or my requests time out when I try to join Town or Tavern. I literally have no clue what could cause that and would like to fix it. I hope someone has an idea and I would really appreciate your help.
  3. Hello for some background I got dungeon defenders 1 for ps3 in 2010 after playing the demo for hours upon hours i got the game and went from level 10 ( the demo level cap) to level 20 just by purchasing the game. after some time The online networks on ps3 were stopped and i was left to play on my own. i bought all of the dlc and i enjoyed them. The problem comes with the fact that i could not play them because they were very large maps and even on the easiest difficulty felt like i could not cover them (not to mention sky city would lag and crash the game). My question is are you going to be implementing anything to increase the fun of solo play I loved some of the bigger maps but they were not possible to beat even with my highest level characters and I would really enjoy some kind of solution to this in dda.
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