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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, it's time again for our defenders to show some skills outside of just defending the dungeon. This Contest you are asked to make a poster art that is DD1 themed. Thanks to our great friends at CG, the main prize for this contest winner is, as the title suggests, the immortalization of your art by putting it into the game as a poster inside the tavern for everyone to see. Rules: Your art needs to be SFW, there can not be any adult content on it, otherwise, it won't qualify for any reward. You can make your art using digital or manual tools, it's up to your prefere
  2. Hello and welcome to first Giveaway in patch 9.2, hosted by me, Thales and Uber. This time you are asked to complete a new challenge, introduced in newest patch, Forest Ogre Crush on NMHC without using Series EV, Jester and Barbarian heroes. Additionally there is a special hard mode for the best players out there looking for a test of skill! Rules (For regular entry) You need to complete the map playing solo or duo with a friend.Map needs to be completed on current game patch 9.2.+ without using exploits, or hacks.Note that if you are unsure if something is an exploit you can
  3. Hello and welcome to the first ever True Boss Rush contest! This contest was finally made possible due to added total time counter for a whole TBR run that we got in previous update. The contest is co-hosted by Tbolt and Chewy This time you are asked to complete a run of TBR using a standarized save with the shortest possible time. Using a standarized save provides an even playing field for everyone, no stat and gear differences, pure skill is what matters. Rules: You need to complete the map solo (if you are competing for "Speedrun" rewards) Map needs to be completed on curre
  4. Sam116

    Easter Egg Hunt

    The Great Easter Egg Hunt The easter bunny has been eggstaticlly hopping around on some of Etherias many maps and hidden a bunch of eggs! Now its up to you to find these eggs and recive a Eggcellent reward the Tavern Keep has put on these tasty eggs. The sneaky bunny might have done some small changes to the maps while running around... How to enter: *Play through these maps found on the Easter Bunnys workshop subbmisions: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198977952301/myworkshopfiles/?
  5. Jump. It's time for another jump/parkour contest. This time around it's a new map created by Sam116 (ps. he's very cool). Map link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2929539148 You must be on a squire (or apprentice) with base skin movement speed + have 100 movement speed. No items are allowed, play on naked characters. You must be on Easy game-mode. Add your Steamlink in the post. Additionally you can add your discord # if you prefer being contacted there if you win. Take a screenshot of victory screen + hero list.
  6. Hello and welcome to another dd contest!! This time you are asked to complete one of three new maps (gamemodes) Tavern Incursion (challenge) Spooktacular Bay (campaign) Halloween Invasion (challenge) Each Map has its own bracket (Striking Tree is NOT in map list due feedback from previous contests) Rules: You need to complete the choosen map solo You can only choose one map to enter Map needs to be completed on Ranked on patch 9.0.2 without using exploits or hacks. Difficulty needs to be NMHC (if you want to enter for top time, if not then any difficulty is fine) You can only
  7. Yet another speedrun contest this time on The Striking Tree on campaign NMHC, but to not make it too easy we are taking LT's and DST's out of the picture. The top three fastest entries gets to choose between a Final Patch, Celebracers and a NPC in descending order from First to Third place. To enter the general pool simply run Striking Tree any difficulty without using LT/DST. In your entry include: * Save a picture of the build you're using (minimap picture) to be sent to me if you win. * Level Victory screen showing the Overview tab * Level Victory screen showing the Towers t
  8. We'll be gettin a new updates and before it goes live we would like some help finding bugs and issues. We want to reward people who want to play the beta and find bugs or just have some fun with it. How to get on the Beta: Don't forget to export to open and add the .cbb to the end of your save file (DunDefHeroes.dun) on "Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32" before downloading the update Right click dungeon defenders and then click proprieties Go to betas and select "branch name" to download the beta. Link to official announcement: Event Rules: There
  9. For past few years Event Hosts of DD1 event team host contests and giveaways for people to take part in, easily 95% of them involves playing the game to earn the rewards. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to do something else, try a new approach, few months ago I decided to give a baking giveaway a try and it worked out great! A lot of possitive feedback from community made me thinking about other exciting ways for people to engage with DD community. That's exactly how the idea with cosplay giveaway came to live, obviously as this contest is A LOT harder than other o
  10. Uber and Escev Contest!! Hello All! Welcome to another Uber contest The first Collaborative Contest of Uber and Escev!! \o/ For this contest we will be allowing you to pick your poison to try and come out a'head' of the competition. IMPORTANT: If you don't care about competition and just want a chance for random rewards you can IGNORE Fibonacci numbers part and just do maps with regular rules only!!! For this Uber/Escev contest, you must complete 1 of 3 possible maps listed below. YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONE. Same Rules for Redux but play on Ascension HC instead of NM HC. Eac
  11. Hello and welcome to Tis the season Giveaway Baking edition! This time of the year, there is a lot of opportunities to prepare something tasty to share with your family and friends. Defenders all over Etheria prepare to gather together to celebrate with tasty food and refreshing drinks prepared by our wonderful Tavernkeeper. With our growing community Tavernkeeper needs our help, he will do just fine with main dish and appetizers so our quest is making a dessert. In this giveaway everyone wins! Rules: -Bake a cake, cookies or any pastry or dessert with Dungeon Defenders theme.
  12. Hello Defenders! It's time for a contest, this ones all about showing off your artistic skills with a Halloween twist! Your goal is to take a screenshot of your character in a setting you think captures the spirit of Halloween! \o/ RULES: ・ You can only submit ONE screen shot. ・ You can only have ONE character in your screenshot. ・ You can be on any map. ・ You can use any video settings you want. ・ You can use any items you want, including items from Open Mode. ・ Screen shots should NOT include character/player names. (Hide hud before taking screenshot by pressing H)
  13. Hello and welcome to our Polly (not Poly) the Parrot giveaway and contest, hosted by Moose and I. Polly is well known for her beautiful colours and slightly less beautiful squawking. However, Polly is a lot less known for her ability to take down the infamous Kraken boss. We're running this giveaway to show you just how effective Polly is at this task and why she should be respected as one of the best Kraken killers. But of course to find out how good she truly is, you'll have to farm some first. Everybody who enters is a winner in this one to say thank you for respecting one of the
  14. Hello everyone, welcome to yet another weekend giveaway! Giveaway will run starting from Friday 18:00 UTC+2 to Monday 18 UTC+2 Post should automatically unlock when the giveaways starts and locks itself on giveaway end. This week rules: Farm a named weapon (it has to be farmed during the giveaway time, old items are not allowed) with hero stats and upgrades representing highest amount of digits in a row from one of three mathematical digit sets ( first 100 digits of pi, first 100 digits of Euler number, first 50 numbers from Fibonacci sequence) More info about digit sets and items h
  15. Hello everyone, welcome to yet another weekend giveaway! Giveaway will run starting from Friday 18:00 UTC+2 to Monday 18 UTC+2 Post should automatically unlock when the giveaways starts and locks itself on giveaway end. This week rules: Complete map on redux (ascension HC/Ruthless) or ranked (nightmare HC) from original campaign. The goal of this weekend is to get LOWEST challenge points in one map. Challenge points formula is as follows: [Total time in seconds * (Combined relevant stats of all used characters/10) * ((Defense + minion units used) * 40) * (Map place in original camp
  16. Hello everyone, welcome to the first (and hopefully not last) weekend giveaway. The idea behind it is to make one small scale giveaway each weekend, with different challenges and reward theme each week. Giveaway will run starting from Friday 18:00 UTC+2 to Monday 18 UTC+2 Post should automatically unlock when the giveaways starts and locks itself on giveaway end. This week rules: Complete any campaign (original campaign so from Deeper well to The Summit) map on nightmare difficulty with LOWEST team score you can get. The map can be completed on either Ranked or Redux but not on ope
  17. Hello and welcome to Christmas in June!! giveaway. Coming into summer with its hot sunny days, we need a little bit of chill, and what chills more than some winter themed maps! For this giveaway you need to run from Wave 20 to 35 SOLO with 4 summoners in (using emulator or controllers) on Winter Mire (or Magus Citadel if you think two winter themed maps is too chilly for you) AND Winter Wonderland on Survival Nightmare HC (Not mixmode and not pure strategy) and post a screenshot of end-of-map statistics with amount of enemies shown (be sure to run all waves with 4 summoners in, otherwise you
  18. Hey everyone! Giveaway is over and the results are in! Check out the list below to see if you won, I'm sorry that I couldn't give everyone a reward I loved all the drawings, and I hope you had fun too :p If you didn't get lucky now, be sure to swing by my tavern "Free final gear giveaway" in the shops menu, I'll be on every now and again over the next couple of weeks to dispense the gear my characters used +coal/cubes :) Special shout out to AETHON, with a drawing that knocked the socks off of myself and my mates who helped me pick the winners! You get two prizes! Message me o
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