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Found 7 results

  1. The game itself is AMAZING and I am already almost totally in love with it, definitely worth the money! But the UI ruins every good feeling towards DDA. Here are my problems with it: - too ugly and simple (also gives fps lag, while the game runs very smooth) - not clear what is what on the screen, I thought at first that the top bar is the crystal health, since it was depleting the same pace as how it got hit. I then realized the Crystal health is not visible on the UI, you actually have to look at it direcly. - no indication that a player joined your session, cannot see their health/mana - in the inventory view, I think it should be default to show the comparison of currently equipped gear instead of having to press a button every time (there are scenarios where pressing the button does not bring up the currently equipped gear when i already have something equipped in that slot) - in the inventory view when an item is not better than the currently equipped one, a barely visible green down arrow indicates it. That definitely should be red and more visible. - the name on the chest after a round should be visible from any distance, so players won't forget to open it - the map is too translucent, and the towers all marked with just flat square red diamonds - i hope this will be fixed and proper graphics will be added to know what tower was put where (also the map transparency could be dynamic, so if a player does not move, it should be 100% visible, and if the player starts moving, it could be less visible) Also there is a problem with the Apprentice imho. The right click ability and the special ability is almost the same. I miss the charged up big shot. Instead of that we now have two ground hitting staff move. It makes it feel like the Apprentice is handicapped to have only 1 ability, just he can use it a bit more often.
  2. My initial impressions are positive. I am keeping in mind that this is a beta, and CG is improving things constantly. Pros: Good retention from DD1, good changes brought from DD2. In particular, the less intrusive UI. Good/Decent gameplay loop. This feels like how the DD games have played, and I feel most changes so far are good. Cons: The chat system is borked, it's not auto scrolling for me. Makes it extremely difficult to talk. Many keybinds dont do what they say. As in, I had to add a bind just to use the function. Examples include Chat page up/down, open chat, repair, and interact only worked intermittently until I rebound to the same key. And why is there a decrease/ increase range keybind, just curious? Is the launch game on the crystal a button, or is it just press g? It should be both. Tower ranges seem small as well. Magic Missiles barely cover beyond a barricade. All in all, solid beta in my limited experience so far.
  3. Hi all. Hope your all doing well. I, alongside many other people after seeing DDA announcement am hyped to the heaven of heavens. Bear in mind that everyone is different and have there own views and opinions on certain matters, this isn't a debate thread but more post what you would like to see and not see thread. So please don't post about other peoples suggestions. This thread is purely for providing information to the Devs about what we want/don't want in DDA. What I want 1. +4 hero swapping. To be able to hot-swap between more than 4 heroes during the build phase as in DD2 I used a lot of different heroes to build. Only having 4 heroes to swap during battle is fine by me. 2. Increased Level cap To give the feel of progression I like to see the Level cap go beyond 50. Just something to keep players happy whilst leveling up and grinding for the gear. 3. Better customizing. I like to be able to change the color of my hero's outfit and even mix and match different outfits and being able to change my core as well. What I don't want. 1. SUPER RNG RNG I was ok within DD2, it keeps me playing but when Gilded shards became a thing I found that RNG got a bit too much and even then stuff that is tied to progression that requires a lot of luck should have a fall back system. Like 10 tokens will get you this item. 2. NO LOOT £$ Boxes Never been a fan of loot boxes that cost money. I don't mind them if you get them in the game as I'm not losing anything on it. But the ones that cost £$ I despise despite having stuff I want in it. What really put me off Loot boxes was the fact you could easily open 20 boxes and get tonnes of dupes and pathetic items you can get easily in normal gameplay means. If you are going to put loot boxes in I recommend putting in Loot box only items and again tokens to ensure that eventually, we'll get what we want.
  4. I've seen some posts where people talk about "Build Timer", there are people who like it and other people who don't like it and say they should remove it. I personally don't like it but I think it would be better to enable an option similar to "Hardcore mode" but with "Build Timer", those who want build timer activate it and get better loot and more experience because they add more difficulty (similar to Hardcore Mode) and those who don't want build timer don't activate it. In this way everyone will be happy =).
  5. To put things bluntly; Drakenfrost is my most disliked map in the game at present. In its initial release it was a neat map but after the Drakenlord arrived it quickly plummeted in fun value for me. I never in my time playing had gotten a Burning Strikes shard out of C5 and was only recently able to acquire one thanks to the new shard shop. So from the time the Drakenlord became fully active and the latest update I avoided Drakenfrost altogether solo because the map's provided mechanic of lighting torches was a joke to accomplish alone and the huntress felt very slow to light as well. This doesn't even factor in the whole invisible Drakenlord bug which I have had the misfortune of coming across the other day and made a map I already found un-fun to be outright obnoxiously difficult to etch out a win on. Then came my decision to start climbing Onslaught again... Previously, I had gotten to a higher Onslaught floor on my first reset with largely less powerful gear in terms of MODs and less ascension but have simply hit a brick wall with Drakenfrost at floor 39 and have found it to be particularly frustrating for me. The difficulty spike in the map with the Drakenlord freezing defenses feels very unfair because it punishes you not for building incorrectly but for simply not lighting the braziers fast enough which if you're using the map's provided method is nigh impossible to accomplish while Burning Strikes not proccing fast enough can cost you the map. Adding to this is the assassin factor; bad assassin timing can just plain loose you the map with no fault on the player. It should be noted I haven't experienced the invisible Drakenlord bug yet in Onslaught but seeing as I can't even handle the Drakenlord normally this would just make me leave map immediately. I greatly question whether or not I'll try to push at all after hitting such a hard stop on my climb after having little trouble getting to 39. With Drakenfrost being the only map for 39 I can't get around it either. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could progress that doesn't involve getting all my defenses to C8 with 10/10 tenacity I'd like to hear them.
  6. Hi All, Currently running through DD1 again and I'm really surprised how some maps really stand out to me and I love playing while others I tend to skip. Since the Devs may be designing new maps in the near future, good to show them what we like. My top 5 list of maps would be: 5) Castle Armory For me, this was the first jump in difficulty and the gear showed it with the godly items appearing. I love the split of front to back areas with the well placed overlapping choke points allowing the player to come up with the creativity with builds. The map offered plenty of chokes in a condensed manageable area. I also like the spike traps allowing my Tower mage to AOE blast the big boys to their deaths... 4) Tavern Defence Tarven defence felt massive the first time I played and was quite daunting to look at how many chokes you have to cover. After playing the map a couple of times, I found that the chokes slowly decreasing and becoming closer together with only 2 areas of defences with a 5-second window-hop between. Great map, felt rewarding figuring out how to overcome. 3) Mistymire Forest After completing the game and achieving some amazing gear, Mistorymire forest is released along with Nightmare. With farming 25 wave survival maps mostly AFK, we were feeling pretty confident and hoped on Mistymire forest and got completely destroyed. After a couple of failed attempted we left with the aim to level up, gear up and get a summoner and EV on the roster. After hours of leaching and farming, we came back and managed to beat it on the 3rd time. The chokes were close together and could be managed between up, the map made up feel smart completely it. 2) Glitterhelm Caverns I finally made it to glitterhelm caverns and Jesus was it hard. After failing time and time again with my squire I finally cracked it with my friends. 4 of us, all having alocated duties, running around like idiots, trying to keep our defences alive and holding strong; with the insane gear upgrades we were getting and rewarding design. It was a great end to the original game to me. 1) The Ramparts Great map design, one of my favourite ascetics with the castle theme. I love building on this map as there are so many ways to tackle it. The long bridge can be built on to defend the onslaught of ogres or if you have high enough tower range; the towers can be placed on the Ramparts above showering death onto the below while dealing with the wyverns. The paths of the enemies offer some many choke points all viable depending on your class and build. As you guys can probably tell, I liked the original maps. There were simple, I could get on them and start cracking on with things. It was obvious when I was being stupid and It felt good when I found out why. Key Points for me Close together chokes / Small Condensed maps I don't like running around everywhere, taking 30seconds to run from one defence to another. Big maps don't need to do this, tarven defence is a good example. For me any more than glitterhelm caverns becomes both tedious and frustrating. It also maps solo play a lot harder. Multiple Build Options Give us loads of obvious chokes, let us choose based on our classes, role and what we like defending. Allow us to be creative, fool us in thinking we are smart. Clear Maps I didn't mention any of the big maps such as Desert town and Sky O'love because there just wasn't clear to me. I don't like going on a map and just being overwhelmed but all their paths, crystals and chokes to defend. Make it clear. First time going on those maps, the crystal would normally be destroyed in the first wave due to me missing some obscure path. Glitterhelm Carverns and Misty were big and had multiple routes. But there were clear where monster where going. I could just be too stupid for these maps. I am interested to know what other people think on this matter, hard to tell what maps are popular because people like them or just because it drops good gear. Cheers
  7. Im super hyped about DD:A. Thanks for making this. What i noticed when playing the previous DD games. I was always craving a way for towers to focus fire more intelligently. Take for example the towerdefense game Bloons TD6. You can choose for each (singletargeting) tower if they should focus the First, Strongest, Closest or Last enemie in their respective range. This opens up a whole new world of tactic and strategy for the game. If anything it ads the option to be more creative with your defense and i would love to see some form of it in DD:A. Cheers~ Gloobox PS: no softpaywalls, no lootboxes, no epic exclusivity pls, k, thx, bye
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