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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! This is my first forum post about DDA, so go easy on me if this isn’t what this is for, or this is the wrong place for feedback. I’ve played about 10 hours of DDA and I’ve got a lot of thoughts/suggestions about what I have seen so far. We all know just how important it is that this game is as close to perfect as possible, which is why I feel that CG decided to go with early access, to get as much feedback as possible. Therefore, I’ve summarized my thoughts into several categories and bullet pointed lists. Many of these things may come across as complaints, and while they are, I just want this game to be as good as possible. Inventory The entire right side of the inventory screen is used to upgrade hero stats. But I still have to switch between two tabs to put all my points in? This sacrifices functionality for what I can only assume is prettiness? It feels very restrictive and cumbersome. The way that rune bonuses are displayed on items/armor is complicated and not easy to understand at a glance. For example: "Power" ? Without looking at the rune names it is hard for new players to remember if that is defense or hero. This could all be fixed if we just called everything what is is. Hero power, defense power, hero health, defense health, etc. The item upgrade screen is bad and I assume that its just a placeholder while something better is developed. If not, I just want to say that I should not have to scroll when there is SO much wasted screen space in that menu. (I do like the bars though, that is a nice touch) Game Balancing I think the over abundance of mana takes a lot of the strategy from the game. I think that the mana cap from DD1 (or something similar to it) should be brought back. This would prevent me from maxing all my defenses early on in the wave, and prevent me from always being able to repair quickly and easily mid wave. The debate over the hero deck and how it works has been going on much longer than this game. But, I do think that the hero actively in combat should get slightly more experience. Maybe also give that experience buff to any of your heroes that build defenses as well. Just someway to encourage using your entire deck, and all the resources at your disposal. Other Minor Grievances I can't see information about my friends' heroes during a match? (on the UI or the pause menu) I can’t see their hero name, their health, their mana or if they’ve readied up. I can’t even see their level. I feel that this is an oversight. I feel that the warm up phase of a match is rather pointless and just slows the entire experience down, but if it has to stay, can we at least see the purple enemy routes during it? I wish there was an option to enable a “only display map while holding the button” mode. I liked that a lot from DD1. Why do I have to “Press any button to continue” after starting a match or returning to the tavern. I obviously wanted to start the game, or the match, or return to the tavern. I just hit the button to do so 5 seconds ago. This screen is fine for loading, but I don’t want to have to acknowledge it every time I do anything that requires loading something new. It just slows down the entire experience. The map itself doesn't show where enemies are coming from during the build phase. This was a feature in DD1 and it was particularly helpful for wyverns. The map doesn't show where items that are better than what you have equipped are, via green dots. (Like the map in DD1 did) I feel that most of these comments are rather straightforward, but I would be more than happy to elaborate if anyone had questions or wanted to discuss it. As this is a forum, I would love to have civilized discussion about any of these topics. Let me know if you agree/disagree or whatever! We need to let CG know what we think, so that this game can be as good as possible. Do not let any of this give off the impression that I hate the game, quite the opposite in fact. I love what I’ve played thus far and cannot wait to play some more. I’ve watched this franchise go through a lot in the past 8 years. I just want this game to be as close to perfect as possible. - Alex
  2. The dark elves sometimes ignore your defenses and run the the crystal or to you (after respawning) and one shot the crystal, seriously annoying and unfun mechanic. The skeletons after being killed, slide under you walls and rez on the other side of them and go straight for the crystal, even if you kill them at the crystal they will rez again and continue, imo in a tower defense you should lose from your defenses falling, not to shit that can jump over them or spawn inside, please revert it to both mobs to DD1. thx /rant
  3. I feel as though a filter allowing the player to choose their preferred play-style, be that Tower stats or Hero stats. I feel as though making this improvement would help the game in many ways. I would find this a great help as it would make it both easier and quicker to adjust my characters preferred build without having to check every piece of armor that has a green arrow showing improvement when in fact it is not something I can use. Also a filter to ignore certain stats, so for example if you only wanted better tower fortitude the filter would filter out all gear that doesn't have a better tower fortitude stat.
  4. To put things bluntly; Drakenfrost is my most disliked map in the game at present. In its initial release it was a neat map but after the Drakenlord arrived it quickly plummeted in fun value for me. I never in my time playing had gotten a Burning Strikes shard out of C5 and was only recently able to acquire one thanks to the new shard shop. So from the time the Drakenlord became fully active and the latest update I avoided Drakenfrost altogether solo because the map's provided mechanic of lighting torches was a joke to accomplish alone and the huntress felt very slow to light as well. This doesn't even factor in the whole invisible Drakenlord bug which I have had the misfortune of coming across the other day and made a map I already found un-fun to be outright obnoxiously difficult to etch out a win on. Then came my decision to start climbing Onslaught again... Previously, I had gotten to a higher Onslaught floor on my first reset with largely less powerful gear in terms of MODs and less ascension but have simply hit a brick wall with Drakenfrost at floor 39 and have found it to be particularly frustrating for me. The difficulty spike in the map with the Drakenlord freezing defenses feels very unfair because it punishes you not for building incorrectly but for simply not lighting the braziers fast enough which if you're using the map's provided method is nigh impossible to accomplish while Burning Strikes not proccing fast enough can cost you the map. Adding to this is the assassin factor; bad assassin timing can just plain loose you the map with no fault on the player. It should be noted I haven't experienced the invisible Drakenlord bug yet in Onslaught but seeing as I can't even handle the Drakenlord normally this would just make me leave map immediately. I greatly question whether or not I'll try to push at all after hitting such a hard stop on my climb after having little trouble getting to 39. With Drakenfrost being the only map for 39 I can't get around it either. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could progress that doesn't involve getting all my defenses to C8 with 10/10 tenacity I'd like to hear them.
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