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  1. So I've decided to update this and make it better. My old post was horrible so hopefully this is laid out better. Summary of My DD1 Experience: So let's get some things out of the way. I've played 1250 hours into Dungeon Defenders and due to me joining in late 2013, being instantly level to 70 something on some characters in a public game, doing the events, and selling my event items for gear, almost all of my 1250 hours except the first 100 hours of it were spent in late game and everything post 400 hours can be considered end game. I gave away all my gear at around 500-600 or something hours in to a friend and then quit the game in spring of 2014. Afterwards I came back around 2015, got some trans sets and some of the last event items from the same friend and decided to 100% ignore trading with the exceptions of gifts from certain friends. Afterwards I had significantly more fun with the game and i'd say graduated from Adept to likely somewhere between Advanced and Expert sometime after. I then went on to create level 30 characters with 2k stats wearing Cursed gear and Turtle on Treadmill's and level 70 characters with 3-5k stats wearing Godly armor and the fair few event items I had which gave me at least another 200 hours of enjoyment out of the game from joining random lobbies with them. I'd say the main source of enjoyment for me was actually spending my time farming for my gear (cursed with decent stats is really difficult to get) rather and mana rather than buying likely modified items and cheated in mana from cheaters for Cubes I got from doing some even that cost me an hour of my time. Why did I Pre-Order DDA?: (11/26) Honestly I preordered Dungeon Defenders: Awakened because the kickstarter made it sound like we'd be getting essentially a remaster of the original Dungeon Defenders with a harder difficulty, more QoL, a few more characters, more maps, better network and FPS performance, and really a much smoother game overall. I thought this game was supposed to be for the players who put hundreds of hours into the original and more of a pitstop before Dungeon Defenders 3 where the real changes would come. Thoughts about the DDA Beta: I currently have 19 hours the DDA Beta, am wearing all Legendary, and have beaten the Lava Mine map on Insane Survival. Honestly to me Dungeon Defenders: Awakened feels like the Original Dungeon Defenders recreated for the players of Dungeon Defenders 2 right now. There's so much that has changed compared to Dungeon Defenders that I honestly can't call this a real sequel Dungeon Defenders yet. There is a lot of stuff just outright missing and a ton of things changed to suit the needs of likely console players and more likely DD2 players. It's actually hard to figure out where to start with this because there's so much to go through. Why did I pre-order DDA edit: Sadly this is simply just a sequel to Dungeon Defenders 2 really. We've lost maps, (probably) lost characters, and haven't gained any performance really. Hell the AI has even changed considerably to be a lot more different than the original. Right now this is quite simply Dungeon Defenders 3 under a time crunch and not an almost remaster built for them. I'm actually glad I preordered this supposed remaster so I can at least make my voice heard. I have many friends with tons of hours and some with 5k hours who didn't because they were unsure if they could put another 5000 into it (despite them still opening up DD regularly). If the game in the end isn't what I was looking for at least I can say that I tried and finally put this series to rest. So Let's Just Start Off with Important Things: (IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE TO ME) There are now Forced Levels, EXP share, and Items (likely) now have Random Levels: This is a big deal because I along with many others have created characters with specific levels catered around specific gear (Cursed-Lv 0+, Godly-Lv 60 to 73 and Mythical-Lv 74 to 77 being the most popular). (Likely) having random item levels from the new item system obviously destroys this but having forced levels along with forced EXP share just outright obliterates this and removes it as an option. This is going to literally remove quite a lot of hours of enjoyment for some (including me). EDIT: I should probably say though why the current loot system is bad. There is no reward for getting to late game period. What do you get? Oh your 1000th legendary? Where's the reward? You can get Legendaries all throughout the game so getting your 1000th even if it's ludicriously high power level likely feels like the 999th legendary despite it having a powerlevel triple that of your old one. At least in DD1 you would get excited about getting an Ult++ because they're so insanely rare. Idea: At least remove forced levels, please combine the old system of Cursed/Godly/Mythical/Trans/Supreme/Ult/etc with the new system with set levels so we can get Common/Uncommon/Epic/Legendary Mythical Gear with the level requirement of 74, and please at least reduce the shared EXP to something like 20%. Leveling up to 100 wasn't that big a deal in DD and that's without EXP share. I don't care if some casual can't get to level 100 on all their chars in 100 hours it just lowers the gate to end game. Idea: EDIT: Also add more like Ultimate X (10) for massacre difficulty on the hardest maps that's extremely rare or at the absolute bare minimum add more tiers above Legendary because you're literally ruining end game for people for no reason. ***Speculation*** Items will now have One Click Upgrade System: This could easily be the biggest game ender for DDA and should be #1 but isn't because it's speculation only. The grayed out 'Upgrade' system, the way the stats for armor is laid out, the fact there's only 1 armor stat, and most importantly the way the damage, elemental damage, and projectile speed are laid out on weapons honestly makes me feel like this could really be a thing. You click "Upgrade" and it upgrades certain stats rather than letting you choose manually. At the absolute least the "Upgrade" button should bring you to an early page where you'd upgrade your item with a "Not Available" plastered all over it unless the UI isn't there. Idea: There isn't one. Just hope it's wrong. Negative Stat Items and Physical/Elemental Resistances: They're missing... this is an absolutely huge part of Dungeon Defenders "Can I take the -100 hit to that stat?" "Can I deal with the negative armor stats on my builder?", etc. It just dumbs down the late game really. Idea: Bring them back. If the 'Armor' scales logarithmically and is built around having like 2000 armor late game keep it how it is. So much QoL Missing: (These are all very important) Honestly i'm just going to use this part to go through what DD1 has and I WILL miss things: 1. Upgrade/Repair aimbot 2. Upgrade/Repair Tower Cycle 3. Upgrade/Repair on Tower/Entire Aura 4. Can Change FOV 5. Middle Mouse Tower/Hero/Sell/Upgrade/Repair/etc Wheel (see DD1) 6. Hover Over-Rebind (Hover mouse over tower in wheel and press and hold any number and it binds to that- Please extend further) 7. Automatic item compared on ground and in inventory 8. Items on 'minimap' 9. Item filter for 'minimap' 10 Ping location (C in game) 11. UI Uses Entire Screen (transparency? smaller inventory window? compact mode? resizable?) 12. Old Tower Wheel built for mouse usage 13. Lightening Ethereal Spike Trap (To go along with Poison Gas Trap) 14. Shortcut key's like 'L' for Lock + easy rebind 15. Tower Upgrade Icons are missing and the replacement sucks (make it optional) 16. 3rd person freecam (to look at your own face) 17. Survival wave chooser 18. Map statistics (Best time, best score, etc) 19. CTRL + G force wave start 20. Kick feature 21. Host able to tell towers 22. Host can unlock tower selling for everyone. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *Placeholder for when I add more and change Title date* 23. Idea: Add them. :P New QoL: 1. Hide Filter for items on ground. (let me hide Common's from ever showing up on my screen) 2. Top down tower placement sensitivity options. (way too fast for me) 3. As many items on the ground as I want (let me choose how many items should be on the ground. Combo's with #1) 4. Option to remove chat filter (maybe hide it somewhere) 5. Stop censoring random non-English words (No //////// = No Bueno) 6. Stop censoring terribly ("Holy ////// I can't wait for Nightmare and //////// difficulty" "Holy S*** I can't wait for Nightmare and MASSACRE difficulty." (* = self censored not game censored) (yes you can bypass it by doing all caps) 7. 1-2 Second time delay between boss intro and button skipping. (I thought I got a lag spike after beating Lab while my friend was watching the intro because I pressed a button before it opened) 8. Volume control works for cinematics (muted game in game and still had cinematic audio) 9. Host can unlock tower selling feature for specific player individually ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *Placeholder for when I add more and change Title date* 10. Idea: Add some of them. FPS Lock There's an FPS lock. Idea: Unlock it by default and add the option to choose FPS limit. Monster Pathing is Terrible: The pathing is not at all consistent honestly. The mobs will hyper focus the crystal which is completely different from DD1 where you could use a combination of Darkness Trap and/or good tower placement to make the mobs go and attack your towers instead of the crystal (see Sky City, Embermount, etc). At the same time an Ogre will turn around to attack you instead of your defenses and mobs will attack your defenses instead of walking past them if they can (haven't tested 2nd but I assume it's like that). You can literally hit a mob up a slight ledge and then they'll walk past your entire defense, drop down a 5 foot ledge, and attack your crystal. idea: Make them either like DD1 where they'll attack you and your towers over the crystal OR make them hyper focus the crystal and ignore your towers and you if their path isn't being blocked by them. Also please make them want to get back on the designated path so I don't accidentally not a Goblin up a ledge and they 1 shot my crystal on massacre difficulty... Please bring back team play: (Cat, Monk, etc) Honestly I find it extremely saddening to see the game massively going away from team play. I really liked having each player doing something specific to boost the DPS of a player and as a result being able to solo a boss with a cat, monk boost, fairy etc. Now it's literally just "Every man for him self. Your DPS shows how much you helped in the boss fight." which is absurdly stupid. Idea: Bring back and ADD more ways to help your team. Fairy, Cat, Monk Hero Boost, etc, etc. Tower Balancing: Honestly i'm not going to cover this that much. You can find this everywhere. Fireball tower and traps are overpowered. Lightening tower, harpoon, aura, etc by comparison are weak, etc. Idea: Please balance them around early AND late game. REMOVE THE HARPOON PIERCE LIMIT :). Rewards Should Always Stats: I think rewards from maps (campaign/survival/etc) should ALWAYS no matter but have stats. Idea: Make them have stats no matter what. Performance and Network Performance is horrifically bad: Protip: Lower shadows for massive FPS increase during wave. Performance and Network performance are quite possibly WORSE than the original DD. What's the point in a new Engine if the performance isn't better? Idea: Make it better lol. Make Higher Item Qualities more Rare: (Legendaries) If we're copying Borderlands might as well go all the way... I already have a full Legendary set in a few hours of playing... I LITERALLY ignore anything below Legendary now. What's the point in having the other qualities if they're quite literally worthless? Also make them stronger to go with this. Idea: Make Legendary and Epic much more rare and make them much better stat wise. Mana is EXTREMELY Limited in Survival and is ugly in general: You get 3000 mana on Wave 3 of Lab and then 300 on Wave 4. What is this?! Really?! It literally took me until wave 21 to upgrade all my towers to the 2nd to last upgrade. Honestly it's annoying. Also the mana looks really bad and has no dynamic movement making it a literal downgrade from DD1. Idea: Reverse it. Make mana super plentiful the further you go into survival but difficult to get earlier on so you can feel satisfied when your towers are all upgraded. Also bring back dynamic movement and make it look good again. Maps are WAY WAY too long in Survival: Took me 5 hours to complete Lava Mine map on Insane Survival... at best I wasted 30 minutes. Put something in so we can speed it up there are way too many breaks. This probably won't be as a big deal in Nightmare and ///////////// (sorry I typed massacre with a capital M). Idea: Somehow make them faster. Mana Chests, F1-F4, and infinite thinking time: I honestly really hate the fact I don't have to care about having hero speed anymore. What's the point in having it if you can just walk where you want with a fast hero, press F2, press G, Build, Press F4, walk to place, build, rinse and repeat until you press G again. I know you tried balancing it by giving us infinite time to think and then giving us no time to build but honestly it's not fun. Idea: At least give us the option. I honestly really dislike the new way. I liked having a hectic race to pick up mana and build at the beginning of each map rather than infinite time to think about what I want to do and then do it in what feels like 10 seconds. Idea for splitscreen rewards/maybe exp: (posted 2 hours after readability update on 11/25) I honestly don't know where this should go right now but I thought I should get this out there. Essentially running 4x splitscreen in DD1 is extremely OP and really hurts teamplay so I came up with a solution. Idea: A Logarithmic scaler that allows you to get multiple rewards without splitscreen. Essentially you turn it to 4x and you get 4x rewards at the cost of a difficulty increase. Disables splitscreen rewards entirely and the higher you increase it the harder the game gets (4x rewards = 8x difficulty increase and 8x rewards = 20x difficulty increase for random example). Chromatic Games sets the max number they deem suitable. Could somehow also scale this into EXP like 8x EXP for a char. TOWER BREAKDOWN: (Added 11/27/2019) Huntress: Gas(5/10) - Useful early game, not so useful later on but still not useless later on. Proxy(7/10) - Very good especially early game and early on. Can 1 shot most mobs with a nice AOE. Later on can be used to stop Kobolds and also help weaken enemies with reaonsable HP. Inferno Trap(3/10) - Discount Electric Aura with less damage, less range, and a massive cooldown. Darkness(1/10) - Worthless, utterly worthless. Don't bother. They just stun enemies for around 1 second and remove their resistances for that 1 second. Also does not reset AI targeting like DD1. Thunder Spike Trap(6/10) - Very powerful against ogres however worthless against normal mobs. Attacks mobs seemingly at random for tons of damage. Squire: Spiked Blockade(9/10) - Very high health, great for blocking enemy routes. 100% must have even though Kobolds sometimes ignore it and run right past. Harpoon Turret(6/10) - Worse version of Apprentice's Flameburst tower. Has slower fire rate, considerably less damage, 6 mob pierce (not sure what FB has for splash), doesn't have splash, and 1 upside is it has slightly better range. Bouncer Blockade(2/10) - hahahahaha you're funny. It's terrible. Bowling Ball Turret(7/10) - Actually pretty good. Has high DPS although is severly limited by the fact that the only maps in the Beta you can use it on are the ones from DD1 (DDA not built with it in mind). Slice and Dice(3/10) - Pretty bad DPS however seems to stun weaker enemies. Enemies seem to also like walking past it if allowed (including archers sometimes). Not recommended though even if it's a better Bouncer Blockade due to low health. Apprentice: Elemental Barrier(4/10) - Costs 1 DU meaning if you have a THP focused APP it could come in handy on certain maps to block kobolds. Would suggest Spiked Blockade though instead. You also have to place 2 or more in many cases due to the hyper focused AI. Magic Missile Tower(5/10) - DU costs are pretty cheap, good tower to have guard your crystal from the hyper focused AI that leaks past, meh DPS, fast fire rate, and has no element making it good backup against wyverns. Flameburst Tower(10/10) - Very high damage, good AOE, good attack rate, okay range, and overall the best tower in the game by far. Only weakness is guarding against Wyverns if you don't have big aura's. Lightning Tower(1/10) - Garbage. Deadly Striker Tower(7/10) - Very high damage per hit, okay fire rate, insane range, and overall great vs ogres and bad for normal mobs. However it seems to like shooting at walls for some reason? Would be even better if it could shoot through walls though. Monk: Ensnare Aura(9/10) - Slows enemies down. A must have. Electric Aura(7/10) - Does okay damage with a very wide AOE, HP is okay though. A must have to kill Kobolds. Healing Aura(-10/10) - Shouldn't be in the game. It's literally worthless. You can heal in 2 seconds by pressing 3. By the time you walk into it you could have healed 10x over in most cases. Strength Drain Aura(10/10) - God tier. Lowers damage dealth by enemies and also removes elemental resistance. It even has a wide AOE. Only downside is it has very low health. Enrage Aura(5/10) - Not the worst but not the best. I hear it can stop Kobolds from attacking your towers. It essentially causes a giant blockage making it a slightly better Ensnare aura if the AI doesn't hyperfocus the crystal. Haven't used enough though to say how often this is though but it seems to be fairly low. Generic Strategy: Spiked Blockade's to block paths, with Ensnare, Electric, and Str. Drain Aura stack with SB just barely inside the aura, Thunder Trap just far enough so ogre's can reliably be hit by it, Proxy a bit ahead of Thunder but still well within aura, and as many Flameburst Turrets as possible behind the Spiked Blockade. Bugs: If you select a map you can play on and then change the difficulty you can press confirm and play on the higher difficulty. Friends characters were reset while joining and rejoining my game repeatedly (also when I started game while he was joining he got stuck in loading screen - might have caused this). Kobolds just go through your defenses and kill your crystal ignoring everything in the way? (Or something like that?) Mages revive Skeletons on the other side of your walls and they attack the crystal because monster pathing. Or they revive them on top of ledges so they can walk around and attack crystal. So I spent 2 hours typing and fixing this. i'll be updating this later in the future with positives for the game and other various things. When I do i'll make a post below along with changing the title and putting the dates for things added after for those who have read this if it's major enough. I honestly hope DDA will hold up to DD1 but they only have 3 months to add and change so so so so much...
  2. I'm mostly scribbling notes as I play and mess around with things, and while some of it might seem harsh it really isn't meant to be. I adored DD1, DDE was... well, the less said the better, and DD2 had some okay ideas but poor implementation - ultimately I didn't spend the hundreds of hours in it that I did in the first game. I'm hoping for a return to the roots of the game that so drew me and my friends in, and made us still (perhaps naively?) buy into the beta for DDA. While everyone has an idea of what would be best for the game, this is what I personally would like to see and is my general feedback about anything that caught my eye. November 22, 2019 Feedback - Love the new Chromatic intro. The art for the DDA characters on the home screen is kind of horrifying. Their faces are going to give me nightmares. Love the old intro music though. The create a hero window lost my cursor, and you can't hit escape to exit. The shiny metal bits on the characters really need toned down, it's not quite as egregious on the towers but it's still a bit much. Why does the Apprentice look like a Mexican midget? The Monk looks constipated, and there's something weird with his body shape. Squire and Huntress at least look close to their original forms, but Apprentice and Monk are all kinds of off. Apprentice most especially. Also, the Monk's face. Nightmarish. The Squire's face? Nightmarish. Stick more to the DD1 designs, please. The way his helmet curves to his face is disturbing. As far as the Create a Hero icons, the Squire and Apprentice are okay, but the Huntress and Monk's are... really bad. Monk's most especially. In-game, seriously, the Apprentice's model needs changed. It's really awful. I do appreciate that the old towers and such are back, though. That's a really good change! Also, the tavern is fantastic to see again, though there's way too much light. Adding some more shadows or patches of darkness/adjusting it would help. And please for the love of god lower the bronze filter or saturation that's in use. It's an issue on a lot of the actual map, too, but the tavern just... oof. While the UI is obviously going to change, I'm going to comment on these just to make sure it gets mentioned and people don't accept it as 'Oh, they already know everything we dislike about it, these are just placeholders.' Not a fan of the icons at all as far as the defenses/hero abilities, and the font choice for HP/mana/level is not a good one. It doesn't fit the game. Also the bars themselves are kind of blah. When in doubt, return to your DD1 roots. The hero is also weirdly off to the side of the camera instead of centered, which makes for an unpleasant moving feel. Over the shoulder works for games like Resident Evil, but not for DD. The Apprentice's right click is also weirdly lacking in weight. While it doesn't need an animation lock per se, it definitely needs to have his model doing something other than sort of tapping the ground. It feels very floaty right now. Where did first person go? Where do we edit the crystal? Not a fan of the hero deck still existing in any form, though I get people wanting to level everything at once it hurts the lifespan of the game. It's hard to tell when everyone is ready or not. It's hard to tell if I'm ready or not. Again, the font for everything is kind of awful. The cutscene stays at full audio even if everything is turned down. What on earth is that weird almost South Park-esque 'level up' voice for Apprentice? The build noise really needs to go. Think more grinding/something heavier a la DD1, the 'dok dok dok' noise is just sad. Sometimes things get stuck in the spawner, and we can't attack them. We really need DD1's timeout system where something stuck in there would die. I know the indicator will be coming back so we can see where that range is, but the pathing could certainly use a bit of work so things don't get stuck. The ready time should go down faster with every person that readies up, or at least cut the time left. Bring back the chest collecting for mana at the start of the map, that was fun! We don't need to see the names of who built a defense, and somehow I've gotten it stuck on so they show all the time once or twice. Also again, that font. The font and the name color, really. Neither are great. KEEP the fact we can't change heroes or our gear during combat, that's really good! Not every button should skip cutscenes - make it so it's escape. I accidentally skipped one just by hitting alt. I like the staff twirl the Apprentice does on round begin, nice animation. Mana Bomb's animation is okay, but I'd really like to see it tilt the camera down a bit more (or out a bit more, so we can actually see the Apprentice) and show us an actual spherical explosion - think more like the first game. I'm sort of seeing this with Hero abilities in general actually, where yes the abilities are not as blatant as DD2's, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be equally as impressive to look at. Unfortunately a lot of the game seems to lack weight, which really does come down to the animations. The towers need to feel like they're actually firing, bolts need to feel like they're impacting. Playing with it more, I've changed my mind on the tower weight. It's honestly not bad, though the mobs themselves tend to just kind of flop over that's sort of unavoidable in a game of this style + that many enemies. Also as a rule the game is just too bright. Now whether that can be fixed with a gamma slider I don't know, but even maps in caves and such... they really need shadows and depth to them. Right now they're feeling a bit washed out and too bright, almost like they have a bit of a filter over them. Wave loot chests are weird, and not explained. Do they stack? Do we need them every wave? It's kind of obnoxious. The weird pastel color of Huntress traps needs to change. Also not a fan of their icons (or any of the defense icons) when they're up on a map. We don't need to always see a defense's health. Let us set a threshold for when we see it, or have us bind a button to toggle it. The traps themselves are also sort of goofy looking, I'm not a fan of them in this art style. The Apprentice tower is a bit fat on top. Not a fan. What on earth is that ogre approach noise? Items are hard to mouse over or click sometimes. Let us hit E or something to open a chest instead of walking into it. Not a fan of the mana design OR the way it works more closely similar to DD2 than DD1. While DD1 had too much, DD2 was too stingy. The mana just... wasn't as interesting to look at in DD2, either. I much prefer the big jello gems of DD1, multiple sizes/shapes/colors for amounts, etc. DD2's were too sharp and glowed a bit oddly for the art style to me, almost too stylized - continuing that trend isn't a good thing. Good lord what is that base magic missile tower range? At least we can up it, but yikes. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to compare equipment? Little things like should be more readily explained rather than hidden away in control menus, imo. When we select a sort/filter function in the inventory, it doesn't seem to save or remember. And finally, for the moment... I reiterate, please, please, please change the Apprentice design. The art, the model, the hero select... none of it looks good or anywhere approaching DD1. November 23, 2019 Feedback - The more I play with it the more I like the heroes being more like they were in DD1. Absolutely leave the weird abilities and all that jazz in DD2, they're not wanted or needed. The simplified ones in DDA are perfect. Give us a way to filter visible items on the floor as far as tier/quality/power or something. Keep the UI simplified. While right now it IS too simple and clearly a placeholder, DD2's UI was an abomination. Keep this clean, concise, easily accessible and intuitive. Right now it actually covers those fairly well, for all that it needs to be sharpened up with art. Orc and Goblin faces are awful. I'm speaking of the models themselves, not the art on the door. It's actually too goofy, even for DD1. There needs to be... some silliness, yes, but it's a type of silly that's playing it straight, if that makes sense. This just seems too 'lel XD look at how goofy I am'. The orcs in particular. Their hair... ugh. Honestly, the door art is pretty good - take that design into account for the models. Lack of Ogre arrival trumpet :( The wave chests should just keep accruing loot so you don't have to go to it each time - and any loot on the field you don't collect should get added to it as well (or automatically added to your inventory or discarded depending on player filters). Turrets should grow more impressive as they're upgraded - one thing DD2 did reasonably well No obvious way to see hero info after creation (ie, what turrets you have/do) The Apprentice barrier used to be an elegant, gorgeous and grand slim gem. Now it's... kind of chunky and weird. It doesn't mesh with the style Apprentice seems to go for, really. The flameburst tower is actually really good, I like that. It's the only Apprentice tower so far I don't feel needs changed. The lightning tower looks more like an ice tower to me, and the 'attack' FX are... really sad. Imo, much like the Apprentice's barrier it just needs reworked entirely. The sniper tower is fine, though could maybe be a bit less 'curved'. Think sharp rather than leaning. And I already mentioned the weird chunkiness of the MM tower needs changed. The wyvern approaching noise is just as bad as the ogre noise, it needs changed. We should be able to see what loot we get from finishing a map, or at least tell us how many pieces go to the inventory. An inability to move while in the air makes for some awkward movement in general. If FORCED I can deal with having a deck of heroes that all get XP, but please remove the instant swapping. Force people to go back to the forge to swap heroes. It really brought the game speed down in a good way in DD1, and made it more tactical. You had to think about what you needed when and forced smarter and more skilled building. November 24, 2019 - Bring back the call button (C), or introduce a ping system similar to more modern games such as Apex. Think 'holding down C and seeing a radial menu with 'barrier here, major threat here, defend here, upgrade here, repair here' as options, perhaps. The initial screens aren't impacted by changing the sound settings, either. Presumably similar to the fact cutscenes don't. It might just be me, but the little tiny chips in the 'Dungeon Defenders' name on the title screen(s) makes it look almost pixelated rather than worn, as presumably intended. How do we turn off the build/fun screen that pops up? For some reason when I hit middlemouse button, the tower wheel doesn't spin freely. It seems to get 'stuck' somewhere as I try to move the mouse to swap tower option, but not always, just most of the time. The Ogre on Deeper Well survival always seems to get stuck in the door. Always. I have to lead him out manually, and it doesn't always work. Looking at the doors, the right most door has issues with archers stacking up and getting stuck, too. It's pretty clear the maps need tested for survival workability. With the awkward angle the characters are at (off to the side), it's impossible to see the pets except during specific camera angles or when zoomed out to repair/build/etc. November 27, 2019 - Something about the orc walk animation is off. Too much of a slow swagger, maybe? The goblin's feel slightly too large. It's a mix of them being taller than the characters (they're shorter in DD1) and the width of the ears and such. Just a weird size issue, imo, and only really noticeable on the goblins and MAYBE the orcs. The camera tends to stick slightly after zooming in on some areas to build. The camera tends to jerk weirdly when upgrading, like it's pulling the camera to where the hitbox actually is. It needs to be much smoother. Items should highlight their rarity when you mouse over them, instead of all of them being blue. Not only is the mana boring (seriously, bring back the DD1 mana look/colors/shapes/physics), but it's very stingy. It gets difficult to upgrade beyond a few waves in Survival, and a lot of the fun of TD games is upgrading--especially when the towers (they should!) change in look on upgrade. While we don't need to drown in mana like DD1, we definitely need more mana. Even if that means everything needs to be made more difficult to compensate. Upgrading is part of the game! Ogres need to scale harder/faster. They simply don't feel tanky enough or deadly enough for what they're supposed to be. The Apprentice right click with his boost is actually a lot of fun, more than I ever had in DD2 with its abilities. Good work guys. Why do the heroes t-pose in the art on the hero deck? They should really have unique poses. The art on the hero deck is... almost the only example I've seen of the heroes that doesn't disturb me, facially, other than the squire's helmet sticking to his chin still bothering me, so good work on that aspect at least. The dark elf assassins should be darker in design, more distinct, and generally do more damage. They're not nearly as scary as they used to be. We're already able to/all but encouraged to AFK on some maps/survival. It'd be a good idea to offer incentives (cosmetics?) or challenges (gold/XP?) for doing specific things combat wise. That was actually one of the things I liked in DD2, even if the implementation wasn't great. Just NO dailies or weeklies or that sort of dumb shit that feel like they absolutely have to be done. More emphasis on heroes needing to go out and repair or attack things themselves wouldn't hurt, either, as far as difficulty goes. You shouldn't be ABLE to go AFK for long periods. November 28, 2019 - Make the tavern chandeliers easier to get on top of - right now the hitbox is shaped so that you have to jump over it to land on the very top, where we really should be able to jump up from the sides. For that matter, why are the chandeliers so massive? They're fat and kind of ugly in comparison to DD1. The scaling of the tavern really feels off in comparison to DD1 in general. The fireplace mantle is like two to three times as high, it's super awkward. 'i' opens the inventory, it should also close it There's absolutely a lot of potential here, guys. I already like it better than the DD2 beta in several ways, but there's a long ways to go to get it to what I, my friends, and often I feel the community is really looking for. And not a lot of time to do it in, really, if you plan to meet your current release date. If/when I find things I'll update this list, but those were the most obvious ones. EDIT: Likely final(?) update for now, I might organize it all later. Checked out most of what I wanted to see, noting the things that stood out. It's definitely a good start, it really is. While obviously everything isn't universally agreed upon, there's definitely a lot of general things I'm seeing people talk about, such as Apprentice's design. I hope we see a lot of improvement, and I really hope you as a dev team actually listen to the advice we give and consider it. More than that, actually implement some of it. Too many companies like to have 'beta' events and then not actually take any of it into consideration, no matter the fact that the playerbase having fun is the most important factor; please don't be one of them. I realize this close to launch it can be difficult to get everything right, but it's vitally important as a 'new' company with an old IP that you do better than DD2 or DDE managed. You only really get one shot here, guys.
  3. Hey, first: I like the game. It's quite early to tell but it brings back the feelings of DD1 (played 1100+ hours DD1, 0 hours DD2) which is amazing! :) I've made a list with things I noticed while playing 10 hours of the beta (5 hours on Linux, 5 on Windows). ==> It's my opinion, other people can see it differently. General: Tower repairing: There are "2 modes" in the game to repair towers. I am using the mode that's closer to DD1 and I don't like that you need to target the towers individually for repairing. For example you need to select each aura field on the floor for repairing. In combat action that's really really hard. Game setup: It requires to many clicks to setup a game (compared to DD1). Item pickup: You barely can tell the difference between common and epic items. Hitting mobs: I don't like the yellow bar. What is the meaning of the yellow bar? Do mobs heal up if they are not damaged in a limited time (kinda like in Battlefield 5)? Tower upgrading: The level of the tower upgrade is hard to spot. Especially if the tower is on the other side of the map. Upgrading feels buggy: You see a yellow bar and it feels like some hp of the tower is removed. QoL (from DD1): I know the map overview of DD:A is not done yet, but I would like to have a drop overview like in DD1 which shows something like "Myth: 53, Transcendent 13, Ultimate 1". CTRL + G missing for forcing a new wave. Nive2Have: Sync gameplay and keybinding settings between PCs. Loot/Drop filter like used in PoE (because trash items stay to long on the floor). Keybindings: In DD1 you could individually bind traps to keys. For example I almost never used healing or enrage auras so I bound them to keys "8" and "9". Mana Chests: I don't like that you don't need to collect mana for the first wave: Mana gets split between all people (but sometimes you don't want other people to build). Removes the challenge to learn the map to be fast and efficient (again speed boosting pets/items are worthless). Survival: Waves take very long (way longer than DD1 iirc). No possibility to start the map at a later wave. Lava mines: Played 2x to wave 15 and I got 2x a pet without stats. Short on mana contrary to deeper well where you got 15k mana on wave 15. Hero Deck: It feels like you need to setup your hero deck for each map but you only can take 4 heros into a map. So basically harder maps may be impossible to solo efficiently. If you're able to switch heros on the fly its almost pointless to get movement speed on your builders because you could just switch to a faster character. Inventory / Character: Separation between hero and tower stats: I don't like it. There is too much space for the description of the runes. You gotta balance reading the description against spending hero/tower points. I think you mostly wanna do the latter. Rune descriptions: Casting rate description talks about mana bomb (when you're not using an apprentice character) Tower power description talks about auras (on non monk character) etc. Rune of skill and rune of boost are to generic (description itself and name) Sort priority is not saved when switching maps Filter priority is not saved when switching maps Folders/Directories are missing Hard to spot the hero class of an item (it is too small in the big item popup imo) QoL: Pressing "L" to toggle lock on items Item comparing: Does not work always (pressing Shift and current item does not pop up) Does not highlight everything (item 1 does not have property X -> item 2 does have property X ==> neither red nor green highlighting) Only the new item's stats are highlighted Skills: Hero healing: Way to cheap on lvl 20+, you're almost not spending hero mana (regenerates too fast) Hero boost (monk): Very short duration. Because it works via hero mana there is no way to extend the hero boost time. Tower boost (monk): Does not heal towers :( Feels like a temporary aura. No indicator how long the aura lasts. No indicator which towers actually are boosted. Regards, trin
  4. If an item's EVERY parameter is worse than the equipped, do not mark it as "better". This was the most frustrating part of DD1 ever. (Seen on attached image 1) UI: - There should be some sort of screen flash when you take damage, currently i have zero idea if I have full hp, or 4. - No text when an Ogre arrives, or a player dies. - At first, the UI seemed like a cleaner, better manageable version of DD1, without the theme. But after playing for hours, it makes less sense. On the attached image it says ARMOR 2/4, what does it mean? Why is it 2/4 if all 4 are COMMON quality, same PWR, neither of them gives extra buff. - Weapon reload speed -> why is the higher number the better? To me if a weapon has a 2s reload time, it should be 2s to reload it, but it says 0.75s which in game is a 4-5s reload time. This is very confusing. - Don't mark a weapon as "better", if cannot be equipped with the current hero. Grey it out in the inventory, or make it red-ish. Do not enable the Comparison view for it. Game: - First person mode could have been implemented, since it almsot perfectly works when the camera bumps into the wall (2nd attached picture) - Cannot swap heroes from the Inventory menu, thus always losing the sorting. - I hope there will be an INVITE ONLY mode for matchmaking - I hope friends will be able to join when I'm in the tavern
  5. Good morning Chromatic, A little history from myself when I first started playing dungeon defenders. I started playing back on Xbox 360 at the age of 14 in 2011 reaching level 70 for the first time on 11/12/2011. Being that age of 14 I didn't have any money so I played the demo over and over and over again until finally my mom got so tired of me asking to get me Dungeon Defenders she gave in. From that day I've made countless friends playing DD then as I got older where I got a job etc I started purchasing the DLC packs for DD. Loved this game fanboyed out I guess they call it :D then going into DDII in 2015 had some mixed opinions on that but overall enjoyed the gameplay! anyways lets move on. Then finally DDA. Game is coming along nicely and I am VERY VERY happy to see you have delayed the game from the original release date in October. Although my initial thoughts when first getting into the game were disappointing because the initial release was back in October and seeing a rough version in beta and how much work needs to be done. I thought it would have been further in development. With that amount of work to do before Q1 (estimated in February) release date I can't help but to say if the game isn't done please delay further. Let this be a true DD game with DD1 routes with the final product being a well oiled orc kicking machine. After playing the game already since Wednesday I've put about 10 hours into it along with long hour work days... lets just say I should be in bed when I get home but nope... up playing DDA :D. and MMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOD. I WANT MORE... fanboying out the last couple days I could name a list of everything that needed a second look but I've read the recent posts of what Chromatic is currently working on and list a majority of them. So I won't say to much but only for my feedback on what the release version will be. a lot of these as stated above have been addressed in Kickstarter update #21(https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticgames/dungeon-defenders-awakened/posts/2690013) -The UI At the moment its very basic which you have already addressed I hope you go back to DD1 on this only a more polished version. -Camera This wasn't part of the post but when upgrading or building defenses it likes to lock onto the defense when its been completed for a few seconds after causing the camera to spaz out when trying to move onto the next build or go kill some orcs. -Mana chests/Gear chest It's been stated that the mana chests are gone. I really hope you take a second look that them because I lost the feeling of having to explore the map to go get them and just focus on the parts I have my towers built for defense. and the gear at the end of the each wave doesn't feel good. pretty much giving out to much reward and going back to the crystal after every wave. I like the sense of having to go out into the map to gather not gather around 1 area primarily the crystal location. -Gear drop. I like the new gear upgrade arrows. With gear on the ground its a bit rough seeing which gear is green, blue, purple. If those colors could be more noticeable that would be awesome! inside the inventory its very noticeable on what color the gear is. -Tactical Map again basic already been addressed in kickstart update, I would like to see a polished version on DD1 here as it was great. Same thing with the Minimap. -Customization Costumes, colors, etc already addressed. Suggestion here, I would like to see this with the UI being able to move around your minimap, health, mana, crystals, etc. would be awesome to see! -Gameplay Honestly... Had me feeling like I was back in DD1 its.... amazing. -Difficulty in BETA You can honestly start in the Insane difficulty on campaign, I would like to see a bit more challenge in there. Its been stated that harder difficulties will be added on release which is great but currently in beta Insane feels like a mix between a hard/medium difficulty. Thank you Chromatic Games for all your work. I am looking forward to release to play with others who share our love for DD!
  6. The game itself is AMAZING and I am already almost totally in love with it, definitely worth the money! But the UI ruins every good feeling towards DDA. Here are my problems with it: - too ugly and simple (also gives fps lag, while the game runs very smooth) - not clear what is what on the screen, I thought at first that the top bar is the crystal health, since it was depleting the same pace as how it got hit. I then realized the Crystal health is not visible on the UI, you actually have to look at it direcly. - no indication that a player joined your session, cannot see their health/mana - in the inventory view, I think it should be default to show the comparison of currently equipped gear instead of having to press a button every time (there are scenarios where pressing the button does not bring up the currently equipped gear when i already have something equipped in that slot) - in the inventory view when an item is not better than the currently equipped one, a barely visible green down arrow indicates it. That definitely should be red and more visible. - the name on the chest after a round should be visible from any distance, so players won't forget to open it - the map is too translucent, and the towers all marked with just flat square red diamonds - i hope this will be fixed and proper graphics will be added to know what tower was put where (also the map transparency could be dynamic, so if a player does not move, it should be 100% visible, and if the player starts moving, it could be less visible) Also there is a problem with the Apprentice imho. The right click ability and the special ability is almost the same. I miss the charged up big shot. Instead of that we now have two ground hitting staff move. It makes it feel like the Apprentice is handicapped to have only 1 ability, just he can use it a bit more often.
  7. My initial impressions are positive. I am keeping in mind that this is a beta, and CG is improving things constantly. Pros: Good retention from DD1, good changes brought from DD2. In particular, the less intrusive UI. Good/Decent gameplay loop. This feels like how the DD games have played, and I feel most changes so far are good. Cons: The chat system is borked, it's not auto scrolling for me. Makes it extremely difficult to talk. Many keybinds dont do what they say. As in, I had to add a bind just to use the function. Examples include Chat page up/down, open chat, repair, and interact only worked intermittently until I rebound to the same key. And why is there a decrease/ increase range keybind, just curious? Is the launch game on the crystal a button, or is it just press g? It should be both. Tower ranges seem small as well. Magic Missiles barely cover beyond a barricade. All in all, solid beta in my limited experience so far.
  8. Hi all. Hope your all doing well. I, alongside many other people after seeing DDA announcement am hyped to the heaven of heavens. Bear in mind that everyone is different and have there own views and opinions on certain matters, this isn't a debate thread but more post what you would like to see and not see thread. So please don't post about other peoples suggestions. This thread is purely for providing information to the Devs about what we want/don't want in DDA. What I want 1. +4 hero swapping. To be able to hot-swap between more than 4 heroes during the build phase as in DD2 I used a lot of different heroes to build. Only having 4 heroes to swap during battle is fine by me. 2. Increased Level cap To give the feel of progression I like to see the Level cap go beyond 50. Just something to keep players happy whilst leveling up and grinding for the gear. 3. Better customizing. I like to be able to change the color of my hero's outfit and even mix and match different outfits and being able to change my core as well. What I don't want. 1. SUPER RNG RNG I was ok within DD2, it keeps me playing but when Gilded shards became a thing I found that RNG got a bit too much and even then stuff that is tied to progression that requires a lot of luck should have a fall back system. Like 10 tokens will get you this item. 2. NO LOOT £$ Boxes Never been a fan of loot boxes that cost money. I don't mind them if you get them in the game as I'm not losing anything on it. But the ones that cost £$ I despise despite having stuff I want in it. What really put me off Loot boxes was the fact you could easily open 20 boxes and get tonnes of dupes and pathetic items you can get easily in normal gameplay means. If you are going to put loot boxes in I recommend putting in Loot box only items and again tokens to ensure that eventually, we'll get what we want.
  9. I've seen some posts where people talk about "Build Timer", there are people who like it and other people who don't like it and say they should remove it. I personally don't like it but I think it would be better to enable an option similar to "Hardcore mode" but with "Build Timer", those who want build timer activate it and get better loot and more experience because they add more difficulty (similar to Hardcore Mode) and those who don't want build timer don't activate it. In this way everyone will be happy =).
  10. To put things bluntly; Drakenfrost is my most disliked map in the game at present. In its initial release it was a neat map but after the Drakenlord arrived it quickly plummeted in fun value for me. I never in my time playing had gotten a Burning Strikes shard out of C5 and was only recently able to acquire one thanks to the new shard shop. So from the time the Drakenlord became fully active and the latest update I avoided Drakenfrost altogether solo because the map's provided mechanic of lighting torches was a joke to accomplish alone and the huntress felt very slow to light as well. This doesn't even factor in the whole invisible Drakenlord bug which I have had the misfortune of coming across the other day and made a map I already found un-fun to be outright obnoxiously difficult to etch out a win on. Then came my decision to start climbing Onslaught again... Previously, I had gotten to a higher Onslaught floor on my first reset with largely less powerful gear in terms of MODs and less ascension but have simply hit a brick wall with Drakenfrost at floor 39 and have found it to be particularly frustrating for me. The difficulty spike in the map with the Drakenlord freezing defenses feels very unfair because it punishes you not for building incorrectly but for simply not lighting the braziers fast enough which if you're using the map's provided method is nigh impossible to accomplish while Burning Strikes not proccing fast enough can cost you the map. Adding to this is the assassin factor; bad assassin timing can just plain loose you the map with no fault on the player. It should be noted I haven't experienced the invisible Drakenlord bug yet in Onslaught but seeing as I can't even handle the Drakenlord normally this would just make me leave map immediately. I greatly question whether or not I'll try to push at all after hitting such a hard stop on my climb after having little trouble getting to 39. With Drakenfrost being the only map for 39 I can't get around it either. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could progress that doesn't involve getting all my defenses to C8 with 10/10 tenacity I'd like to hear them.
  11. Hi All, Currently running through DD1 again and I'm really surprised how some maps really stand out to me and I love playing while others I tend to skip. Since the Devs may be designing new maps in the near future, good to show them what we like. My top 5 list of maps would be: 5) Castle Armory For me, this was the first jump in difficulty and the gear showed it with the godly items appearing. I love the split of front to back areas with the well placed overlapping choke points allowing the player to come up with the creativity with builds. The map offered plenty of chokes in a condensed manageable area. I also like the spike traps allowing my Tower mage to AOE blast the big boys to their deaths... 4) Tavern Defence Tarven defence felt massive the first time I played and was quite daunting to look at how many chokes you have to cover. After playing the map a couple of times, I found that the chokes slowly decreasing and becoming closer together with only 2 areas of defences with a 5-second window-hop between. Great map, felt rewarding figuring out how to overcome. 3) Mistymire Forest After completing the game and achieving some amazing gear, Mistorymire forest is released along with Nightmare. With farming 25 wave survival maps mostly AFK, we were feeling pretty confident and hoped on Mistymire forest and got completely destroyed. After a couple of failed attempted we left with the aim to level up, gear up and get a summoner and EV on the roster. After hours of leaching and farming, we came back and managed to beat it on the 3rd time. The chokes were close together and could be managed between up, the map made up feel smart completely it. 2) Glitterhelm Caverns I finally made it to glitterhelm caverns and Jesus was it hard. After failing time and time again with my squire I finally cracked it with my friends. 4 of us, all having alocated duties, running around like idiots, trying to keep our defences alive and holding strong; with the insane gear upgrades we were getting and rewarding design. It was a great end to the original game to me. 1) The Ramparts Great map design, one of my favourite ascetics with the castle theme. I love building on this map as there are so many ways to tackle it. The long bridge can be built on to defend the onslaught of ogres or if you have high enough tower range; the towers can be placed on the Ramparts above showering death onto the below while dealing with the wyverns. The paths of the enemies offer some many choke points all viable depending on your class and build. As you guys can probably tell, I liked the original maps. There were simple, I could get on them and start cracking on with things. It was obvious when I was being stupid and It felt good when I found out why. Key Points for me Close together chokes / Small Condensed maps I don't like running around everywhere, taking 30seconds to run from one defence to another. Big maps don't need to do this, tarven defence is a good example. For me any more than glitterhelm caverns becomes both tedious and frustrating. It also maps solo play a lot harder. Multiple Build Options Give us loads of obvious chokes, let us choose based on our classes, role and what we like defending. Allow us to be creative, fool us in thinking we are smart. Clear Maps I didn't mention any of the big maps such as Desert town and Sky O'love because there just wasn't clear to me. I don't like going on a map and just being overwhelmed but all their paths, crystals and chokes to defend. Make it clear. First time going on those maps, the crystal would normally be destroyed in the first wave due to me missing some obscure path. Glitterhelm Carverns and Misty were big and had multiple routes. But there were clear where monster where going. I could just be too stupid for these maps. I am interested to know what other people think on this matter, hard to tell what maps are popular because people like them or just because it drops good gear. Cheers
  12. Im super hyped about DD:A. Thanks for making this. What i noticed when playing the previous DD games. I was always craving a way for towers to focus fire more intelligently. Take for example the towerdefense game Bloons TD6. You can choose for each (singletargeting) tower if they should focus the First, Strongest, Closest or Last enemie in their respective range. This opens up a whole new world of tactic and strategy for the game. If anything it ads the option to be more creative with your defense and i would love to see some form of it in DD:A. Cheers~ Gloobox PS: no softpaywalls, no lootboxes, no epic exclusivity pls, k, thx, bye
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