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Found 6 results

  1. It's pretty simple, I want to sell my extra firestorm and I'm not sure how much people are paying for that anymore but im looking for currency (cubes, dias 5/10/20, coals up to 15cv at 6:1). I guess its kind of an auction so buyout can be at 55cv. Just reply with offers and msg me on discord at The Real J#6600 as well because I check that more. By kind of an auction, I mean like I am accepting more offers if the first one is low, but with a good offer I will just sell it. So yeah if anyone wants to buy a firestorm here you go. There's no timeframe just make offers I guess. This is unorganized, but whatever.
  2. Hey all, Selling 4 ultimate++ leather pieces. Item checked on purchase, can be sent again. Order - Head>Chest>Gloves>Boots Each piece is for sale individually for the following price: -2 events from the EVENT_LIST below -75CV non-upgraded diamonds, or 30 small diamonds All pieces are for sale combined for the following price: -all 6 events from the EVENT_LIST below -full ultimate damage capping armor set, all 4 tower stats 3 digits -2x magicite/FPC/Last Patch Celebration/Npc/Celebration OR 3x Celebracers OR 100 small diamonds EVENT_LIST -Aladdin's Wish -aMAZEing Vision -Boneyard Blade -Lava Dancer's Mask -Something Blue -Staff of the Pumpkin King
  3. So, this is old news, but as a "old player" coming back, its come to my attention that about, what, 3 months ago? We got our last CDT update. So does this mean CDT is done with the DD1 community? Like no events for the future? And is DD1 just going to be left how it is forever?
  4. It's that time again. EVENT TIME!!! Grab some friends and get ready to be thrown into the arena. What Do I Need to Know Please check out this guide to get up to speed on how to run events. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1211979327 When Will The Event Happen The event will start on Friday, June 14th 12:00 (UTC-4/EST) and end on Sunday, June 16th 22:00(UTC-4/EST). There will be guaranteed at least one host on from 12:00-22:00(UTC-4) each day. We will try to have hosts available at other times as well. What Do I Need to do to be Ready for the Event You will need a character with no gear. All gear that is allowed to be used during the event will be provided in the event map. Subscribe to the map in the Steam Workshop. Please try hosting it yourself before the event at least once to make sure you have it installed correctly. After that, get your heroes ready for another challenge!!! Can I Play With My Friends Yes! Grab some friends and make a team. (If some of your friends have already ran the event they can re-run it with you for fun but please keep in mind that those who have yet to run the event will get first priority over those who are re-running the event so you may have to wait longer than expected.) Map Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=149702577 Note: You may encounter an issue after you download the event map and try to go back to ranked and join a game. It is possible you might get a package version mismatch error. The first step to fix this is to restart the game. If that doesn't work then unsubscribe from the map and verify integrity of your game cache.
  5. WTT/WTS Waterall, Malestorm, Groovy mask and Ocean. All traced. I accept events/currency, no mana however. 6 Coal=1cv, diamonds are 5/10/15 Groovy Mask Co: 15CV Buyout: 35CV Maelstorm Co: 15 Buyout: 25CV Used in another trade Waterfall Co: 10 Buyout: 25CV SOLD@ Buyout Ocean Co: 15CV Buyout 35CV
  6. We need events to be added back, like for example the Carnival. Adding Events and even monthly challenges back would make the game more fun. Xbox users have the Carnival map added but the rest doesn't? The game has a lot of potential, and it would be cool to see interactions with NPC for Certain Tasks and such.
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