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Found 10 results

  1. What kind of content should have the game? All answers includes new content I personally would like answer 2: A game that have a bigger part from dd1
  2. In Dungeon Defenders 2 we got introduced to Chaos Enemies such as Geodes and Cyborks. As we know these enemies added some challenge to the game but also took away some freedom and fun. I have mixed opinions about these enemies. Will they return in Dungeon Defenders Awakened? Since DDA will be like DD1, i feel like they won't be returning. If so what are your thoughts?
  3. Hi all. Hope your all doing well. I, alongside many other people after seeing DDA announcement am hyped to the heaven of heavens. Bear in mind that everyone is different and have there own views and opinions on certain matters, this isn't a debate thread but more post what you would like to see and not see thread. So please don't post about other peoples suggestions. This thread is purely for providing information to the Devs about what we want/don't want in DDA. What I want 1. +4 hero swapping. To be able to hot-swap between more than 4 heroes during the build phase as in DD2 I used a lot of different heroes to build. Only having 4 heroes to swap during battle is fine by me. 2. Increased Level cap To give the feel of progression I like to see the Level cap go beyond 50. Just something to keep players happy whilst leveling up and grinding for the gear. 3. Better customizing. I like to be able to change the color of my hero's outfit and even mix and match different outfits and being able to change my core as well. What I don't want. 1. SUPER RNG RNG I was ok within DD2, it keeps me playing but when Gilded shards became a thing I found that RNG got a bit too much and even then stuff that is tied to progression that requires a lot of luck should have a fall back system. Like 10 tokens will get you this item. 2. NO LOOT £$ Boxes Never been a fan of loot boxes that cost money. I don't mind them if you get them in the game as I'm not losing anything on it. But the ones that cost £$ I despise despite having stuff I want in it. What really put me off Loot boxes was the fact you could easily open 20 boxes and get tonnes of dupes and pathetic items you can get easily in normal gameplay means. If you are going to put loot boxes in I recommend putting in Loot box only items and again tokens to ensure that eventually, we'll get what we want.
  4. I am really struggling with what level of Kickstarter to back. i mean now that consoles are part of the base project - i am so in!!!!! I just cannot decide how much money to back with. I put a lot of money into DD2, way more than i ever spent on DD1, so i am not opposed to dropping some bucks. I mean, i make money and i don't mind spending some of it on something i love. I am torn between the $75 VIP pack and the $300 gilded tavern pack. My biggest holdup is that after the $75 pack, the amount of rewards seems to drop off dramatically (depending on your viewpoint). up to the $75 mark, a ton of rewards are heaped on for each level. I feel this is the lowest i would go. However, after that there seems to be a big drop off on how much you get. After that level, the next level that is not multiple keys (as i do not need more than 1 myself) is the $150 level, but for twice the money the only addition is a title, a skin, and naming a enemy (maybe). Then each $50 increment only gets you another title, skin, and name something else (maybe). Then at the at $300 you get some DD2 skins and a gold tavern as well. I just cannot decide if naming a few things (maybe) and a few skins are worth an extra $225... Especially getting DD2 skins, as they are only for the 4 base heroes, that i do not use very much. I wish we could see some pics of the DD2 gilded and crystalline flair, as well as the DDA gilded tavern. That might just be the incentive i need to bump up. Plus i am concerned with the amount of people that have backed levels about the $75 point - that there will not be enough enemies and gear to go around for naming, so your ideas may not get used. Did anyone else here go above the $75 level? I am interested to hear your thoughts.
  5. ok, i just have to have some fun with this group pic, because i cannot stop laughing at some things in it. First off - only 1 woman....really? #metoo You go girl. Apparently the right side of the pic did not get the "pump your fist in the air" memo. Must be the cool kids who always sit in the back of the room in every meeting. Except that one guy in the back - you rock. Is that a guy in the middle-back in a gladiator helmet??? Someone get him back on his meds. Speaking of which - right in the middle is also a hard hat and lab coat. Are we making DDA cookies in factory? Best hand wave ever though. I tempted to make this a new meme for what i am fake excited about something. I'd rip into the viking helmet guy, but he sells the pic so well, he gets a pass. Guy in the blue hoodie - we all know you did not say anything. Just say "crab people" like everyone else please. Thumbs are not words. To the poor guy who is 2 people behind Elandrian...if it wasn't for your excited fist (odd sentence to type), we would never know you were there. Next time swap places with a tall guy in front of you (the one who just signaled we scored a touchdown). Anyone else hiding behind the Jolly Green Giants? Is that a Blue Apprentice shirt on the right-hand side? Where can we score some of that rad swag, eh? I am pretty sure the guy in the front right is not saying anything, but is just blowing us a kiss. Right back at you hottie MUAH! Not one person doing "hang loose" or the devil horns with their fist...not sure if i am more impressed or sad. ok, JK, love you all CG.
  6. With DDA being a very real possibility and as someone who enjoys DD1 heavily (When I'm not taking a prolonged break from overplaying...) I want to know whether or not, you guys, Chromatic Games, will work with the CDT[Community Development Team] to bring the content added by the CDT into DDA. The CDT has been working on the game and is still working on it(Most likely), so maybe it would be really great if we could see you two working together. This is mostly wishful thinking though. On a completely unrelated note... Nightmare difficulty: What is the stance on this and will it not be as much as a clusterfuck if I might say as it was in DD1.
  7. Hello for some background I got dungeon defenders 1 for ps3 in 2010 after playing the demo for hours upon hours i got the game and went from level 10 ( the demo level cap) to level 20 just by purchasing the game. after some time The online networks on ps3 were stopped and i was left to play on my own. i bought all of the dlc and i enjoyed them. The problem comes with the fact that i could not play them because they were very large maps and even on the easiest difficulty felt like i could not cover them (not to mention sky city would lag and crash the game). My question is are you going to be implementing anything to increase the fun of solo play I loved some of the bigger maps but they were not possible to beat even with my highest level characters and I would really enjoy some kind of solution to this in dda.
  8. Here is a place to put down some ideas for new tower concepts for DDA (or who knows, maybe you are planting a seed that will germinate in DD3). Non-linear shooting paths. Something i thought about today is that we have almost all linear towers in the DD franchise. Things all seems to shoot in 1 general direction, or 360. I'd love to see some curved firing zones. Something that can shoot around corners! We need some new Tetris pieces to build with. In short lanes and enclosed spaces, towers that have angled paths to fire at would be an interesting idea to add to the mix. Something that can make a 90 degree turn would be a lot of fun IMO. I'd even love to see erratic paths, like a lightning bolt that jumps around and hits random enemies in a zig-zag like path. Elevation specific defenses. I would like to see some def that are specifically geared to hitting enemies at much higher or lower elevations. Something to place on the mountain tops that rain death down below. Ramsters in DD2 really let me down with its extremely narrow and shallow attack pattern. I'd love to see some more variety in how we defend against places that are a full level or two lower/above. Enemy specific defenses. Now this idea could just be a shard/mod/passive, but the idea is that a def would only attack a certain kind of unit. Kind of like the mods in DD2 that increase damage to a certain type, but taken to the next level - now they only attack those types. It would help in builds where a certain unit type keeps wrecking your layout, and you could target them much earlier, and ensure they do no get lost in the mobs. Just an idea... AOE projectiles. The munitions you fire explode on impact for limited AOE damage. Think mortar shells and such. More air options. In both DD games thus far the air options have been very limited. I would love to see an actual variety of decent air towers that we can decide on which ones to use in a certain setting. Also, they should be strong enough to do their job. the fact that SGTs were not kings of the skies in DD2 is a big miss on that def. I'd really like to see at least 4-5 different air options, not counting defs that can shoot ground and air. Feel free to add to the list...
  9. I am sad to see that console support is not part of the base plan of DDA. Should we interpret this as to Chromatic Games' support of these platforms for the future? The only reason i know about DD was PS3, and the only versions i have ever played have been on PS3 and PS4. If console support is not offered, DD will no longer be a part of my gaming life (as well as my $$$). I am especially sad to see that console support is a flex goal that the project has to come in at 140% to plan in order to obtain. Rolling some risky dice their CG...not to mention that it is not even your first, nor second flex goal. More maps is more important than console support? Wow.... As a console player, i have to say that i feel on the outside of this project right from the start. I'd love to donate to the Kickstarter, but why would i unless i know it will reach flex goal #3??? Like i am going to drop any dollars on a game i cannot ever play?!?! The way the Kickstarter was done discourages all console gamers from donating to this project initially. Weird approach if you ask me, but maybe i am no longer part of the demographic that CG is aiming for. At this point, an announcement from CG as to their intentions with DD2, DDA, and even DD3 would be a very good idea. I notice that "free to play" was one of the call-outs in the Kickstarter , so it looks like CG is taking a whole new route...maybe...i guess... Heck, even just introducing themselves would be a good step one. If DD2 support is lessening, and it will take EVEN LONGER for things to come out going forward, that is not a lot of incentive to keep playing in the DD2 hamster wheel right now. At least not without some context and vision on where we are headed. Now would be a very good time for CG to give us plenty of reasons to want to keep playing DD2. Let's see if any of those Big Things we are getting teased with are actually about DD2...(and involve the consoles).
  10. I got a huge Question i know it´s early stage but i hope that u know what make dd1 so much more fantastic for me was the fact that i could Max every Stat like i wish to do 0.1s for a Tower Shot No Problem. The Ballista pierce was also a nice thing to have. My Question now is what is you Dev Team´s Plan? Wanna do a Max like in DD2 or free like in the old ways from DD1? Same for the Range it was realy nice to shot across the map. The Summoner was also a nice to have thing.
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