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Found 7 results

  1. XP and GOLD event active again? what data?
  2. What is the min # of times you have to reset in order to get every single possible bonus? That is 999 cap points, as well all ap points for gold, exp, tower buffs, etc. I know cap points depends on Onslaught floor and my level, so that is more subjective, so ballpark that part. Do exp and gold cap at some point? If so, what is the max?
  3. Hi everyone, I've played DD1 and DD2 for a VERY long time, and I was very active in this community a long time ago too, especially during the DD2 alpha times. Some of the older veterans among you guys might recognize my username (changed my avatar though). I've played over 500 hours of DD1 and over 1.2k hours of DD2, so you can say that I'm very much a big fan of the franchise. I left a long time ago and stopped following any news on the franchise. You can imagine my surprise when I came across Dungeon Defenders Awakened recently. So to all of you guys, I have to ask if this game is worth in the current state? I know it said released, but knowing the franchise and the devs the content is probably ongoing and missing quite a lot of stuff. Here are a couple questions: 1) What's different from DD1? What's new, and what has been removed? 2) What's the current state of the game? What's available, what are the near update plans, and what are the long term plans? 3) Bugs, there are usually a lot of those at the beginning of a release. How is this version? 4) Would you recommend it? 5) Does it support Widescreen? My monitor is 3440x1440 and I was wondering if it switches to 16:9 or if it supports 21:9. 6) Since it has technically launched and is out of early access, will all progression be kept? Or is it possible that there's a wipe? Also, if there are still any devs from the old days that are active here and remember me, cheers! Cheers!
  4. Hello all, I've wanted to post this for a while. I like to comb through all of the mods, skills, and shards, looking for fun combos to see how you can put some great combos together. In this thread i want to cover boosting, in all forms. I'll break in down in separate posts covering different areas: 1) towers boosting towers, 2) heroes boosting towers, 3) towers boosting heroes, and then 4) putting it all together. This is not meant to be a definitive guide on boosting, but just sharing some cool stuff i have found. Take it or leave it at your will. I'm also not going for simply the highest raw damage i can, or pure crowd control (cc), but a bit of mix so that this could be usable in your actual builds. In many places you could swap out range for even more power, but that limits the effectiveness of the tower on others, or puts it in reach of the enemy. In this thread, my main tower i am boosting will be a flame aura (FA), with destruction and mass destruction stacked on with rate. Mutiple anti mods to boot. Follow the 1 amp guides on YouTube for the setup. TL:DR - boost ideas for towers and heroes
  5. I've been getting skunked running it in a duo so far, no C8 weapons or shards yet. Just crummy RNG I assume. The lady orcs are the only thing that have been a pain, until I started stacking obscene amounts of damage on their lanes I kept having one randomly get through.
  6. People can post their Links here and much more!!
  7. We need events to be added back, like for example the Carnival. Adding Events and even monthly challenges back would make the game more fun. Xbox users have the Carnival map added but the rest doesn't? The game has a lot of potential, and it would be cool to see interactions with NPC for Certain Tasks and such.
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