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Found 3 results

  1. I got a huge Question i know it´s early stage but i hope that u know what make dd1 so much more fantastic for me was the fact that i could Max every Stat like i wish to do 0.1s for a Tower Shot No Problem. The Ballista pierce was also a nice thing to have. My Question now is what is you Dev Team´s Plan? Wanna do a Max like in DD2 or free like in the old ways from DD1? Same for the Range it was realy nice to shot across the map. The Summoner was also a nice to have thing.
  2. With DDA being a very real possibility and as someone who enjoys DD1 heavily (When I'm not taking a prolonged break from overplaying...) I want to know whether or not, you guys, Chromatic Games, will work with the CDT[Community Development Team] to bring the content added by the CDT into DDA. The CDT has been working on the game and is still working on it(Most likely), so maybe it would be really great if we could see you two working together. This is mostly wishful thinking though. On a completely unrelated note... Nightmare difficulty: What is the stance on this and will it not be as much as a clusterfuck if I might say as it was in DD1.
  3. Hello for some background I got dungeon defenders 1 for ps3 in 2010 after playing the demo for hours upon hours i got the game and went from level 10 ( the demo level cap) to level 20 just by purchasing the game. after some time The online networks on ps3 were stopped and i was left to play on my own. i bought all of the dlc and i enjoyed them. The problem comes with the fact that i could not play them because they were very large maps and even on the easiest difficulty felt like i could not cover them (not to mention sky city would lag and crash the game). My question is are you going to be implementing anything to increase the fun of solo play I loved some of the bigger maps but they were not possible to beat even with my highest level characters and I would really enjoy some kind of solution to this in dda.
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