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  1. Redundant...and then, creatively redundant. Trendy/Chromatic, you've come out with new mods and the game cannot seem to handle them. In my opinion, you are sitting on one of the best Tower Defense games to date, and you are letting it rot. Grave Infection and Frostfire Remnants alone cause havoc on The Lost Temple map. But the mods are great. The solution is to reduce the amount of crystals that need guarding and allowing fewer lanes to be open. So what. People reach higher floors. They get to enjoy what you have allowed us to appreciate. The mods are fun when put to use. The Lost Temple is an awesome map. Close some lanes; that's the most efficient remedy. People will have so many opinions, but the truth is, the quality of products and products to come is reflection of the quality of products to be released, to some minds' eyes. I have ten c8 5/5 medallions, All available hypershards, 8 defense rates guilded, 8 deadly strikes guilded, 8 destruction guilded (a trend), all tower/trap appropriate shards guilded. Every singl Dryad Shard guilded, even if I ultimately don't use, every swappable-hero appropriate shard guilded, all 10s on mods appropriate to hero/tower/trap. Overkill. Bragging?, no. This was a bastard-of-a-process. Trial and error on mods and shards, deleting c8 bumped, replacing c8 bumped, etcetera. Had to. I knew I was not resetting, not using META builds, and looking at the leaderboards, you all took off like rockets with angry intentions, right out of the atmosphere. I had to trial-and-error optimal combos because I fight as Corrupt Dryad. Crazy; half of my builds rely on me being alive. Corrupt she is a Demi-god. To even have a remote chance of touching the leaderboards I had to maximize. I am impressed with some of the players and their intellect shown here. Trendy/Chromatic Games, your name is tied to Dungeon Defenders 2.
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