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  1. I stop playing a while back because I logged in one day and my second set of hyper shards were no longer on my account all of the sudden. I submitted a ticket and received no response. I have started on again to try out the Chaos 9 and 10 . Does anybody know what I need to do in order to get the missing Hyper Shards back?
  2. My cursor will go off screen when trying to upgrade or repair towers. It selects towers that aren't close and I have to drag my cursor all the way back to my position. Doesn't matter if the Smart upgrade / repair is on.
  3. Why Crit dmg is not applyed when you do a critical hit with towers?
  4. Is this a known bug? You can generate gems by dropping them on the floor and picking them up again... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz2iIOXikP8
  5. Been trying out the E2P1 on PTR and these are the few things that have gone wrong for me. 1. Act 5 Map 2 crashes the game when you finish round 1. Not much to say other than UE4 crashed and I've already sent the crash report. No idea who gets that though UE4 devs or DDA devs... 2. Act 5 Map 1 has a spawn area that regularly have mobs getting stuck in. See images, hope that helps. (not sure how to specify the location clearly since map overlay is wrong) 3. Wrong map overlay is shown for the new maps. I assume those will come later? 4. Either I am doing something
  6. Enemies not spawning on Normal Tornado Valley, forcing next pulse as fast as I can. Waited two minutes with no change. Forced to return to tavern.
  7. the screenshots explain it i dont know the correct words, i was flying trough the map and then i saw a cube outside the southern side of the map at the otherside of the spawn that leads in the ground, if you get high enough you can spot this here missing texture cube the ones in eso are grey-er and the ones in skyrim are completely purple, and the ones in minecraft are a sharp and painfull black and purple
  8. Hi! I've reached level 82 and nothing I do seems to give me experience anymore :( i've tried over and over to level up, but my experience keeps resetting after a mission. help, please? it's been two days since i've been able to get exp
  9. Happened to me in a run a few minutes ago I fought the Lycan King and ran under the bridge, i kept running towards the middle crystal and then saw his face peeking from inside the wall, it seems he jumped towards the location I was in (middle crystal) instead of pathing to it correctly and then just got stuck there, he also took down the defenses I set up behind the wall with a single smack :\
  10. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional but it seems many of the towers rate of attack has been capped out on the PTR. For the apprentice the magic missile and fireball tower are capped at 0.5 attack speed. The deadly striker tower is capped at 1.0 attacks per second. Same for the Squire and his harpoon and cannon towers they are both capped at 0.5 attack speed. There are also some other strange things going on. For instance putting more points into Def. Rate won't increase the attack speed beyond the 0.5 cap but for some reason it does increase how hard the tower hits but not
  11. i have 3 destructive pylons now and i donot want to get banned, im shitting 7 collors now.... if anyone from the dev team can either remove it or give me permission to use it id apreciate it alot because im now super scared that im going to suffer for a mistake from the developers having me permanently branded as an exploiter... (i spended hundreds of euros on dd2) i am currently using one destro pylon on my snaking sands and one on my reflect beams
  12. Dear Chromatic Games There is a bug, I mean... When I will launch other game then DDA and after that I will launch DDA, Settings are reseting to factory default. It's repeatable. 1. Launch DDA. 2. Change some options in Settings and Save. 3. Exit DDA. 4. Launch other game and exit. 5. Launch DDA and Settings are reseted to factory default. 6. Repeat 1-4 and it will always bring me to point 5. Please fix this annoying bug. Thank you in advance for your support. Sincerely
  13. Tested it on waves and like on video on dummy. He attacks but doesn't deal any damage. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/reborn409/video/129095448
  14. The trophies in the Tavern for Hard and Insane mode are not showing properly. I have included two screen shots showing the trophies not filled in and my progress on insane... including the "Encore" map. But the trophy is still not filling in. This is also true with my hard progress I have completed all regular campaign maps on hard and none of the trophies are filling in.
  15. These are a collection of bugs I find and/or small gripes I have about certain features of the game. Friends unable to join private lobbies or some other weird issue with steam friends. (apparently this was due to steam outages) They were pumped for the transmog though! (ps, thats broken too, switching heroes out of the hero deck cause them to lose their skins. Although the skin is still saved in your outfits, so you just have to reapply it from the blacksmith. Ill be patient with this though, because quite frankly I AM EXCITED about it and hopefully you guys continue develo
  16. I’ve played this game on and off since it came out and stopped playing it since 2020 started. I hop on and I am greeted with my gunwitch missing and some skins I had for my other characters missing as well. This is quite annoying to come back to and I hope someone could help out to restore my purchases and fix my account. I play on PlayStation and would like to get this fixed.
  17. Hello, Just bringing this to attention. I had lost a game and the crystal shards that went all over the place started doing this. DDS-Win64-Shipping 9-13-2020 4-09-45 AM.mp4 DDS-Win64-Shipping 9-13-2020 4-02-10 AM.mp4
  18. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed it ( I assume they have), but I think the math here is a bit wrong. It shows 206.7k DPS (in this instance) but if you do the math... 401.6k / 1.29s you should get 311.3k DPS To have half the dps then you should eb doing a shot every 2 seconds.... I believe this is just a visual bug? It feels like 1.29 speed is about right in the actual game and the damage per shot is correct... I also did some math on other towers and they seem correct.... seems a bit odd to me that this one tower would show the wrong number??? This may be alrea
  19. As this post says, you can talk all about bugs and problems the playstation 4 version may have. Such as... my very own problem, where I can’t get my playstation plus items after downloading it. I could actually use a solution to this problem because it’s annoying me. (Oh yeah, also if someone has a bug and you know how to fix it, let the player know!)
  20. I've submitted a bug report on this and mentioned it in the Steam forums, but I figured this forum might have a bit more traction on this. Right now it's kind of a critical bug. DSTs (and sometimes other projectile towers) will cease firing. I'm not sure what is causing it, but the reflect beams in front of them should be enough to assume it's not spider webs, and even then spider webs are a temporary debuff, this bug seems to cause them to stop completely. I made a recording of it as well for people's convenience: This has kind of stopped me dead in my tracks in terms of p
  21. (As I say below, some people on discord helped me by suggesting to do a full restart of my PC & Steam, which resulted in fixing all the errors, if you have any similar problems try these out!) Hello I bought DDA for me and some friends to enjoy together and stream, but been running into some issues It seems that the issues mostly fall onto my account not theirs - When they attempt to join me they get a message that reads: "Failed to join the game from invite because you are not in the same Open/Secure Play Mode as the Host. To change your Play Mode, return to the Main Menu" If
  22. El día de hoy estaba jugando cuando quería entrar al onslaught no me lo permitió, me regreso al menú de inicio y después a hacer el tutorial para principiantes en el juego. ASC: 2,800 Onslaught : 344 ya tengo mas de 3 años jugando, por favor no quiero perder mi progreso.
  23. So I am doing onslaught lost temple, and the lag is unbelievably bad, its more or less unplayable. I never experienced this before, and I might hit my progression wall due to lag rather then hero/defense power at this rate. Other maps are fine, it seems to be exclusive to Lost temple. Anyone else experiencing this?
  24. Just had a map where I noticed my defenses were letting enemies through on chaos 2!! I thought, maybe I used the wrong hero to place my Flame Auras, but then the size of them was correct.... I then checked my relic, maybe I swapped out the correct relic by mistake. My relic had 0 defense power and 0 defense health. I then checked all other gear I had, every primary and secondary stat was zero. I only had chip/mods left :D it sorted itself out once I returned to my tavern thankfully :) Has anyone else had this problem? I presume its quite common.
  25. So ... i was pushing onslaught and this happen , I was get killed by assassins and when i respawn i just like jumping with 0 health but the assassins still hit me but no damage and i cant do anything even pressing restart the wave , it's heartbreaking because i was struggling at this map and restarting like 5 times but this happen and i need to restart from wave 1 again .
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