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Found 13 results

  1. the lycan boss is bugged out i did this place 3 times and it just keeps getting stuck then becoming immortal. Also this is on xbox and it wants me to activate a trap but there is none 2021-08-05_10-05-03_AM-a5hj5glr.mp4
  2. Since i have started playing DDA i have been having a lot of fun, but there is one thing that has been annoying me for a while. Since i started playing I am unable to see the correct attack speed of weapons, in my case when i inspect a weapon doesnt matter which weapon the attack rate always shows 0.00s. This makes it very difficult for me to pick the right weapons for my attack heroes so im hoping there is a way this can be fixed. My friend also bought the game at the same time with me and he does not have the same issues. Some extra info: -I have reinstalled the game multiple times
  3. Hello, Before anything, I don't mean to spit on the game. I like it but I cannot understand how certain things are like they are, especially at the fourth game of the series (and certain things were fine in at least one of the former games). ---------------- TL;DR: BUGS - Boss clear items replaced by unpickable item, - Item comparison broken, - weapons sometimes visually stuck to the back of the character for other players, - Incoming enemies display broken, - E on an item in the inventory to equip it equips a random item instead. REQUESTS: - I suck at using the filter
  4. I'm unable to get to the bottom two slots on my inventory, therefore i'm unable to unequip a pet once its equipped. Also, as other people have stated, i keep seeing my stats get reset as I go through the game. Also, the beginning cut scene is sometimes not skipable.
  5. The Problems. 1. The upgrade targetting is realy bad. If you have multiple defenses on the same place like auras the upgrade order is usualy Buff beam > STR drain > Electricity aura > Barricades > any other kind of dmg tower/trap > CC towers/traps/auras/beams. The problem is that it's realy hard to target the correct tower if you have them on each other. It was a bit of a problem with the old system but it was atleast easier to target the auras with how there was an icon for each aura above the towers. 2. As many people have said. There is no loot in pure defense or th
  6. Hello, I have noticed a couple of bugs on the Xbox and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post them. I also posted these on #bug-report-dda room on Discord. UI In inventory on the stats page, the highlighted stat is slightly increased, when moving to ‘reset stats’ button the outer border shifts slightly. In inventory on the equipment menu if you have the helmet or chest plate selected then move down to select the gloves or boots the selection jumps to the accessories section. In inventory, you press RT to move to stats but you cannot press LT to move back to
  7. The healing function, instead of healing as i hold down Y it acts as though its an instant ability with a 1 second cool-down doing nothing (in an online session).
  8. I have noticed from a few games now that the Harpoon Towers doesn't attack the wyverns when they enter inside the attack arc from the towers. It has happened that the towers have been shooting when they are either attacked by the wyverns or when the core is attacked. This is not how it was in DD1 so i do belive it's a bugg. I have also seen that the harpoon towers sometime doesn't attack the Kobolds so that i have had to put up a Barricade to make sure the towers arn't attacked. I do not think this was the case in the Beta (i havn't played since game release). My first thought when i saw that
  9. These are a collection of bugs I find and/or small gripes I have about certain features of the game. Friends unable to join private lobbies or some other weird issue with steam friends. (apparently this was due to steam outages) They were pumped for the transmog though! (ps, thats broken too, switching heroes out of the hero deck cause them to lose their skins. Although the skin is still saved in your outfits, so you just have to reapply it from the blacksmith. Ill be patient with this though, because quite frankly I AM EXCITED about it and hopefully you guys continue develo
  10. Every time I join a map all my items are in level 1. is anybody el having same issue? It takes several reloads to have some luck to join a map with all the correct level in my gear. thanks,
  11. Every-time I join a lobby (since the last 2 patches) I am now greeted with a chance at weapon roulette and the game decides if I should be given my Transcendent Burning Draketooth pole-arm with 7 projectiles (fire type) or... an electric type polearm with 4 projectiles? At first i thought it was visual. but the weapon is literally a completely different one. Different stats, different upgrades, different everything, and for some reason when I join any lobby it switches out the drake tooth for that crap, switching heroes does not solve the problem,and leaving the game (to your tavern) eith
  12. On wave 13 or 14 as well as wave 16. My crystal took around 250x2 damage for no reason. No mobs in sight. Is this a bug?
  13. I started DDA on my laptop and progressed to level 16. Booted up on my desktop and was able to continue from the progress I made and been playing there since. Now well over level 40. I tried logging into my laptop twice since then and the game is still at the state it was in at level 16. Character levels at 16 and all maps I unlocked were locked once again. I'm not sure why the cloud save worked from laptop to desktop and not the other way around. Saw this addressed in an earlier update from Lawlta, "Fixed an issue where local data was loading before cloud saves. Some players who ra
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