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Found 15 results

  1. DECIDED NOT TO TAKE BID! Discord: nilkan#3201 Auctioning this ++ builder genie. Auction ends 01/13/2022 - 12 pm CET Any bids in the final 6 hours extends the auction by 1 day. Accepted currencies: Diamonds: 5/10/15 cv. ++ Armor, dm me for pricing (mainly interested in dps prist, app mail) Events: FP: buyout Any pointy: 200 cv Rainmaker: 200 cv Celebracers: 180 cv Ginger: 250 cv Limepie/Butterscotch: 300 cv Cinnamon: 100 cv Magicite: 100 cv Mr. Crackers: 70 cv Gaias Last Gift: 80 cv Overload: 75 c
  2. Base form: https://imgur.com/Hr0xJB6 Hero damage: https://imgur.com/Y2ZvGxO Reaches 108x tb. Accepting dias (5/10/15 by cap), traced events that are listed below only(ask me about any other event), ++ gear trade can be negotiated. Events: FP: Instant buyout Any pointy: 200 cv Rainmaker: 200 cv Celebracers: 180 cv Ginger: 250 cv Limepie/Butterscotch: 300 cv Cinnamon: 100 cv Rockshatter: 100 cv Magicite: 100 cv Mr. Crackers: 120 cv Gaias Last Gift: 120 cv Overload:
  3. Jodella hihooo It is ya boi, here to sell you stuff again. I accept offer in Cubes,Coal(1/10) and diamonds (5,10,15). Events im not interested in all events, pm me to settle price for others than below: Final Patch: 200 CV Celebration: 100 CV New Patch Celebraton: 100 Celebracers: 90 Cinnamon: 80 Butterscotch/Lime Pie: 100 Ginger: 120 If some one has a ult++ apprentice staff with capping rate and damage, and 500+ range i will gladly have a discussion. Ending the auction Friday 27th(black friday), anti snipe and all that with 24h. I reserv the right to canc
  4. Hello, I have an armor piece for sell, farmed by Jordan Helmet: https://imgur.com/a/DXnQgob IC: This helmet passes IC. Accepted Currency: Cubes Diamonds 5/10/15 Auction lasts for 5 days, starting from time this thread is posted and lasting till Monday 2020/11/02 (2nd of November) at 12 am GMT+1 Happy Bidding ASAPferocity won with 160cv bid, thanks for participating please contact Jordan for your item
  5. MooCow12345

    [WTA] NPC

    I decided that i wanted to auction my npc because i was too lazy to keep track of prices from people, and im excited because its my first auction! accepting coals 1:9 up to 5 cv, cubes up to 20 cv, and dias 5, 10, 15. Bidding ends on 7/3 (next next Friday) (it's traced don't worry) Happy bidding! Events valued below: Ancient Plume - 40cv Black Magick - 20cv Butterscotch - 110 Celebracers - 80cv Cinnamon - 80cv Cracker - 60cv Gaia's Last Gift : 70cv Ginger - 80cv Greater Magicite of Wind - 80cv Lumen - 25cv Rockshatter - 80c
  6. I want to auction these 3 ++ armor pieces aswell as my ++ upgrader KK. Auction ends: 28th June 2020 at 8pm CEST Bids within 24 hours of the auction ending will extend the auction by 12 hours. If you need to reach me my name is click click on steam or nilkan#3201 on discord. I reserve the right bla bla blaa.... Accepted currencies are: Coals (max 5 cv in value) Cubes (max 20) Diamonds 5/10/15 ++ app chain pieces, dm me for pricing Events: Pointy event hats 100 cv Ginger/butter 90 cv FPC 200 cv *For other events, please dm m
  7. Sesar64


    Hey guys ive decided to auction some of my spare ++ that i think some of you might have use for. Rates for coal are 1:8 and diamonds go 5/10/15 with a maximum of 40 coal. Celebracers - 90cv Pointys - 100 FP - 180 Ginger - 100 Butter - 120 Crackers - 60 I may accsept certain other events and ++ armour peices. Please msg me for pricing in those. C/O Plate: (needs even more love) Chain: (reserve still not reached) Pristine: 180 (PiisamiRotta) 195 corpse 210 piiamirotta End date is 17th
  8. Hello, I have 5 armor sets for sale, Minimum bid on each is 10 cv. Auction will run from 2020/06/08 to 2020/06/14 11:59 PM UTC+2 Accepted Currency: Diamond 5/10/15 and cubes (up to max of 20) Happy bidding !:) Note that some pieces are not fully upgraded, there is some spare upgrades left to put into sides.
  9. Auctioning these pieces, auction rules: auction will run untill 06/06/2020 22:00 CEST (central Europe) the acution will be extended by 12 hours if there is a bid in the last 2 hours diamonds are valued at 5/10/15 for no/single/double caps coal is NOT accepted cubes are accepted for a maximum of 20cv accepted events are: celebration/NPC/EPH: 100cv celebracers: 100cv final patch: 150cv memoriam: 50cv (max 1) ginger: 80cv butterscotch: 100cv rainmaker: 200cv vortex hammer
  10. Hi everyone, im looking to auction this ult mask i got. I have the right to not accept the offer if it is not what im looking for. Auction will end on 01/06/2020 at 23:59 GMT+1 (1st of June). Bids on the last 6 hours will increase the end time by 12hours. Im accepting any offers (cubes, diamonds (5/10/15) or events) Item got checked. Please dont troll bid. Events im looking for: bLACK mAGIC = 25cv Waterfall = 45cv War Bonnet = 25cv Marid = 30cv Mr.Crackers = 60cv Current bid - 70cv
  11. Hi all, I'm auctioning off this helmet: IC: https://imgur.com/a/PJ8UGMX Accepting Coal/Cubes/Diamonds/Events: Max of 10cv in coal at 8:1 Diamonds at 5/10/15 Final Patch at 150cv Pointy Hats at 100cv Celebracers at 80cv Cinnamon at 80cv Ginger at 80cv Butterscotch at 100cv The Rainmaker at 200cv Greater Magicite of Wind at 80cv The Cavalry at 40cv War Bonnet at 25cv Lumen at 25cv Contact me on discord (Deskdogs#7066) for other events ALL EVENTS MUST BE TRACED Auction Rules:
  12. Posted July 31, 2019 (edited) Auction Item Accepted Currency Diamonds (5/10/15) Cubes Accepted Events NPC 100cv Celebration 100cv Celebracers 80cv Cinnamon 60cv Ginger 60cv Black Magic 30cv Rockshatter 100cv Greater Magicite 100cv The Rainmaker 200cv Auction Details Ends 3/22/20 12 p.m. pst IC by Escev https://imgur.com/OOLKHJj Of
  13. Hi guys! I am looking to auction off these 2 items. Auction will end on 20th of September. No Mana or Coal will be accepted, bids will be in cubes, but Events will be very much accepted! MSG me to query event values. Bids within the Final day may lengthen the auction by an additional day. I reserve the right not to sell should I not be happy with the final bid. I also reserve the right to shorten the auction to a single day when I feel the bids are acceptable, so dont hessitate! PS: Thanks to Plane for the IC, and the ancient Akatikian Warriors for crafting these
  14. Hello Ladies and gents! As title is mentioned... im looking to auction off these Ult++ pieces, and sell or auction some ult/+ armor that i have in stock. (ULT++ will be auctioned, Ult will be sold, unless plenty of offers on 1 piece, i will then make an auction off it) I Accept, Events, Diamonds, Cubes, Coal (NOT MANA) Events: PM me for what i value(preferably with what you yourself value it aswell)and if im interested Diamonds: 3, 10, 15. Coal - Cubes: 8/1 I have the right to abort the auction and/or not accept the current offer if im not satesfie
  15. Hello, welcome to my armor auction. #edit added buyout for unwanted armor Accepted currency: Coal ( 8 coal = 1 cv) Cubes Diamonds (4/9/15) Events #edit lowered buyout Auction end on 1st of May 2019 at 11 am CET. Bids within last 24 hours will increases the duration by another 24 hours. I have right to not sell an item if I wont like a price. Questions i.e. Event pricing via steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/ or discord: Escev#7560 C/O: 1 cv buyout on unwanted pieces Leather Helmet 366: Leather Helmet
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