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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Chromatic Games There is a bug, I mean... When I will launch other game then DDA and after that I will launch DDA, Settings are reseting to factory default. It's repeatable. 1. Launch DDA. 2. Change some options in Settings and Save. 3. Exit DDA. 4. Launch other game and exit. 5. Launch DDA and Settings are reseted to factory default. 6. Repeat 1-4 and it will always bring me to point 5. Please fix this annoying bug. Thank you in advance for your support. Sincerely
  2. Hello, Should the Kickstarter rewards work for the Xbox version? I have tried all of my codes and they all say 'Invalid code'. I tried with and without the dashes.
  3. Tested it on waves and like on video on dummy. He attacks but doesn't deal any damage. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/reborn409/video/129095448
  4. Hello, I have noticed a couple of bugs on the Xbox and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post them. I also posted these on #bug-report-dda room on Discord. UI In inventory on the stats page, the highlighted stat is slightly increased, when moving to ‘reset stats’ button the outer border shifts slightly. In inventory on the equipment menu if you have the helmet or chest plate selected then move down to select the gloves or boots the selection jumps to the accessories section. In inventory, you press RT to move to stats but you cannot press LT to move back to
  5. It's really annoying to reset stats when you press LS by accident on controler.. It's happens sometimes when I use LS to navigate... Or at least there should be a confirmation dialog to reset all stats.
  6. Hello, In the 2021 Update#3 they said Today is launch day and still no codes in my email. Anyone get their (xbox) codes yet? I checked my email and https://dungeon-defenders.backerkit.com/ It would be a bummer if people who purchased the game today get it before someone who backed the development of it over a year ago.
  7. Is Xbox save stored on servers like pc version or save is stored on console hard drive? I plan to buy Xbox version of DDA but only if this is server side save to avoid any "cheaters" who will duplicate gear and gold.
  8. Dear Friends We have spent so many hours in Dungeon Defenders with my family (4 players local coop), that we have sentiment for this game. Dungeon Defender II wasn't so good in our opinon. So we're waiting for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. We have got some questions: 1. Xbox Series X version will be released 17.03.2021. Will it work: a) 4K@60 b) Dynamic 4K@60 c) 4K@30 d) Dynamic 4K@30 e) 1080p@60 2. We realize that there is no 4 players local coop at PC version at the moment, but will XSX version include this mode on 17.03.2021? 4 players local coop mode is the
  9. Does anyone know how to make backups with a thumbdrive and pc w/o a special application?
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