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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, is it worth it to grind levels at the summit NM campaign mode even with the stucked Djins at 2 of the waves in ? Also, why am i getting 4m only exp regardless of being solo or public? Oh and 1 last question, is the max required level for all NM gear level 83?
  2. I've played some Royal Gardens and Promenade NMHC Survival recently and I've noticed a few places where Copters, Ogres and Djinns can get stuck on these maps. Also some other bugs listed below these. Royal Gardens: Djinns get stuck on the westernmost door: Promenade: Copter-Ogres getting stuck if they fall just out of bounds, but don't die. This happens at 3 places (3 Copter places): 1. Southeast spawn 2. Southwest spawn 3. North spawn Also some Copters Managed to get stuck in their spawning places. This only happened during online play when others were joined. It was always either Southwest, Southeast or none at all. If I get a Copter stuck in either spawn, I just reset because otherwise i have to wait 3-8 min each round depending on spawn times. 1. Southwest spawn 2. Southeast spawn That's all I've found so far on stuck enemies. There is also another bug I'd like to point out: If I boost towers with my apprentice (C+RMB) often enough, the particles of previous boosts will still be there, and once I've generated enough, I start lagging bad. You can see my fps (slightly) in the top-left, this is from Steam itself. Another thing I'd like to point out is that the "Award.firstkill 100" or other similar messages get stuck in place during all of the wave. The next wave another message will be stuck or sometimes nothing will be there. Thanks for reading, peace!
  3. I've been trying to find a solution to this problem, I've tried re downloading twice already and port forward but still no luck. Playing all by myself isn't fun :(
  4. I'm posting this here because i dont know where to report it. That's the crash screen that shows up when i try to open the game:
  5. After the patch i cant get the auto loot filter to work... i set it up and when i exit the options it resets instantly. Edit: problem solved by deleting the config folder
  6. I guess some bugs can really never be squashed, huh?
  7. Seems while playing with others, if the room creator selects back to lobby or hits replay, there's a chance you will lose all the levels and items you got during that session. (lost 6 levels and a ton of gear + a pet)
  8. im not sure if there is a place yet where i can do bug reports but if there is please point me in the right direction and close this thread. anyways, upon loading the game I found 2 issues. not big just minor annoyances. 1) when you bring up the tower wheel with T the sound is SUPER loud and no sound settings change it, i had to turn down my pc sound settings to make it bearable. 2) when using the overhead tower place camera with controller, you can rotate your character. you are locked into a strafe style movement. also the default button on controller of i assume R3 (it just shows R with an arrow point as to push in the stick) to change the camera style doesnt work as that is also pinging. againm if there is somewhere i can bug report please let me know. otherwise i'll be having fun playing this long awaited game. hope you all have a fun time and happy dungeon defending ^^
  9. El día de hoy estaba jugando cuando quería entrar al onslaught no me lo permitió, me regreso al menú de inicio y después a hacer el tutorial para principiantes en el juego. ASC: 2,800 Onslaught : 344 ya tengo mas de 3 años jugando, por favor no quiero perder mi progreso.
  10. Just had a map where I noticed my defenses were letting enemies through on chaos 2!! I thought, maybe I used the wrong hero to place my Flame Auras, but then the size of them was correct.... I then checked my relic, maybe I swapped out the correct relic by mistake. My relic had 0 defense power and 0 defense health. I then checked all other gear I had, every primary and secondary stat was zero. I only had chip/mods left :D it sorted itself out once I returned to my tavern thankfully :) Has anyone else had this problem? I presume its quite common.
  11. So I am doing onslaught lost temple, and the lag is unbelievably bad, its more or less unplayable. I never experienced this before, and I might hit my progression wall due to lag rather then hero/defense power at this rate. Other maps are fine, it seems to be exclusive to Lost temple. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. So ... i was pushing onslaught and this happen , I was get killed by assassins and when i respawn i just like jumping with 0 health but the assassins still hit me but no damage and i cant do anything even pressing restart the wave , it's heartbreaking because i was struggling at this map and restarting like 5 times but this happen and i need to restart from wave 1 again .
  13. As this post says, you can talk all about bugs and problems the playstation 4 version may have. Such as... my very own problem, where I can’t get my playstation plus items after downloading it. I could actually use a solution to this problem because it’s annoying me. (Oh yeah, also if someone has a bug and you know how to fix it, let the player know!)
  14. So, I opened 2 myth packs today to spend some of my defender medals, and they were empty. I couldn't even reroll the pack or confirm the contents. I waited for the counter to reach 0 and they got some gold. I don't even know what I got from those packs :\ is it only for me or does anyone else also experience this problem?
  15. Something happened during the last patch, chest loot used to be auto collected but now its a 50/50 chance if the items will end up in my inv
  16. Once again I have had a gilded shard vanish from my inventory when unequiping it from a relic. I'm curious with this new rebrand from trendy into chromatic games, will my help ticket sent to the trendy help page be processed or is there a new way to get in contact with the team if a bug like this happens. PS, I sent the help ticket within 48 hours of the incident and yes I checked every bag and I always lock my gilded shards.
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