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  1. Obviously we are paying for early access to a game that'll go free to play eventually and I'm assuming the amount we're paying is off-set by skins that may be unavailable in the future and gems that may not be at an equivalent price. That is to say that I agree with some of the complaints, half of which are already addressed in the PC version, padded out content with difficulty and survival modes, better matchmaking, an actual pet system, etc. Descriptions for stat bonuses seems a bit... is "Defense Power" not obvious enough? Sure, the UI needs work and they've acknowledged that but cmon even a child shouldn't have trouble with this and mail, really... The last thing I totally agree with you on, they're calling it a pre-alpha and yet typically "pre-alpha" games are barely playable, often bare-bones concepts or prototypes without textures, music, sometimes even animations. Damn them for being further along in their development cycle than their sales term implies! Joking aside, they have weekly devstreams where they take in community questions and show off new content or ideas planned, and the influence you earn by logging into the forums lets you vote on community hot topics that'll change how the game works or what the dev team should be focusing on, which I have to say is much more involved than most studios. If you have suggestions and not just complaints I'm sure they'd love to hear your thoughts. P.S. DD2 was announced to be free to play 2 years ago.
  2. If i knew when wanderlust would strike, or where it would take me I would (probably something overseas next time). I ended up for most of the trip on Vancouver Island somewhere near Victoria and our backyard had plum trees, apricot trees, blackberry bushes and grapes, truly nothing beats fresh fruit right off the branch.
  3. I should've made myself clear, I was not saying content should be locked if you're not in a party, that's nonsense. Only that difficulty and rewards should be designed around 4 players, where a single person should only be able to deal with this content with good planning and a lot of building up his 3-4 heroes to do so, much like DD1 was and DD2 is currently and that more hero slots is not the answer, that will only cause more division online especially if they ever add a kick option in-game. Except no it's still a false equivalence, you don't control more than one character in those games and those raids take much longer than any DD2 level, unless you're proposing we should only be allowed a single hero? and that we should bring No Towers Allowed back from DD1? You're full of great ideas man!
  4. I don't know why you're attempting to equate 4 player single levels lasting at most 20 minutes (Not counting Onslaught mode) with 10 to 40 person raids that take hours and don't have matchmaking (afaik only a few WoW raids have matchmaking). These are not even remotely comparable... something something fallacy.
  5. Already made some friends through this community, lots of cool duders.
  6. 1000 hours of actual playing?! Or were you just idle, leaving the game on because that's cheating! Having done nearly everything in DD1 I could only muster about 256 hours.
  7. I played the trombone in jr. high, I'm glad that part of my life is long over you have no idea how hard it is to fit a trombone in a school locker. Obviously my main hobby is playing video games. I try once a year or so to go somewhere new with as little money as possible and see how long I can survive, hitchhiking, train-hopping and all sorts of bad ideas, last year I went to B.C. and stayed for six months, my budget was $200 lots of fun.
  8. I hope we at least get loot & survive soon™, as it'd be in their best interest to get the wipe over and done so as not to frighten away newcomers.
  9. There's a DD2 community page with lots of games going on, not everyone has mics it seems but if you want to join uhh I think you can search my psn name "Zoh87" then scroll down to communities, it's called "Defenders of Etheria" there's about 250ish members the last time I checked.
  10. There are also passives on items that give extra slow%, I think the consensus is that squire towers are stronger right? Except against physical-resist mobs I guess, I just can't bring myself to abandon my app tower builder, he was my main man in DD1.
  11. I see a lot of people wanting four, five, six... or rather one of each as a builder, then a final dps character. This may be an unpopular opinion but I think 3 is more than enough (I'm on PS4 where we only have 3 atm), the whole idea seems to be that you need to rely on a group more, all the while still being able to have two builders for some combo barricade/towers or monk/traps and a dps. Maybe nightmare and onslaught are too hard to solo without having access to every defense and a dps, but shouldn't there be some content you just can't solo? All the while I welcome the challenge it poses (You'd also get a lot less tower snobbery, more co-operation and friendship forming.).
  12. I read someone say defense speed only increases the charge up time on the beam and there's always range.
  13. I think the up/down arrow is meant to be a social reward system showing other players if you're liked or disliked and as far as I can guess it seems like the star will denote who becomes group leader when you head back to the tavern.
  14. My brother and I marathoned the game the weekend it became available (We were massive fans of the first game) and managed to get levelcap for all 4 heroes with the help of a lot of coffee. Tapered off playing it a bit after that and now that we've beaten the wyvern den on hard/incursion I'm just doing whatever daily quest pops up in hopes that we get extra gems when the wipe hits. I would've slowed down if I had known, still a great game.
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