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  1. Most high ascension players will not reset, so this update was the final straw the broke the camel's back. We asked for a few minor changes that may offset the burden of resetting such as keeping our pet levels and not having to go through 3 maps of onslaught in a row in 1 session to advance floors, but so far no response. I quit playing, but I'll pop in and see if things start to change in the right direction.
  2. I use Private Internet Access. Whenever I have it on, DD2 still works. would it fool your ISP? It should, but no guarantees. Depends on the method your ISP is using to block that traffic. You could mess around with a free VPN and see if it works, then use a paid service to get a better connection.
  3. I am at 800 ascension, I won't be resetting. Almost have the last hypershard, then I'll just play casually. It will be nice to play with groups again since mastery has been so lonely LOL
  4. Pretty please, its a bit annoying to have to drop stars in between waves to refill celestial power. If you are really feeling generous, you could refill appeasement for mystic too, but I won't push it :D Thanks!
  5. works ok in Edge for me, but not chrome. I think this forum is a secret gate to a parallel universe. (Because normally that would be the other way around. Get it? ok I go now.)
  6. I just thought the weekly would be the new incursion and would be out tomorrow lol
  7. Great! Glad to see someone else thought the same thing. I didn't see your post :)
  8. Because each chaos level requires different builders, would it be possible to add 3-5 quick select boxes in the hero deck window to quickly switch decks. or another useful example would be when you just want 1 hero in your deck for dps and loot drops; this would allow you to quickly toggle between a single hero deck and your builder deck. Thanks.
  9. Gunwitch and Dryad would still be special and extra mobile because they can fly!! It's not really taking away any balance. I think its more of a quality of life thing and I would love to see it!
  10. I liked that "feature" where you could G before the chest spawned at the end of Harbinger. If you timed it right after the XP popped up, you would get your experience and skip the chest.
  11. Combos for extra damage and Crowd Control Freeze and Shatter: gunwitch and Earth pet boulder or monk pole smash. Frosty towers, proton beams, squire cannons will also shatter. Drench and storm or electric damage = shock damage: Drown weapons, Steam powered Rams, waterfalls / Monk Lightning Aura / storm pets / storm gloves Oil and fire: incinerate weapons, flame towers. Oil Flask, piercing shot, oiling spheres Air and Falling damage from being knocked up or taking shatter damage from falling when frozen. Gunwitch can instant kill air units if she freezes them because they die from frozen shatter damage. Not a comprehensive list, just some ideas.
  12. Another reason to unlock a Dryad. I thought the slime was cool, this is awesome!
  13. I just submitted a Bug for this. I will post the link if it gets approved. Its under User Interface and the bug is posted as "Players are being kicked to tavern unless everyone presses replay"
  14. Requests: 1) Is there any way to shorten the end of Harbinger? The victory sequence is just too long when farming for XP. 2) Can we have access to inventory during onslaught? I realize you want people in the game and not sorting inventory when mobs are wrecking down walls, but most onslaughts once built require very little attention, and being able to sort and do other stuff in combat would make it a little smoother and less boring. TY!
  15. I am seeing people one shot him in NM4. I have only been able to duplicate about 4 million damage.
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