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  1. https://i.imgur.com/3bIzH5M.jpg I was doing a Chaos V Expedition on Crumbled Bulwark. When I pressed G at the end, the end score screen did not show up, only what you see in the screen shot. This bug prevented me from continueing the winstreak, and I couldn't do anything else. The only way to do anything, was to restart the game. Edit: It now just happend on Unholy Catacombs as well.
  2. Having to wait 3 seconds everytime when selling all items for no reason is unnecessary and hindering in my opinion. Please add the option like the first time you sell a mythic or legendary item to click on a checkbox to remove this 3 second timer.
  3. Ye, bastille master activating her shield inside spawn is really a big problem.
  4. I've had the same in the temple, in the double spawn left of the big arch north side. The mobs from the left spawn, were trying to run to the right side straight out of spawn.
  5. Yes I've seen this too since yesterday's patch. Actually I prefer this where ogres are forced to get out of spawn, over getting stuck inside.
  6. Especially Bastille Master is a huge problem. She doesn't want to come out because of her reflect bubble activation most of the times. I think one possible partial fix is to disable her reflect bubble when she's still inside the spawn. Here a screenshot of Dead Road, west spawn entrance: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471354125 Edit: Just had another boss that was stuck: Siege Roller. I haven't seen this in over a month, 300+ hours of gametime. After shooting it for 10 minutes, I brought down to 70% of its health, after which it despawned luckily. Here a screen
  7. Thanks for the Material Vault. I really like it, however I think the cap of 999 is not enough. Could you add the option to let us buy additional Material Vault cap increases? So it goes like 1st is 999, 2nd 1999, 3rd 2999 etc. up to like 9999?
  8. Since mods are on gear only, gear is not meaningless :)
  9. If you're using bees, my work around is to place a bee close to the spawns, they will seek out the c7 kobolts and ogres (if they're not too far back in the spawn).
  10. But now I really want Omega Shards! Maybe they could be Gilded versions of Hyper Shards? The menu interface points towards being able to gild Hyper Shards already, yet currently it's not possible (yet) :)
  11. check Juicebags on youtube, he has plenty of guides for what you're looking for
  12. When building, I always find myself having to swap heroes from my entire deck. If we had 4 additional hero slots, it would be a huge quality of life change. Ideally it would be nice if we could access to 8 heroes during combat phase too, but if for balance reasons you don't think it's a good idea, fine. But for building phase, having quick instant access to 8 heroes would not have a balance impact, and allow us to build a bit easier/faster.
  13. I just returned to dd2 a few days back after a year and 4 months. I looked up a 3 month old juicebags video about when to first use AP, and he's talking about this softcap of Onslaught 114. That you won't get additional ascension points pushing past this when you reset. Has this been changed? Is there no softcap like you describe? I have in mind to really try to get as many AP points. My current position is 0 AP, 1070 ascension, Onslaught 76. I was thinking to go Onslaught 114, then to use AP, and then to get back to Onslaught 65 to go AP again. Is this the way to go?
  14. When watching several streams, I notice quite a lot of people don't build their walls properly in the correct location. When I build walls, I always "gap check" them. This means after placing a wall, run in front, and try to squeeze through the cap left and right. If you can't get through, the chances of a mob getting through is very low too. Some exceptions are, when you notice you're getting alleviated abit and eventually run over the wall, mobs can do the same. Examples of this are Littlehorn valley, where there are stones on the sides. Learn where the sweet spots for walls are on each map,
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