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  1. Making it scale with hero damage would be a good start. I mean, piercing shot and the squire's spin scale with hero damage. No reason why Mana Bomb shouldn't.
  2. This is all totally legit and not farmed using a hacked character at all. /sarcasm
  3. I could almost beat the first wave of UMF 2 on Nightmare with my Huntress geared with UMF insane stuff, but the Ogres simply had too much HP for my gimped Hero Attack to whittle down. I could kill one and the last one had like 2 million out of 8 million HP left. Hope this change halves their hp down, making them more managable. The "One life to beat all of UMF 2 Nightmare" issue is really dumb, however. I seriously hope there's a hotfix to revert this later on.
  4. Would help if your cursor didnt cover up most of the stats. Looks like the boost is a single digit though. -3 hero stats to boot.
  5. Yeah, same here. Like your moonwalking pic though, lol.
  6. Hi, would like to report this group: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?33803-%28Clan%29-Team-SEA&highlight=group A friend of mine joined their group, they all used hacked towers to finish UMF nightmare. Just fyi. Thanks.
  7. In before: >Joust will no longer affect Ogres
  8. Ah, alright. Thanks. Guess you got lucky :)
  9. Which wave? I can only get to wave 3. Wave 2 chests only have 150ish ups on weapons.
  10. Impossible now with current items since honestly, how do they expect you to DPS down 8 million HP ogres with gimped attack?
  11. I too would like to know what diff of the new UMF did you get this.
  12. Str Drain, Snare, Elec at middle as usual. Same as the back. Don't bother with Heal since you'll get one shotted 99% of the time anyway. Proxy mines everywhere. This map is doable solo on Nightmare, did it a while back.
  13. In fact, it's made even less TD oriented since the spiders simply wreck anything that isn't a trap/aura on Nightmare.
  14. Happened to me just now. Archer fell down and was unreachable.
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