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  1. I got my first ++ running. :3 Sold it for a bunch of stuff already.
  2. Sold 1500 runs to Curtis for a Magicite. From now on, I won't be accepting deals over... I don't know. Nothing so big until I'm done with either. Don't want thousands piling up.
  3. Well thanks for the welcome Veeto. ;P And yep. Apparently I like to start big, haha.
  4. My bad. Disregard that. I suck at forums.
  5. Sold 1033 lab runs to OtterDarkness. Let's have some fun.
  6. Awesome. I'm on often. ;]
  7. Changed this... I'll now run only for currency / events / +/++ armors only. Rate is 25/2 for currency and + armors... And 15/1 for events and ++ armors. So anyone interested ? Current deals : Curtis (170/1500) - Magicite. Gravens4k (55/70) - Diamond (++ Here, for MEH.) Thenyproject (15/100) - Ult Armor. Done deals : Moonwalk (90/90) - Ult Chest. Sir Pancakez (45/45) - Non-Cap Diamond OtterDarkness (190/190) - Ult Chest. Here are a few stats : Runner : Uni (Level 100 Jester) - 24K Drill and a DPS ToT for pet. Current number of completed runs : 1370. Best time : 2:09. That's luck though.
  8. Oh. Screw this. Nobody wants A4 ? It's good ya know ? I'll get the bids going. 2 coal for it.
  9. Eh... Why not ? Single cap on the beard. F2.
  10. I see +2, U3 and U10 are not bid on. Those items interest me. In fact, anything that can go up to 500 in T Attack and has all 4 T Stats would. I don't get such nice stuff from my Labs. ;] However all I can offer are Lab Runs, being a poor player. This being my first post and all, I'd understand you'd refuse my offer. Worst is I'm not the fastest runner and get around 15 runs/hour done or so.I can however go for hooouuurs eeeaaach day. =] 50 runs/day is something I can pay easy. Could most likely do 100/day. If you'd be willing to give me a chance, I'll take whatever's left. Thanks for co
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