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  1. Alright. Top offer updated. 10 "Cvs" it is. Is that 10 cubes ?
  2. Heya. I'll send the uncensored version to one of you guys, but I want this IC'ed for an auction :
  3. Heya. This' Arch, if you couldn't tell from the username. This here is my first auction. Told myself I wouldn't do that, as I think it s... As I don't like it very much, but perhaps this item deserves to get auctioned. Recently while doing my usual running, I dropped 2 ++ armors within 7 runs. This is one of them :  A beaut, isn't it ? As I was using it, it's already upped and everything. I hate doing this, urgh. So I'll just blurt out the infos quick. I will IC the item. A week after IC, the auction will end. I will then choose if the top bid satisfies me. I could also go with the seco
  4. Wanted to know when the auction might end ? I bid on not realising there was no end date. I can keep the cubes aside, but not till 2019. So consider my offer valid for a limited time only. Else by that time, I'll have a trip-cap ++ one. ;P
  5. 2.25K runs and 2 ++. Am I doing something wrong ?
  6. I hope you'll accept 10 cubes instead. Sold my dia for 5 cubes. =/ Else, I guess I can fetch you one in the event I win, but that might take a little bit before I can pay.
  7. 17 CVs on helm. I want it. I'll have to forget about the pets though.
  8. Too bad you're not accepting dias... I have 3 non-caps laying around I'm willing to get rid of... 10Cv on the + Mail helm. (6 cubes and 24 coals.) EDIT : In case you change your mind, a non-cap on the second and third pets. (1 for each.)
  9. 5 coobs and 3 non-caps. Total of 20Cvs.
  10. I'll post for now. Will post pics of dank ++ weps later. ;P
  11. Put it on an imgur album. Here's the link : http://imgur.com/a/6fvDs Thanks for this Otter.
  12. So all overcapped in H Attack and capped in health ? :D I'll wait just a day or two to see if someone would happen to have double overcap, else... I'll take whichever is the most pink ! :D If none is, then whatever. ;P
  13. Hey. I'll make this short. I'm looking to buy a DPS ToT better than the one I currently have because... Reasons. I just want it. I'm looking to buy a ToT overcapped in H Attack that also caps in H Health. Overcapping in both would be even sweeter. Overcapping only in Health might interest me as well if price is right. So if you have one, just make an offer. No idea what it could be worth. Dunno if it's worth a thread, but maybe someone will offer me double overcap, who knows ? :D
  14. Those are really bad. I drop lots like these, so expect to see this worsen/get better. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=551603187 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=551603174 Happy ! EDIT : When I edit, I can't add hyperlinks. Sowway.
  15. Just SS some epic quote and post it here. :3  I had this one waiting. :3
  16. Hmmm... I change my vote from Emerald City to Mines of Moria. Emerald City won't win anyway.
  17. And I'll vote for Emerald City. Fun map.
  18. Nah, I like Pan. I'd like him check my items everyday... 'Cause that would mean I'd get something everyday. :D
  19. 40. No matter who ICs. Is that a legal bet ?
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