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  1. 75 ? Payable in whatever I feel like at the time. No runs.
  2. *Sighs...* 50 CVs. Cavalry + 15 cubes. Also, end date ?
  3. I sold it for a non-cap to a friend. Thank you for offering.
  4. Also thought I'd get a few cubes for this. I would've done 8-10 for this. If you want it at that price, tell me. Otherwise, this is closed.
  5. I was quite certain I'd get 200. Which was my reserve. Still happy I keep it though.
  6. This should end now. Might wait a day or two. End them both at the same time.
  7. By now, even the great coals of Kirby won't do though. ;P
  8. Auction ends tomorrow. Reserve has not been met.
  9. Heya. This me again. While I hate to do auctions, since I already have one currently and really need a bit of currency, might as well do another short one. This one will be available for 72 hours only. It will end on Sunday at around 19:00 Eastern Time. This is the piece : Should come out at a nice 698 TDmg without the last up. If your summoner or EV's wearing plate and needs some love, this could be good. I have a low reserve I'm practically sure to exceed and a price at which I end the auction immediately. If the minimum price is paid in whatever, I will accept lab runs at a rate of
  10. My bad. I know you're not expecting to really get it. At least I hope so. It's not you in particular or anything. Just gets monotonous after a while to me. Can't be the only one. Also, you're top bidder now. Good luck. It's a nice piece.
  11. 5 cubes on mail chest I guess. Stop bidding 1 coal on capping DPS pieces people. Not like it will happen.
  12. Because even 2 coals traced by the grand Kirby won't buy me two Glaciers. Sowwy. =[
  13. Sweet Otter. I'll do them have baby Glaciers and profit. >=D Winning bid is now Otter's, with a couple of Glaciers.
  14. Tried communicating with you, Otter, on Steam. Unfortunately I got no answer. While the value is certainly there, I think I will have to decline your offer, as the only thing I imagine doing with these is re-selling them. Hating auctions, that makes me have to do two in a row. And trading something I'm currently using for something I couldn't possibly use is not worth it to me. Sorry. I'm willing to accept other otter offers however, so if you have something else, you're more than welcome. All in all, thanks for your interest. Highest bid still is a Glacier, I suppose. 6 days to go.
  15. This might be useful to you guys : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZyxoFI6nF29GwxrPMkZxN86qzNMIIA_J2Aj6kkgCWKU/edit?usp=sharing What I choose to value the events at. Limits to the amounts I want as well.
  16. I guess I could do a sheet listing all the events. Would be more accurate. But a Glacier would be around 90 and an Alladin's around 70. Considering the 1.5x thingie. I'll get a list ready for you in an hour or so I guess.
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