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  1. I know who I'd pick... =) And lab runs ain't that bad...

    I'll give you 1 mana on the first day. 2 mana on the second day. 3 mana on the third day on so on. Until you get fed up seeing me pop up in your tavern everyday.

    That + my eternal love and since I own 28 coals, the dia if it sucks. <3

    Fun auction though. :3

  2. I like challenging stuff. I really do. Actually happy on my side Poly is coming into ranked. I know you're working on progression maps too which I think is really nice.

    That being said... Map is not fun. It's frustrating as all hell and easily failable should you get a host connection that's not kind with you. (I lived it already, can't imagine once some of you guys host while streaming uh... Stuff. ^_~)

    Since Mambo summed it VERY WELL already, perhaps except the sucky part... Since I think it's well done and everything but did you guys ever test this out of your 10k sets ? (Don't BS 4K miracle in a lagless environment like some event I've seen before... 2 teams made it.)

    If there's prizes for winning this bois, just use cloaked huntresses and cheese it. Just like we had to cheese last event with broken LTs. We want to win them so bad, that's what we'll resort to each time. Making them ez by breaking them in w/e way possible. So long prizes are given out for winning that is.

    As I final word... I'd still use the map if I were you. Watch everybody fail. And do better next time. But please don't make it win-based. It's not fun, and trust me I won't carry a bunch of newer players on this... Hate it.

    Sorry for the harsh words, but I wanted to make this as clear as possible. Thanks for all the time you're putting into making DD better.

    - Arch.

  3. If you seen this giveaway only as free events, then maybe it wasn't for you, yes.

    Number one player did use a RM which helped him, however second and third did not AFAIK and no NPC will make your speedruns 3 mins shorter. The three winners really enjoyed it and it shows. That's all I'm concerned about, really.

    - TL;DR : They didn't win because of events but because of skills. Yes. Good players had a better chance at making it. Yes. I dislike RNG drawings.

    Also I have given second and third prizes. Soon as I give Kirby his NPC I'll draw the cat. (You get to choose which.)

  4. The point of this rule was to avoid giving prizes to less desirable individuals, really. Which I think worked. I "know" he didn't work on those times forever for various reasons, else friend or not I wouldn't care, really. Which is why I let it go. It's that.

    I'll be drawing cats purrty soon using a RNG somewhere and will give you the results. =)

  5. Well friends, this is the end. I checked every times and I'm ready to announce the winners.

    And the winners are...

    • Kirbykibble in first place. Gratz Kirby, if I didn't know you though, I'd call hax. ^_~ Kirby already chose his prize. He chose the NPC so Vortex Set and Cavalry are left.
    • ThePoet came in second. Gratz ThePoet ! Really glad you put so much efforts into this, you well deserve your prize. I'll ask you what you want as soon as I meet you. (EDIT : He chose Vortex Set.)

    • And Pjtor came in third. Gratz Pjtor ! I'll give you what's left when I get to talk to ThePoet. Now you know what to do : Beat Ember a hundred times. Make that Phoenix your ***** ! =) (EDIT : He wins Cavalry.)

    I'll also be drawing a cat from last event for those that didn't win anything. You will get to choose which of the two cats you want. I will however give all main prizes before.

    Well thanks all for entering my first giveaway. :3 I wanted to feel like the people who'd get the prizes were really involved hence the amount of work that was required for this giveaway. While not many applied, those that applied I think would all deserve something. Sadly I can't. =( But know that I'm quite happy with the way this turned out.

    Love you all, looking forward to seeing you ingame !  <3

  6. I didn't want to get involved but to clear confusion this piece is mine. I dislike trading in DD a lot but thought this one was worth it. It dropped from Temple O' Love if anyone is curious and will hit close to 1.1K with bonus.

    While it does have all 4 tower stats, they weren't high enough to justify making it tower. (Would've been less TDmg than HDmg.)

  7. Well, to be fair to everyone... In exactly 8:00, the giveaway is gonna close. At that time, it's gonna be the 21st for everybody in the world. =]

    No entries are gonna be considered after that time.

    Everybody that has already entered a time by then can still try to make better time until next Sunday.

    Good luck y'all ! <3

  8. I think a system where obviously hacked times are deleted would obviously be best, Eagle, but that would also be a pain to implement if even doable.

    I'd be for a total wipeout of stats everyonce in a while, kinda like those Hack N' Slash seasonal leaderboards. As of now either scores are pretty much set either the leaderboards is full of nonsense. They did clean it up a bit, which was nice, but I think frequent resets might be the best way to go.

  9. Yep ! You are also allowed to read the whole thing ! <3

    You can team up in teams up to 2 people. But you can't do more than 3 maps with the same person. To avoid one team getting both top prizes. If you are on multiple maps just "helping" others, I'll consider the time you want me to.

  10. Defenders of Etheria, the time to prove your worth has come !

    ... -_-

    Sounds way too epic. No way I can keep up the pace...


    Okay ! I am Arch. And this... Is my first giveaway ! You may be asking yourself...

    Why a giveaway ?

    People don't like giveaways anymore !? :o I was offered these items to do a giveaway by a friend of mine, middo (You are awesome. <3), and since I've always wanted to do one, of course I agreed. :3

    Who are you ?

    Well I've never used the forums much, all I do is no-life DD and if you've played a bit in the last 2 years, chances are we've met before. If we haven't met, we will sometimes. :3 If you're retired and everything, well sucks to be you. DD is awesome.

    How do I apply ?

    You play the game and prove it to me. It's that simple. The thing is I don't have THAT many gifts. If more people apply than there are rewards, I will not use a RNG-based drawing, but will rather turn this into a contest. The 3 persons that will fare the best will get to choose between the three main prizes.

    How do I prove that to you ?

    You will play a series of maps on Nightmare with Hardcore enabled and provide me screenies of the Overall victory screen AND of the Heroes screen so that I know who you paired with. Screenshots have to be hosted on Steam and accessible to the public. (So I know when it was taken. ;])

    Maps you will have to run are the following :

    • Akatiti Jungle
    • Winter Wonderland
    • The Tinkerer's Lab
    • Buccaneer's Bay
    • Embermount Volcano

    The contest part of this is that whoever has the lowest total time on all maps combined is guaranteed to win what he wants, the one with the second best total time gets second pick, and the third best total time get whatever is left.

    What are the rules ?

    There are few.

    1. You can't use any exploits or hacks of any kind to get faster times. I think this one is obvious.
    2. You can run in teams of up to 2. No more than 3 of your runs can be with the same person. (You need at least 2 different partners if you want to run all 5 with two players.)
    3. You are not allowed to use AFKs via controller/emulator.

    Finally, what can we win ?

    The prizes are as follow :

    • New Patch Celebration
    • Cavalry
    • Vortex Set

    Best time gets to choose first, and so on. Depending on how many people end up doing this, middo told me he has some extra items from last event (Halloween) that we could use to reward one or two more participants in a RNG drawing. Or something.

    You have a week to complete all maps a first time. (November 20th) I will then give this a week so people that ran in the first week can re-run maps and get better times if they so desire. Meaning the contest will finish on November 27th. Exact hour will be posted at a later time.

    So good luck and godspeed. Happy running. :3

  11. Been playing the beta for a while already. I completed EV for 2 and EV on survival with summoner up to wave 40.

    It is awesome. A few things I noticed so far however (Will add more later...) :

    Best DPS/DU in the game used to be proton beams and bouncer blockades. Both AoE is tiny and one is physical (It breaks.) Now we got spike traps. Low DU, most DPS/DU, unbreakable. No drawbacks. They just hurt. Too much. I agree and increase of its damage is a nice thing, but maybe take baby steps on the thing. Or something.

    Are harbringers projectiles (not the zap thingie) supposed to shoot through reflects ? And why ?

    Gas trap radius makes it super hard to do Aka at lower levels. Not super hard as in impossible, but you are much more likely to get uncast. (That's when I did not use spike traps. Else Djinns were dying quick enough.)

    God beams seem to make me lag. Everytime an item is dropped on the ground or equipped from there. No idea what could cause this here, since it was fine before beta.

    All that being said, I am still enjoying it a lot. The map is a nice challenge and the rewards seem balanced. Will need to try other tower rebalances though, as the few I've noticed so far are extreme. Completing bonus maps with only traps should not be a thing.

    Most of the changes are nice to me, but I think it will need lots of testing before it's ready. Dropped a 825x3 800 Animorphic with 1 char, first try. That normal ?

  12. Heya. This Arch.

    I recently acquired a tiny bird. It sucks. Really does. However I heard it might be of interest to some of you.

    This is not an auction. I actually know very well what I want from it. If you think you could have something else that might interest me, feel free to offer, but it is extremely unlikely that a deal like this will happen. I am not interested in cubes and much less coal. I spend like a retard soon as I get some anyway.

    The Stieglitz is traced. Trace goes like this : Otter -> MailmanGus -> Me. Proof will be given to the winner if there is one shortly before payment.

    What I want from it : A Rainmaker. This is mandatory to have to even consider offering. Apparently I look like a poor *** without one. So much a few people are trying to get their hands on one to offer me. MailmanGus is one of them. Hence why he gave me the Stieglitz. No idea if such a bird can get that, but we shall see.

    I will accept other kinds of events as well. However, since he wants a pair of Glacier back, I will prefer these over all else. Meaning anyone who offers a RM and a pair of Glaciers gets it. Instantly. It goes without saying they need trace.

    I reserve the right to cancel this at any time. There is no end date on the thing either. However I'll give a minimum of 2 weeks (should nothing satisfying comes up) and a maximum of one month. Soon as I'm satisfied with the offers, I'll accept the offer, trade and close this.

    Thanks for your time. I wish you all a fun time.


  13. At this point I think the flaws of such an event has been shown. I did participate myself, AND WILL CONTINUE to do so. However I won't even bother to post whatever else in here as it's impossible basically to win anything considering the insane amount of entries currently going on. Why not make this 5-10 pubs gives 1 entries, limited to 2 or 3 ? Perhaps it would make people actually take the time to do these correctly and the people informed would actually think they've been nicely informed ? Just saying...

  14. Hey all. This Arch.

    I'll make this really short. I'm looking to buy a Glacier's Demise. My Barb looks retarded with only 1 so...

    I offer 20 cubes. A Cavalry. And a single-cap dia that is 3 from double-cap.

    I guesstimate this at a value of 70 cubes. Depending on how you want OR NOT Cavalry, it could be from anywhere to 60-80.

    If the deal satisfies you but I'd need to add a little something, tell me how much cubes more would make you happy. I'll see what I can do. Whoever accept this offer gets it instantly though.


  15. Heya Curtis. This. Me. Directly from the top of tavern. =]


    I have nothing to create rain, but... Imagination.

    Now time to Aquanos. =]

    EDIT :

    http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/280721044819271083/8AEED7A43C20773CA47B3C42A4D652DE85CBDD7F/ - However I do not really need another Cavalry. Realised that mid-wave 29. So don't count me in. ;] So the more important thing is mostly... Thanks for this, Curtis. Much appreciated.

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