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  1. I know who I'd pick... =) And lab runs ain't that bad... I'll give you 1 mana on the first day. 2 mana on the second day. 3 mana on the third day on so on. Until you get fed up seeing me pop up in your tavern everyday. That + my eternal love and since I own 28 coals, the dia if it sucks. <3 Fun auction though. :3
  2. I like challenging stuff. I really do. Actually happy on my side Poly is coming into ranked. I know you're working on progression maps too which I think is really nice. That being said... Map is not fun. It's frustrating as all hell and easily failable should you get a host connection that's not kind with you. (I lived it already, can't imagine once some of you guys host while streaming uh... Stuff. ^_~) Since Mambo summed it VERY WELL already, perhaps except the sucky part... Since I think it's well done and everything but did you guys ever test this out of your 10k sets ? (Don't BS 4K mi
  3. Shouldn't you wait till it passes IC ? :3
  4. If you seen this giveaway only as free events, then maybe it wasn't for you, yes. Number one player did use a RM which helped him, however second and third did not AFAIK and no NPC will make your speedruns 3 mins shorter. The three winners really enjoyed it and it shows. That's all I'm concerned about, really. - TL;DR : They didn't win because of events but because of skills. Yes. Good players had a better chance at making it. Yes. I dislike RNG drawings. Also I have given second and third prizes. Soon as I give Kirby his NPC I'll draw the cat. (You get to choose which.)
  5. The point of this rule was to avoid giving prizes to less desirable individuals, really. Which I think worked. I "know" he didn't work on those times forever for various reasons, else friend or not I wouldn't care, really. Which is why I let it go. It's that. I'll be drawing cats purrty soon using a RNG somewhere and will give you the results. =)
  6. Well friends, this is the end. I checked every times and I'm ready to announce the winners. And the winners are...Kirbykibble in first place. Gratz Kirby, if I didn't know you though, I'd call hax. ^_~ Kirby already chose his prize. He chose the NPC so Vortex Set and Cavalry are left.ThePoet came in second. Gratz ThePoet ! Really glad you put so much efforts into this, you well deserve your prize. I'll ask you what you want as soon as I meet you. (EDIT : He chose Vortex Set.) And Pjtor came in third. Gratz Pjtor ! I'll give you what's left when I get to talk to ThePoet. Now you know what to do
  7. It's about to end, friends. In around 20 hours, once it's the 28th everywhere in the world, I'll draw an additionnal prize or two randomly and will then be able to give winners their prize. Or actually ask them what they want.
  8. I didn't want to get involved but to clear confusion this piece is mine. I dislike trading in DD a lot but thought this one was worth it. It dropped from Temple O' Love if anyone is curious and will hit close to 1.1K with bonus. While it does have all 4 tower stats, they weren't high enough to justify making it tower. (Would've been less TDmg than HDmg.)
  9. Well, to be fair to everyone... In exactly 8:00, the giveaway is gonna close. At that time, it's gonna be the 21st for everybody in the world. =] No entries are gonna be considered after that time. Everybody that has already entered a time by then can still try to make better time until next Sunday. Good luck y'all ! <3
  10. Because I hate you all. Either that or I want to check who really want them. =) Gonna update times now. A little less than 2.5 days to complete the maps. Come on people. =)
  11. I could help with boss too. :) You'd see. Also, nice to see some people getting involved ! :D
  12. I can help you out with Ember should you need. I just can't be allowed on the final run.
  13. If there's any left, count me in. I'll pay whenever I'm on. 10 of them, ofc.
  14. I hope you're all working on this. <3 You've still got 6 days to run them all. Have fun. :D
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