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  1. This is Far from a F2P game. It is *planned* to be a F2P game. Currently this is a Pay as much as you like for Early Access.
  2. I prefer the beat the Dev's with complaints option. Working in IT I know just how hard it is to fix an issue that nobody knows about. Shine a light on the issues and they get resolved. (at least until they stick their fingers in their ears and should "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!". I have literally seen a Developer <not @Trendy> do this before, on multiple occasions.)
  3. This doesn't appear to be lag (latency). I work as a network engineer, from home, and have a blistering connection. This seems to be more like corrupt positional data. Why the servers would need to get involved with calculating position is beyond me, for a private match with only the split screen players involved. Regardless this problem is enough to end what is usually a 3-4 mission binge, dead in its tracks. After enough of these frustrating nights this game goes back in the library for a bit, to be dusted off in favor of something less buggy, and taken back out when we tire of the repla
  4. If we were the testers they would listen, not just put in the patch notes that they know about it and are purposefully ignoring it. Citing in specific: "Pickup Loot and Jump on the Same Button We agree that this is frustrating. We're going to take another pass on our controller layout soon."i.e. We know about it, and we like your money, but we don't think this is important enough to fix. Thank you Drive through. Would you like Fries with that? only 800 gems.....
  5. Trendy, Timmy, et.al. My son and I have been having a bit of fun playing the Gunwitch and Abyss Lord Combo, but there is something we have noticed that is EXTREMELY frustrating. We get teleported around the map. This isn't a framerate issue. Not that I can tell. We (one or both of us) will jump ahead, or behind, to one side or the other, when walking or standing still. Yesterday I had it going on so bad that it would throw me into the spawn barrier and back out and nearly gave me vertigo. This happens in both build mode and ... um.. whatever not build mode is... Whoopass mode? Thanks for look
  6. I can see why everyone would love the browser who plays with the public often. I'm not exposing the world to my son with Asperger's. We play private. :)
  7. Trendy Devs, You guys are doing a GREAT job with this game, and I'm very appreciative of the response to player feedback. However... When playing with my son and trying out the Gun Witch and Abyss Lord (both wonderful new toons!) , in a private lobby mind you, we noticed there are two very annoying oversights with the War Table. Namely: 1) When we try to launch a private game at the War Table all of the options lead you to believe you have to create a public game. The Private/Public L1/R1 toggle is *GONE* and after fumbling with it for some time we realized that you just have to create a gam
  8. Patience helps. :) Honestly with any other software company I would be upset with the issues. But with Trendy I know they will get around to fixing things based on the priority assignment. Right now co-op is low priority. Working in a similar industry I know how Project Priorities change, evolve and disappear. I'm happy we, as players, get to see the development process, and help where we can. It's a lot better than having to wait until "release date".
  9. You'll have to play with them one at a time. Trendy made a decision to limit couch co-op to two players. Co-op is currently unplayable. I play almost exclusively 2 player couch co-op, and have been constantly frustrated with the constant crashes to desktop in the final waves of a level. I can only imagine this would get worse with more Co-Op players.
  10. This game is almost unplayable on split screen. We (my son and I), cant get thru the first map on free play to load the rest before we crash to XMB and have to start it all again. After several times in a row we just gave up and went to another couch co-op game.
  11. I just wish it didn't hide the stats under the P1 stat bar when in CO-OP.
  12. This makes me glad I only brought my Apprentice up to 25. Nobody else in my troupe needs the "I survived and live in a cardboard box" Skin. all I have seen look BAD.
  13. Butter and Timmy Trash, I found more for you: Just what I have noticed over the weekend (this is for Co Op Only, I don't play open gaming): Player one can pick whatever they like for a mission before Player two joins in the Social Tavern, However once Player two joins Only the first mission or "Random" can be selected. Only solution is to have Player two drop and Player one pick the level and wait for the other to join again. Several levels have bad data in the floating bar. I.e. The Ramparts and Forest Crossroads both reported we were on Stage 1 of 2 and had 1000 enemies. No matter what
  14. Yeah that is pretty rotten, but (For couch Co OP) if you kill voice chat you don't have to listen to *everything* in the living rooms of the world. Just start your first mission and invite your couch partner once in. From there you can run the mission or just quick back to the tavern and you will have a private one. Compared to the inventory bugs this is just an annoyance.
  15. Oddly having played DD1 and Diablo 3 on PS4 I never had *any* game ruined by having someone with "Uber hacked gear". Mainly because I refuse to party up with anyone I do not know. For those of us who want to play a game locally, or within a closed group I see little reason for the required connection. In fact I daresay it's the one "feature" of this game I do not enjoy. If I had another complaint it would be that the levels for the PS4 seem to be tuned for 4 player Uber-tweaked toons, and are nowhere near as balanced as the DD1 levels are. But as the PS4 is almost a full year behind the curve
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