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  1. The map seems pretty fun. Not sure what's causing all of the connection issues for the hosts, though.
  2. np, make a script to build and win for you. easy enough. Definitely slower than recommended method, but it's still marcoed. Especially since Trendy just lets people do it (even streamers have admitted to using it), I won't call it favoritism, but really- Pet Affection needs to be taken a look at. Trendy refused to change it in a devstream while I was playing the game (not anymore for a while tho). But I'll keep bring the topic up till they give it the appropriate buff it should've gotten when so many people asked for it. Whatever happened to polls? A lot of things that were polled just got put aside for over a year now, and polls haven't been seen around for a while, so I guess players opinion doesn't matter on some things (even though it's killing the game & player base from what it once was) tdlr; so much just got ignored, it's 5-12months. That's a long time to ignore a fundamental issue of the game... Pet Affection should get a buff it deserves. People with lives don't want to spend 12hours to get 20 levels, that's just sad. I could go on writing a 20 page essay on how boring it is to have 700ipwr gear vs 0-50ipwr content that takes as long as it would to do 700ipwr content but I won't. We already know it's not fun and it's super boring. Is it even possible to write a script that can build reliably?
  3. Not sure if it has been updated since the post, but it was mentioned previously that the soft cap for crit chance is 45% (aside from special defenses like the Blaze Balloon). https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128635/crit-chance-softcapped#1185761
  4. Ah, that's fine. I wasn't aware they were going to mess with the Harbinger numbers. Just that they'd be messing with the Hearty Passive. So much new farming to do...
  5. Unless otherwise mentioned, I'm not sure about the maximum ranges for the passives. 1. Squire Harbinger Builder passive: Null Void - Training Dummy health increased by (4X)%. Training Dummy deals X% Defense Health as unresisted damage. 5% chance per hit to teleport enemy back to lane start. 2. Squire Harbinger DPS passive: Harbinger's Fury - During Provoke, hits deal X% Ability Power unresisted damage over 3s, and Seismic Slam damage increased by (2X)% Ability Power. 3. Huntress Harbinger Builder passive: Shard Spike - 50% chance for Geyser Trap to fire an exploding shard dealing X% Defense Power unresisted damage in an area. AFAIK, this will max at 800%. 4. Monk Harbinger Builder passive: Smiting Fists - 30% chance Lightning Strikes Aura deals (4X)% Defense Power unresisted damage, then X% Defense Power unresisted damage to nearby targets. 5. Monk Harbinger DPS passive: Mighty Smash - Pole Smash spawns two fist attacks, each dealing X% Ability Power unresisted damage. Melee hits reduce Pole Smash cooldown by 0.25s. 6. Apprentice Harbinger Builder passive: Arcane Resilience - Arcane Barrier health increased by X%, reflects X% Defense Health unresisted damage over 3s, fires meteors dealing (2X)% Defense Health unresisted damage. 7. Apprentice Harbinger DPS passive: Mana Portal - Mana Bomb creates a shield absorbing (10X)% Ability Power damage, reflects X% Ability Power unresisted damage over 3s, fires meteors dealing (1.5X)% Ability Power unresisted damage.
  6. Chilling Touch is a global drop, afaik. I was lacking them for a while, but then I played a game where I got 3 of them.
  7. I've gotten it a few thousand times actually. On gear as low as green upto legendary and everywhere between. It's a bit rarer but not THAT rare compared to some passives. You've gotten it post-Harbinger?
  8. It curses enemies, causing them to take more damage. 25%, 50%, and 75%, depending on the level of the pet.
  9. Has anybody been able to get the new Construction passive on DPS gear? I've only been seeing it on tower gear, which doesn't really help.
  10. Hey, I've been having random crashes from time to time with the same message. Not sure if this is a known issue, but here's what I get: ´╗┐´╗┐Link to full image
  11. I've noticed a lot of rubberband movements since the latest patch. If you're unfamiliar with this, it's when you move forward and suddenly jump backwards or skip forwards further than expected. I tested on multiple servers, and the issue still occurs. I checked my internet connection, and it seems fine.
  12. From time to time, when I've been leveling characters, I load into a map where the victory chests (just the gray stone ones) are already on the map. I am unable to interact with anything on the map, and I end up having to restart my game to fix the issue.
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