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  1. You can try this it worked for me,and hopefully it does the trick for your self , basically create a private room and go to the egg and spec it , back out , log out and log in but in social trav , then try transform your egg, i dont nw if it cuz of a bug or delay but i noticed going in and out usally helps out .
  2. Hi everyone am not here to insult anyones way of playing , Am seeing alot players either struggling or refusing to help or ping like barbarians lol , of course am not super amazing but am still learning . I just like to understand how are people adding stats to the roles , what build combos there using . reason i ask this is , of a concern that stats are getting buffed soloy on the hero but lack everything else. seeing Apprentice towers struggling to damage , or huntress and monks not working together. wasting build points spamming towers were not needed. But of course am not pro and defi
  3. Thanks everyone for the answers and help, Ok for anyone who does not nw or they missed it , lol i sure did not see it untill @๖Ryo StarK thank you for this share about " premium pets that can change their appearance evolving" . the premium pets are obtained by transforming the gato egg and creeper egg into premium eggs :) Ok this thread has cleared up much , just one last information . the water / blizzard by Pet Abilities are they classed as drench ? so it works with electric to shock ? and i suppose you need to keep hatching eggs untill you get the element damage you want fire , wat
  4. 1) as far as i kno their looks do not change 2) eggs drop after u beat wyvern den in campaign. U then play freeplay and eggs and pet food start to drop. Eggs take about 45 hrs (or close to that) to rot and they have timers displayed when u look at em in the forge. 3) ive been getting mixed feedback about the reroll. Alot of ppl say it doesnt work but then, as in this thread, some say it does. Id look into what someone posted above. 4) empowerment stats apply to ypur character whereas pet stats are the stats specific to just the pet. Examples: my pet has empower stat that makes my towers have m
  5. Hi developers :) I would like to add, the Lobby / Joining sessions needs some work. some ideas 1. Have a List of games that are currently going and have it show on the side how many waves its out of and how many they clear e.g Waves 4/7 , 2. rather than in throwing you in to a game when your searching , it should put you in like a empty lobby and you have the wait time of 1 min before deciding would you like to wait or jump into the map. ( this gives you time to play around with stats. 3. please have a accept feature. rather than having a instant game start. ( ther times when a game starts w
  6. So its not me :P. thats cool, nw i can put my pet in a pet home till he can evolve :)
  7. Hi apologies in advance if any of these have been asked before , couldnt find them. so here goes 1. Can pet visually evolve ? if so what pets can visually change at the moment. 2. were can you obtain the egg material used for the pet ? if am correct, you must your eggs rot ? if so how do you and how long does it take ? 3. The re roll stats on pets am little confused with, so if i re role a element on my pet will they receive the same element or is ther a chance for a different one ? because i tryed to re roll on Grumpy as it currently has earth and i re rolled 4 times but it keeps givi
  8. No problem :) i will just plan out my defence on paper for abit , gives me tthe time to put some tactical thoughts into fighting them goblins off :) also regarding the gems ? erm i had them before this patch ? i will wait till my update is done, to make sure i dont get them given again
  9. Do you have a keyboard bolted onto the bottom of your controller? Not everyone does, and that's the only way that text chat could work at all, since you need a keyboard, since PS4 typing is incredibly slow, and DunDef has always been about split second decisions. I think this is more in reference to telling lvl 1 characters who join free play hard mode and build lvl 1 towers, or asking for mana in other situations. No speed typing needed between waves. Not to mention you can plug a keyboard into your ps4 if you so desire, and I have before when chatting in other games, i.e. warframe. Wait ,
  10. yep a thread to Say thank you :) I enjoying this game so much , alot fun with all this new stuff . Thanks again !
  11. Is it possible to have text chat please :) it would make things little smoother :) , not really full time mic user :P
  12. good idea, but it would have to be a later wave, as the beginning waves don't really have anything to worry about until wave 4-5. Then wyverns and other aerials are added Thanks, i was thinking on a one wave idea. wer you get things like wyverns etc . Rather than going wave after wave. you have kinda 1 infit wave just so you can practice as you like. the crystal after losing health would just rest wave and go back to build phase,
  13. [[122211,users]] thank you for that information :) thers few things i actually didnt nw thnx for the share, i just noticed i made few stat mistakes lol gonna have correct it, btw does the green mana have stat or gear effect that reduces cost ? [[93890,users]] by all means defenders can protect the crystal however works, i do agree as long as the crystal survives , defend anyway possible. I personally struggle with such close defend lol but am sure others make good use of it and i totally get how makes easier to repair etc. but one wrong move :P
  14. OK, Hey everyone, Am making this thread as a way for us to learn. Any in game tips do share :) Right to get started. am not pointing fingers and am no expert , still learning but every tip will make us better :) Placing the towers. Why do most players cover all towers around the place that needs defending ? this makes it harder than it should. in my view a defence is thinning the adds down before they reach the crystal. My fav way- When i place up a defence and the monk players place the electric aura close to me or my defence so that i can keep them locked and stunned with my weapon that ca
  15. The kick and selling towers could work in two parts. it may help from abusing the system. To kick someone right out as host could take effect once wave 1 is complete and same goes for selling tower, once wave 1 is complete you can sell 3 towers that are not yours. then you can sell again at round 4. as for non host players that can suggest a kick after wave 1 and can sell same towers aswell after wave 1. i really dont like to kick and try my full best not to. but i personally would like if kicking can be done after wave 1. I hate when people get kicked from right the start when they place 1
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