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  1. Glad you didn't decide to quit this project :)
  2. DD2 already? It's too early, DD1 won't die for a very long time. :(
  3. How many times have you clicked way too fast when rating topics and ended up rating one star instead of tree or five? I've lost the count. I'd like to be able to change the cast vote.
  4. I prefer having a DPS or guardian pet than the pet rock. Feel that a DPS/guardian pet will easily beat the pet rock with their abilities. (Deal damage/boost tower) BTW, where's the paper pet and the scissor pet? Want to play rock, paper, scissors!
  5. Is there an English file I can translate from?
  6. Completely black minions! Was thinking about red first, but we already have red enemies. Babypink would also work...
  7. Don't do this. At the least, Steam would just re download them, at the worst you would get VAC banned for modifying the game files. More likely the former, but I'm not gonna chance it. Highly doubt you gonna get banned for renaming a movie file.
  8. Cristallum. It should be latin. EDIT: Renamed my hero no Nagash.
  9. I'm gonna use it regularly when support to get armour from shop is added :)
  10. Now tell me you didn't open those links and start humming Ride of the Valkyries Neither hum or sing. I didn't grow up with those toasters. Have just bumped into them on the world wide wib once before.
  11. It's the worst thing I've ever seen! Neh, just kidding, love it <3
  12. No, we want flying pigs!
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