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  1. What I've found to work best is using two medium slot XP spheres (40% bonus XP) and making sure you're using your 5 XP bonus dailies. Aside from that, I would just recommend playing the highest difficulty you can manage. (Side note: the first 50 takes the longest. After that you get permanent XP boosts for every 50 in your deck.)
  2. For a temporary fix, you can turn off postprocessing under the video settings. It removes bloom, but, fair warning, the game isn't going to look as good.
  3. Any chance bloom could be slightly turned down on the Throne Room map? It's painfully bright and washes out the colors. If you want an example, just pull out Apprentice on the map and look at the hat.
  4. For my first try at this game, I decided to level a Huntress. The traps didn't appeal to me, so I decided to run a ranged DPS build. I was excited by the crit mechanic present in this, and since crit is a natural part of any DPS build, I decided to run with it. At early levels, crit functions great! Finding items with critical chance/dmg felt rewarding and provided meaningful choices between items (Do I take the bow with higher dmg, or stick with the higher crit chance and crit dmg?). Additionally, I found a unique synergy between magic bows and crit. I'm not sure if this is functional anymore, but when a critical is rolled, the critical damage applies to both the normal damage AND magic damage instances, essentially providing a unique way to hybridize your damage. At high level (post-40 is when I noticed the drop), however, crit stops functioning. While in early levels, a crit roll increased my attack's damage by roughly 35-50% (75-100% with the neat magic bow interaction), this number drastically drops to around 5-10% at late levels. I can't offer an in-depth, numbers based analysis of why crit feels bad and what to do about it, but I have a few opinions. The most apparent and obvious flaw is seen when comparing the small slot spheres "Hero Damage" and "Hero Crit": they have the same values. This is a frequently recurring theme through most of the itemization in the game. Why should I bother itemizing for Critical hits, which require not one, but TWO stats to optimize, when I can increase my guaranteed damage by the same amount (for half the effort)? The second flaw is inherent to the additive (as opposed to multiplicative) crit used by this game: it doesn't scale. While hero damage scales well with character level, level ups seem to be lacking or entirely absent of buffs to the critical damage stat. This leaves only items and spheres as viable options for crit damage. However, these fall prey to the problem noted in the previous paragraph: it's simply better to run attack damage. I can only see two solutions to this problem. Either change the crit system from additive to multiplicative, or buff crit damage stats across the board. Personally, I like the crit systems in place: I just feel they're undertuned. Increasing crit chance (the highest I've found is 5% on legendaries) and increasing crit damage (it should be at least 25% greater than what is seen for raw damage on equivalent items) should help crit to scale across the game, and feel better as a spec in general.
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