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  1. It also applies to anything electrocuted, stunned or stoned. However, they cannot be nailed with these if they are Headstrong. The Controller kicks in on the 2nd shot onward.
  2. I have gotten 4 of them so far and my Explosive Traps uses that with a 9 Proactive Traps. You clearly just have shitty luck.
  3. Controller stacks as long as the target is slowed and/or stunned in some fashion. Typing of enemies also stacks if they meet the requirements (eg. You have an Anti-Miniboss/Chaos/Melee LSA and it zaps a Gnash, Thorc or Gorbstock).
  4. Yes. It really helped me get everything I need so now Defender Packs basically become bins of Gold.
  5. The best thing about this event: The Tree and all the Duplicate Gold the Defender Packs will give me !
  6. They cannot be slowed, but they can still be stunned. As Exglint also pointed out, they tend to slip past walls and defenses in some cases with their targeting. Apply Poison and then get them with Earth damage or drench them with Water and then deal Shock Damage in some fashion. If they are headstrong in Onslaught, you will never overwhelming force to destroy them. If Gnash spawns, she leaves behind a Fire DoT effect upon hit, so make sure she never reaches your Cores or fragile defenses. Use your own hero to kite her or bait her into attacking you and not your things. While stunned, they succumb to Controller bonuses. They are classified as Orc, Melee, Chaos so any combination of these deals additional damage.
  7. Power Surge Prime: The only defense that is unaffected by the gimmick of the map. Off chance it gets randomly targeted by units when you think it is "out of harms way" If the range on it is garbage,, that is another problem. Wut. Without them, Hornets deactivate.
  8. I used walls on ALL the primes with 10/10 on those 2 + Automation and they barely fell (only when I wasn't paying attention) High ONS they can have their moments but you can't be stupid with them. Besides, you need to have a good Tree if you want your bees to perform well on High ONS anyways. Your walls sound like garbage if they fail on both.
  9. There are Servos like Hardened and Protective Downgrade that can mitigate that and there are instances where things like Hexfrost Throwers and Omega Squad Epsilon and Drakin Barrage can be stopped with just a wall + Reflect Beam without elemental combos. They do lose effectiveness somewhat fast though.
  10. Well good servos, Ascension and smart placement of defenses, you don't really need them. Eg: Betsy you can get away with 6-8 SGTs with some Earthshatter Toss Up support and that eliminates anything with wings or in the air, even Zappers. Enough range and they can even target Betsy with minimal trouble (that is how I beat it and farm her if necessary). They give you an incredibly helpful edge no matter how you cut it.
  11. And this is why Elemental Combos was never a good idea in the first place. Honestly, the map itself wasn't bad but the boss was annoying when it came to the amount of cursed ground it spawned.
  12. It has been an issue with them for years to be fair. Although they were a bit more frequent when DD2 was in the (pre-)Alpha days. At least we got a (bi-)weekly stream showing new developments and what has been going down or the staff check ins. If they want DDA to go well, they need to work on communication. I don't want them to turn into Coffee Stain Studios 2.0 (that is a tale that burns at my soul). Id rather dda not get pushed back unless it causes a work split to dd2. Diablo 4 is something I am not looking forward to since I know it will be D3.5 and their dealings with Blitzchung and China fiasco (#FreeHongKong).
  13. To be honest, the guy comes off as a mark. I dont have this bug because I did everything on ap26 since I am still going through resets and I dont want to leave this till the end of it. A friend of mine unfortunately got this because he reset after giving up on Power Surge and returned when his buddy helped him fill in the gaps. The issue with Chromatic Games at the moment is that they are more focused on putting out DDA and the Prime Incursions were released on a weekly basis. Given that Betsy was only out for 2 days, they didn't account for resets in mid progression when they built the mechanics for Prime (which is strange because Mastery works fine) and odds are they will have the manpower to do something about it when DDA goes live. Although coding is no easy task and bugs suck (I know cause I did programming in college myself), the lack of communication, even with regards to DDA is very concerning. Even a simple sticky post saying, we are aware of the bug reports we are getting and are working on them as we can, while releasing hotfixes that fix even small ones shows that they aren't in the dark. This is has been my biggest criticism with Chromatic Games as a whole. I can probably tell what the problem is given what the solution and problem this bug came from. I think there are flags that determine which Primes are finished and which aren't and resets are messing with these flags. It isnt until you complete another set of Primes the game probably checks the variables again and then gives you Mass Destruction. The guy who got 3 Destructive Pylons probably had some weird behind the scenes stuff that went down (lucky dog btw). If they do go back to it, a QoL they should do is set it so the game displays which primes are done and which aren't. So we can keep better tabs on what we are missing. As for the Shocking Rev/Water combo, there are alternatives (easiest is water elemental + shocking rev, or just get Earth and run a pdt near it), but they need to make it so legacy relics (people who did it before the patch) lose them.
  14. I use mine mostly to deal with Headstrong Assassins or Drakenfrost Keep as I put an Oil and Fire sword together to do instant ignites. Although you could use a Burning STrikes shard, I have had instances where it took 20 seconds of straight up slashing to light a torch and that is like an eternity in some cases. Plus, I can run into a Drakenlord and instantly ignite him. Having Drakenlord's Soul is nice, especially if you pair it up with a Controller servo. It is also the only method of stunning a Headstrong enemy as long as they aren't also Unstoppable. The rest I put Anti-X mods to punish the most common enemies. My equipment is largely AP/Health at 3:3 ratio as the two weapons + the Hero Damage points in Ascension more than make up for having no items with Hero Damage.
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