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  1. Malthius isn't too bad if you know where exactly the healing zones spawn. They heal for 800k a second and the only real threat is how much health everything has (hardest enemies have nearly 60M HP with bosses going to 300M). All you need to do is build your defenses BEFORE them and contain them as best as possible with Elemental Combos. Power Surge although the enemies are weaker, the issue here is defenses only last 25 Seconds. However, a programming oversight skipped out on World Trees. If you have a good Totem and Blockade Servos/Shards, you can make a very difficult to kill tree and then build defenses around it. In a 4 Man game, the worst HP count is roughly 200M on bosses. You get Thunderstruck for your troubles. One of the weapons (Molten Striker) is a dagger. I'd say if you want to farm Primes, you'd be better off doing maps on Prime 2 if you want that balance of reward and challenge. Otherwise, Griblok's Horde is the easiest as enemies are as strong as they are in Chaos 7
  2. It isn't as bad as you think. The only real difference outside of the Chaos 7 roster is that towers last 25 seconds instead of 35. However, due to a programming oversight, WORLD TREES ARE IMMUNE TO THE MAP'S EFFECT All you really need to do is plant a few World Trees tightly and then have 3-4 builders with at least 1 hero be able to DPS the bosses and then flood the map with Auras, Traps or Defenses behind the tree so they dont get targeted by Kobolts. When the enemy count is 50-60 enemies left or so, stop building and clean up the forces with your DPS hero as you will need the mana for the next wave. The biggest enemy threat is Snooki (Lady Orcs) as they can OHKO the Cart and Pump + do considerable damage even to Barbarians. My World Tree with a 10/10 Fortification/Hardened/Protective Downgrade that I used from my Spike Blockade had well over 13M HP, takes 47% less damage when it's life goes below 20% and when it gets destroyed beyond Rank 1, it repairs most of it's life. I also have about 600+ points in Defense Life and used C7 10/10 items. The reward for Prime 3 isn't really that good (Thunderstruck), but if you want to farm Primes, you'd be better off farming Prime 2 as all 3 of the maps are very doable and the gimmicks are easily contained by a strong SGT.
  3. Develop a stunlock combo (Poison and Earth or Water and Shock) and get within range if you are about to be latched onto. The Gato pet ability, Sparking Dazzle can stun them. If the enemy is Headstrong, then there are only two options: Barbarian with Turtle Stance - prevents you from being grabbed Carry a weapon with Drakenlord's Soul - If they aren't unstoppable (Slowproof), they will be chilled and eventually get frozen by it and fall off. If you have strong AA defenses within range of your main defenses, they can keep Assassins at bay. Also exploit any affixes they have to your advantage (eg. Spellbreaker, stand in front of cannonballs. Pile On get them poisoned and oiled to stack on damage effects, etc.) If you are playing as an Abyss Lord, the Healing Fountain can give you regeneration to fight the damage. If you time the Knight of the Abyss at the right time, you can stun them before the grab onto you. If you are playing as a Mystic, the Serpent Coil can generate healing orbs you can grab while you are being stabbed to fight the damage
  4. I myself haven't seen stuck Siege Rollers on Temple, but I have seen stuck Yeti, Ogres, Lava Orcs and Captain Dreadbones more than I can possibly count. High Rollers usually gets stuck in Siphon Site D's lower staircase or the ramp coming down from the double pit area at Dead Road.. As for Headstrong DAs, they are annoying but my barb has enough HP gear to deal with them if he does get latched and there are other heroes with healing abilities that can combat their damage (Adept, AL, etc.). I also found out Drakenlord's Soul still works on them and freezes them, but not if they are Unstoppable. I very rarely reroll maps as it usually turns into a real momentum killer to have to rely on RNG to get ahead.
  5. The real problems with Lost Temple boil down to the following I find: Air lanes and their paths (eg. Wyverns that are supposed to attack the 2F Crystal at the Start spot fly to the 1F Crystal at the bridges) Ground lanes have wonky pathing, especially in double lanes or if there are 2 Crystals in the area The fact that all the lanes are active at the same time and have no real set pattern with exceptions like Zerkers and Healers, certain Omega Squads and certain formations in Mob Gallery. The farthest I got to was 114 but I largely lost because my defenses were being outclassed, but it also didn't help I didn't have a trash relic for a SGT, didn't use my Earthshatters as well as I thought I should have and I had a dead weight mod on my PDTs that I replaced with a better one (Damage Buff > Anti-Melee). It also doesn't help if 2 or more problem lanes are on separate quadrants on the map. I had a few runs where all the problems were contained in either 1 area or there was a set pattern I had to move around in order to control the problems. The Omega Waves were a nuisance but then I started using LSAs with Anti-Miniboss and I fried them in seconds. Getting to them is the real test.
  6. Hailstorm has 2 things going for it that the SGT does not Icefall allows it to freeze, which can still affect Unstoppables It does physical damage, which destroys Spellbreaker air.
  7. I'm on PC and I am not the one who is getting this annoyance
  8. I would but 3 things: 1) Chance you can get it again or even Plunder's Paradise/Buried Bastille and I don't want to reroll on a momentum boost I already have 2) Talismans aren't a bad thing at this point 3) I have had some epic wins on this map by taking lucky guesses and playing it through.
  9. This problem has persisted since Isle of Dread and I am probably not the only person who has noticed this. In Expeditions, the lanes display what comes out of what correctly and there aren't any problems. However, when you do Onslaught, the entire basement on both port and starboard + the bow of the ship fuses the enemy readouts together and only displays the affix information for 1 of the lanes, leaving you to have to guess what affixes are there or check on the fly. For example, where it says Omega Squad Iota (Snooki, Cyber Orcs, Frosty Orcs/Melee Frost Goblins), you are also getting Timmy's Revenge and Game Ogre mixed in and they aren't Armored/Detonator. Where it says Omega Squad Alpha, it is also combined with Zeta mixed in and they arent Bullet Sponge/Enraged
  10. Poison on Reflect Beam only applies to the pulses that travel to the nodes, not any reflected projectiles.
  11. I don't really have a personal issue with the Siege Roller myself but this is something that has bothered me for some time and I think it should be addressed as soon as possible. Some attacks that target center of mass (eg. Serpent Coils, Sand Vipers, Arc Lightning from Adepts, Obelisk Smites and even the Proton Charge from EV2) doesn't factor in angles when targeting. So when you say, use the Proton Charge or have a Sand Viper laser go at an angle that clearly targets the engine, the attack will be treated as if it hit the front and applies damage reduction effects. This has made especially AP Adepts difficult to fend off High Roller lanes without the aid of high attack weapons or without the aid of Thunderwave (which still works when you cast it at melee distance at the engine). Also, they have their damage reduction effects applied to almost every hero based attack and ability while petrified. I addressed this in the May 1st Hotfix thread.
  12. You could, but then you are compromising 1 target to have a constant fire effect when the LAvamancer and Barbarian with the right chips can do the torch lights with attacks alone and no Burning STrikes.
  13. Although in C7 they have well over 130k energy to work with, it still wastes a repair bill but more importantly, it attacks something that is pointless when there are enemies still out there.
  14. The Maw of the Earth Drake still works the way it is supposed to do. Crumbling Stone also stacks with the 5% bonus.
  15. I have noticed this for some time and I think this needs to be addressed. For some reason, when the Drakenlord applies the freeze effect, the LSA will start targeting the torches as enemies, even after they have been ignited.
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