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  1. I have sadly had moments where rerolls have bit me in the ass and I have come to terms with it being my fault and I think you have. Honestly though, even I admit the reroll system needs a better interface. It should also definitely be locked once you achieve max setting. I know Path of Exile does this with Orb of Fusing and Jeweller's Orbs.
  2. Headstrong can still be slowed, they just cannot be frozen. As for Explosive Traps, you will definitely need a high rank Tenacity if you are planning to put it in lanes with Cyber Orcs as they are useless if they get shut down. A 10/10 one at C8 is stunproof. Frosty Power is only helpful if the lane isn't Unstoppable. but you are better off doing a Boost Aura instead as you can buff multiple bombs.
  3. I honestly think you aren't wasting your time, but you aren't playing mastery for the right reasons. The purpose of mastery is ultimately the Hyper Shards: Destructive Pylon, Vicious Strikes, Hyper Destruction, etc. They are to give you an edge when you play Onslaught. You should take solace in the fact you are playing well enough to be able to crush Mastery, especially given we live in an age of permastun Weapon Manus and Pirate/Frosty weaponry combos. As someone who has been on the leaderboards in Sanctum 2 Survival and Diablo III Achievements for Season 2, it isn't ultimately worth it other than the former letting me design a perk. One of my buds crushed every record in the first game of the former had his name immortalized on a character + credits, but the company inevitably stabbed all of us in the back with their ***ty Goat Simulator. It is a nice memory in the long run though.
  4. Don't just aim for the minimum requirements. Try to go beyond that and get about 400+ Min Asc or better. If you know anyone in Communities who can help you, ask for assistance for higher floors if you got trouble. You will lose all your upgrade levels on shards that aren't gilded, your current Ascension Level, your gear goes back to Campaign 10/10 and your Onslaught progress goes to Min 5, Required 30. You also get 1 AP point to spend, which not only buffs your stats but it also stacks to other players and theirs adds onto yours. For gear climbing, your best bet is to bring enough Materials and Gold to cover 1-3 Medallions and then just Scavenge everything else. I have written a guide called Etherian Economics that covers how much of both you will need per defense to get it back to Chaos 7 10/10.
  5. Most people use a LSA with Anti-Melee/Miniboss/Orc for this occasion. This is what I have. BM counts as 2 of these 3 and in the event she has Cyber ORcs or Snooki spawning with them, then all 3 apply. When she spawns and you can hit her, immediately set down a stun skill like Seismic Slam or Ice Needle to pacify her before she sets up her shield. Try not to use anyone with Burning Strikes or DoT mods in the event she shields. You can also use a Wpn Manu with Shocking Revelation and Water Servos + your own attacks to keep her contained.
  6. Flat Fire would be better as you are not only getting a flat power increase, but you are adding a 100% damage increase before Anti-X calculations against Frosty enemies TO THE FULL ATTACK. I am not sure if Lingering Hellfire counts as an effect for Pile On though. It is only good if you want to ignite the Drakenlord, but I already got a few characters who can do that as it is.
  7. You must have been getting an unlucky streak by the looks of it. Last AP reset, I had 5 maps straight of Just Timmy This one. I had 3 Drakin Barrages straight and 4 maps with double Headstrong lanes.
  8. The Shard improvements sound interesting and I can't wait to see how they will work in my Etherian Economics guide. This will definitely be helpful when I have to do my mote grind sessions.
  9. Yeah, I forgot to edit that part into the guide. C1 and C4 are 0 with a chance of 1 C2 and C5 are always 1 C3 and C6 are always 1 with a chance for 2.
  10. I myself am not a huge fan of the combo, even though I use it myself. It does have it's fair share of weaknesses: If you don't have support defenses near it, it overloads after 10 enemies. Any enemies after that walk in it without damage and this is a problem if its a Cyber Orc or a Frost Orc and you lack Tenacity on the former.It has less effect on Headstrong enemies as you can only damage them. Headstrong and CB can still be damaged by them as the Water damage causes Drench.You cannot upgrade it. Of all the auras, it has one of the lowest DPS outputs compared to Auras.Diminishing Returns eventually fully kicks in. Bosses and even Snooki are more likely to escape the nodes if you don't spread them out effectively.I think what really allows me is there is a case going around for having Headstrong removed because "muh Headstrong DAs" are too hard and I even had one of my friends complain that people who got to F600 have to reroll maps just to avoid Headstrong not only for air but even for ground forces. I brushed it off as he has c;limbed to ~AP20 via just a Earthshatter, Wpn Manu and 2 Gunwitches (who have one of the worst Hero Health multipliers of the set). I am able to do it with PDTs and Cannonballs while scavenging for a few others just fine. The excuse of muh "CC is in integral element in this game" is crap as the saying "adapt and perish" also applies. Headstrong might be awful, but there are ways around it, even if Assassins have it. I also find they largely because they either rely on Weapon Manufacturers with that setup to permastun or forget that you can still Slow them with Proton Beams or Frostbite Towers. Just make sure they have 10/10 Tenacity so Cyber Orcs and Kobolts don't off them. Otherwise you will have to use Blockades and overwhelming force. If you guys want to reduce the Permastun lockage, there are a few things that can be done: Buff damage of other sources so that the Wpn Manu is basically a 60 DU stunfield for your other offenseMake it so the Shocking portion does a full damage conversion to Storm so that Water cannot be applied. Have another tower like a fast attacking Ramster have the Water Servo to mass-drench or bring back the Water Elemental Shard (adds damage + chance to drench)You can remove the Storm effect and just have it stun by chance but do extra Magic damage or somethingWater Servos should drench by chance Buff the Mega Death Laser and Atomic Launcher on the device so it's actual purpose can be used for greater effect.
  11. Depends what comes to mind. I know all my characters names came by.
  12. Then it would make *** too easy. In all honesty, AP Resetting is actually easy, as long as you bring enough resources each time to do at least 1 defense and then you can scavenge for the rest of it. The problem is the length of time it takes. I wrote in Etherian Economics how much each of these things are.
  13. It works fine on my end. You must have been having problems on your end with lag or you missed.
  14. Yeah. Or you can have a weapon with Oil Chip and then a second weapon with Fire Chip if you are a Barbarian or a Fire elemental attack Pet. If you also have the Searing Flame Chip on the Huntress, you don't need to throw an Oil Flask.
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    Hotfix 4.3.2

    Better to fix that minimap issue later than never.
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