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  1. *Realizes he has to edit Etherian Economics again* Awww Crapbaskets. Here we go again....
  2. Given that DDA has this and DD1 has a limited version of this, I feel we should get something like this on DD2. There is potential for this on the Weapons and Shields at least, but it wouldn't hurt for some of the character models either.
  3. Tooltip bug. Even with Diverse X stuff, you can barely get to 1.3M-1.5M
  4. Does this mean that the maps on c8 expeditions and the like always guarantee 2 mats?
  5. It is a bug. I had that problem myself. They fixed it now.
  6. Chaos 1 was always 3 Plain Motes with a chance for another at Victory Chest and a Chaos 1 Amp. You must have been having good RNG to get 4 every time. If you need Plain Motes, your best bet is either Chaos 3 (5 per game) or Material Convert your C8 winnings (9 Pristine Motes, Converts to 1:1)
  7. Basically if you had for instance 25% Anti-Miniboss and Goblin and you attack Griblok with a base damage of 500. What would happen is you would get 500 x 25% x 25% and your final damage would be that. This is called multiplicative stacking. Additive means that the 2 25%s in this scenario are added together first and then your new damage is 500 x 50% The reason this change was done was because you could get an absurd about of Anti-X mods (eg. Chaos/Miniboss/Melee) and get a ridiculous damage output, especially when you do these calculations with 6 or 7 digits.
  8. Well yeah, the freezing hazard is what made it unique. My point was the map was buggy as hell. There were times where that Dragon end up freezing or appearing when it shouldn't and it can single handedly cost you the game if you didn't have multiple players, which removing the beast fixed. Even without it there, LSAs would sometimes target the torches and not enemies (which is a bit of a problem when that lane is active and the LSA flat out doesn't hit an enemy or you have a Trap/Aura/Tower with splash and it would consume a target to hit something pointless) and freezing mechanics were all wa
  9. If you are a collector, it can be. Her Cursed Missile can also support you by crippling the damage potential of whatever you are fighting, so it's good on minibosses. Her attack is also not bad either. However, I feel you would be better off with a Dragolich as it's ability applies a massive IDT (increased damage taken) to whatever is caught in the blast, allowing you wipe out whatever really quickly. If you are also able to do Primes, you can get a shot at the rare Crystal Betsy for free and she gets the same abilities and attacks.
  10. 1st point Normally if a Yeti freezes a set of defenses, after a duration the ice melts. If the Drakenlord's freeze aura leaves the range of a defense, then the defense will return to normal. On that map, Yeti and Drakenlord freezes are treated as if the Dragon froze them and will be permanently frozen unless the defense has T10 c8 Tenacity or you light the torch of the defense in that region. 2nd point The thing is at high onslaught, you need to be careful with petrify as you will eventually burn through the boss' crowd control resistance to the point that you canno
  11. Neat. Another easter egg most people notice is if you look at the outline of the Cursed ground that the Hex Throwers make, you can make out an outline of Pepe the Frog.
  12. You clearly transferred a pre-Chaos 8 Defense Rate to a Chaos 8 and ignored the warning that it won't sync properly if you go through with it. You will either need to: Do an AP reset to bring the servo back to campaign and manually level it up back to C8 Get a natural C7 or less Defense Rate and bring that up to Chaos 8, then xfer it over. This however will cost you 25 Clusters and 200 Medals to do along with the resources to get the Medallion to C8 0/5. This is incredibly inefficient. Another thing, I notice you have a 9 Stunning Revelation there. I hope you don't mind pa
  13. I have experienced this problem and there is a factor that can cause it: Because Oil is technically a crowd control effect that applies a Slow, if you burn through the Lord's crowd control resistance (either by stunlock or repeating petrifies), it sometimes can't be oiled until the crowd control resist resets. Lingering Hellfire I don't think causes an ignite. Burning Strikes does.
  14. You are guaranteed one every 8 hours if you do Private games solo. This timer also accelerates for every player that joins your game. They can also be naturally chanced. The other option is you attempt a reroll of the Servo via Tokens. This method has a failsafe at 286 or more (worst I have taken is 300). Only use this method if you are swimming in medals, gold and got A LOT of tokens. To reroll a c7 mod to 10, you will need at least: 3.15M Gold or 3718 Medals 858 Pristine Motes (takes 172 games on C7) 286 Pristine Tokens (takes at least 143 games on C7 or Onslaught
  15. Well the Drakenfrost Keep removal makes sense. It was buggy (sometimes the Drakenlord would freeze 2 sections at once or an invisible one would fly down) Some defenses like LSAs would still target the torches Freeze mechanics outside boss Drakenlord were also bugged (infinite timer unless you melted ice) Very dependent on Oil/Fire weapons or the Burning Strikes shard Odds are we will probably get another helping of Lost Temple every 10 or one of the Wild West levels. The fact we are getting a C8 Expeditions and new content will need to be factored into my Ethe
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