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  1. And this is why Elemental Combos was never a good idea in the first place. Honestly, the map itself wasn't bad but the boss was annoying when it came to the amount of cursed ground it spawned.
  2. It has been an issue with them for years to be fair. Although they were a bit more frequent when DD2 was in the (pre-)Alpha days. At least we got a (bi-)weekly stream showing new developments and what has been going down or the staff check ins. If they want DDA to go well, they need to work on communication. I don't want them to turn into Coffee Stain Studios 2.0 (that is a tale that burns at my soul). Id rather dda not get pushed back unless it causes a work split to dd2. Diablo 4 is something I am not looking forward to since I know it will be D3.5 and their dealings with Blitzchung and China fiasco (#FreeHongKong).
  3. To be honest, the guy comes off as a mark. I dont have this bug because I did everything on ap26 since I am still going through resets and I dont want to leave this till the end of it. A friend of mine unfortunately got this because he reset after giving up on Power Surge and returned when his buddy helped him fill in the gaps. The issue with Chromatic Games at the moment is that they are more focused on putting out DDA and the Prime Incursions were released on a weekly basis. Given that Betsy was only out for 2 days, they didn't account for resets in mid progression when they built the mechanics for Prime (which is strange because Mastery works fine) and odds are they will have the manpower to do something about it when DDA goes live. Although coding is no easy task and bugs suck (I know cause I did programming in college myself), the lack of communication, even with regards to DDA is very concerning. Even a simple sticky post saying, we are aware of the bug reports we are getting and are working on them as we can, while releasing hotfixes that fix even small ones shows that they aren't in the dark. This is has been my biggest criticism with Chromatic Games as a whole. I can probably tell what the problem is given what the solution and problem this bug came from. I think there are flags that determine which Primes are finished and which aren't and resets are messing with these flags. It isnt until you complete another set of Primes the game probably checks the variables again and then gives you Mass Destruction. The guy who got 3 Destructive Pylons probably had some weird behind the scenes stuff that went down (lucky dog btw). If they do go back to it, a QoL they should do is set it so the game displays which primes are done and which aren't. So we can keep better tabs on what we are missing. As for the Shocking Rev/Water combo, there are alternatives (easiest is water elemental + shocking rev, or just get Earth and run a pdt near it), but they need to make it so legacy relics (people who did it before the patch) lose them.
  4. I use mine mostly to deal with Headstrong Assassins or Drakenfrost Keep as I put an Oil and Fire sword together to do instant ignites. Although you could use a Burning STrikes shard, I have had instances where it took 20 seconds of straight up slashing to light a torch and that is like an eternity in some cases. Plus, I can run into a Drakenlord and instantly ignite him. Having Drakenlord's Soul is nice, especially if you pair it up with a Controller servo. It is also the only method of stunning a Headstrong enemy as long as they aren't also Unstoppable. The rest I put Anti-X mods to punish the most common enemies. My equipment is largely AP/Health at 3:3 ratio as the two weapons + the Hero Damage points in Ascension more than make up for having no items with Hero Damage.
  5. You also neglected to mention that it can only affect ground enemies. Kobolts and Dark Assassins are ignored, making it a bit of a detriment for Chaos 7 farming. I use the Embermounts myself with a T10 Tenacity and Flames mod and the cons you mention don't really bother me as much as one would think., but I have different concerns. For the first 2 scenarios, largely Warboars and Goblins die within range of the aura due to their slow speeds and low life pools. Every other normal monster tends to fall a little bit after with Drakin and Orcs taking the longest to fall. I feel the first two issues aren't really issues in my book and make it still worth a Servo slot and 30 DU. It's when we start adding Frosties, Chaos and the Minibosses that we begin to worry about the real issue: The 3rd point. Vanguards fall like flies but Lady Orcs, Geodes and Hex Throwers do take some time before the burns finally down them without assistance and as you said: You consume 1 target to continue the burn effect. You also run the risk of Cybork stunning them without a T10 C8 Tenacity or you get their range high enough and place them out of reach. Although Frost take double damage before Anti-X mods are applied, most ONS with these spawn in droves (which won't tag all of them) and there is another issue that hinders the aura: If a Frost Orc slows the Fissure itself, then all burn rates get reduced. As for minibosses, the real problem is if it tags a Siege Roller, which reduces the damage to 10%. Although for High Rollers you would avoid building these, there are some cases High Rollers intersects with another or a Siege Roller is the boss choice for that lane. The only possible reason to burn them would be so you can oil them if you are facing Pile Ons. As for everything else, it is still nice damage assistance, especially if you tag a Drakenlord as it saves a step for igniting them and Yetis. It is still worth the servo and 30 DU if you work around it's weaknesses. =================================== With the original topic, you can save yourself a Burning Strikes Shard if you get an Oil Chip on his blade. Any time he erupts lava in his attack combo, that does Fire damage, which inflicts instant ignites. This can be helpful when fighting Drakenlord or doing Drakenlord Keep. If you don't commit the full attack combo, you can at least apply Oil so that Controlled Burn can be tagged for damage. This opens up a shard for support things like Pumpkinator or Sundering Blow. If you are doing an AP based one, having Cataclysms and Lava Floors helps immensely.
  6. If you accumulate 10 hours of DD2 play, then the game will give you a 10/10 servo or chip item at random. This timer counts down faster the more people you play with. I don't mind the system since as I said, I host carries outside of C1 on Sundays or when I am watching the under/mid card to a promotion and the matches are boring. My issue is that people rely heavily on the aid of people like me to get going and usually end up making their late game more difficult on themselves than it should be.
  7. Keep has honestly not been a problem ever since I modded my Barbarian's blades with Oil and Fire. I know people use Burning Strikes, but I have had instances where I hacked at the thing for nearly 20 seconds before I ignited one. It also allows me to wreck Wave 6 in a few seconds. As long as I keep tabs on where the Dragon lands, the rest of the enemies aren't too difficult. I have had worst times in Lost Temple than I have had Drakenfrost Keep.
  8. To be honest, the C8 weapon isn't really worth it. One way or another, you are going to end up resetting or using a weapon you created with top tier mods as your true end game gear. The ampoules can be useful but you can also hoard C7 Amps and use Material Conversion to convert them to a c8, although it comes at the cost of 109 wins to meet the quota. I have only gotten 1 C8 Amp from Prime Incursions so far. The main reason to do Primes is to get that 2nd Hyper Shard. With the assistance of Elemental Combos for the most part, you can also beat all the Primes without needing c8 equipment. As for the game's difficulty, the real challenge destroyer was when they made it so Water can instantly drench on hit and added Petrify. This not only ruined the need for the Water Elemental, Drenching Strikes and Thunderstruck Shard and Geyser Traps, but they allowed it to be used with Shocking Revelation and that led to permastunning. Although Diminishing Returns added some edge, often your enemy was slain before the effect fully kicked in. Although they inevitably nuked the ability to combine the two servos again, people who did it before the countermeasure still have it (I happen to be one of them). Although Headstrong negated the combos, players either rerolled the map and tried to aim for a non-Headstrong or now use Poison Proton Beams with Earthshatters so if a Headstrong enters the beam, they are at least slowed. It also doesn't help that players are getting carried too easily. Although I admit I make pub Expeditions on Sundays while I watch wrestling (I run my combat sport stream services in window mode while DD2 also runs in Window mode so I can multitask), it does allow pretty much any Tom, Dick and Harry to get all the top rewards with little to no effort. I also only do it because a full house nets 99% increased XP + 6 more legendary items + speeds up the 10/10 timer. If that incentive wasn't there, I'd just do private all the time.
  9. Elemental Combos have made the game far more easier than it should be, even allowing a person who doesn't invest in Chaos 8 or AP resetting can get to high onslaught floors or even do Prime Incursions. It really depends. I took a small break from the game and came back to it later.
  10. No Blockade rounds you either need to use overwhelming force or you will have to totem a Flamethrower or Frostbite Tower and use that as your wall. I do this for most of the No Blockade setups. I also have an entire YT channel where I beat all of them and show people how to do the same.
  11. The only thing to watch for is if Dreadbones spawns on the ship, but I usually put my defensive line back to the ramps and use a wall to distract him while I chop him to shreds with my Barbarian. The map itself is a joke given I use Embermounts with the Flame Servos. The only thing that gets out of the burning and makes it to the main line are Lady Orcs, minibosses and obviously air, but I got long range SGTs to pick them off. Prime 4's only real challenge will be Bastille Master if they reduce the time to a tighter window like they did when it was first released. As for the Prime difficulty curves, I have noticed that myself. The hardest enemies I have seen so far have appeared on Malthius with 100M HP Zappers and 300M HP bosses. Griblok's Horde felt like I was playing Expedition Chaos 7 given how strong the enemies were coming out.
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