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  1. Although in C7 they have well over 130k energy to work with, it still wastes a repair bill but more importantly, it attacks something that is pointless when there are enemies still out there.
  2. The Maw of the Earth Drake still works the way it is supposed to do. Crumbling Stone also stacks with the 5% bonus.
  3. I have noticed this for some time and I think this needs to be addressed. For some reason, when the Drakenlord applies the freeze effect, the LSA will start targeting the torches as enemies, even after they have been ignited.
  4. And yet you can accomplish the same thing with a Lavamancer + Oil Chip or a Barbarian with Oil/Fire together (I have both) and eliminate the need for Burning Strikes. The Drakenlord is also bugged with petrification right now as you can stone it while it's emitting the aura and it takes full dmg.
  5. The Piercer Chip allows your Monk's secondary Chi shots and Chi Burst to bypass all barrier and shield checks at the cost of a damage penalty. Damage reduction effects (Drakenlord ice shields, Siege Roller not hit from behind) still apply. The shields and Geode Barrier reduce damage from ANY projectile regardless of damage type when using Piercers. The thing is that most Magic based defenses don't use projectiles that can be deflected.
  6. Another option people have considered is Earthshatters with Shatterquake and Poison/Tenacity Proton Beams. It has the added benefit to slow Headstrong things. I'm just going to use Water Elemental when the wheels fall off.
  7. You put it on anything that is going to either be in a Buff Beam, Boost Aura or if you are using the Initiate and you use the Talisman of Empowerment.
  8. Any Oil Source + Fire Source Huntress - Oil Flask + Piercing Shot Burning Strikes Shard on any weapon Lavamancer - Oil Weapon + Attacks or Eruption Barbarian - 1 Oil + 1 Fire Weapon Huntress - Piercing Flame Servo All these methods will light the Drakenlord. Although it is a bug at the moment, if Petrified (Earth + Poison or Maw of the Earth Drake) they will take full damage from any source regardless of barrier condition. Well, I admit that some hint or tooltip for first timers would be a good idea, but usually it is a worthwhile incentive given that Oil Flask and Piercing Shot together are devastating if the Huntress' AP is high. I get that him being new and pre-C5 is no excuse to not overcome it, but at least he is asking here on this forum and that is still a viable option. Although I do agree with the get carried and quit part. I actually got blocked by a guy who got mad when I told him off for wanting Mastery to change so that his 2 GWs, Barb, Wpn Manu stunlock AFK builds could work while he got high, under the excuses that losing to "dumb shit" was not fun. It sounds like the guy who you were trying to help was a leech and wanted everything to suit his needs like he was entitled or something.
  9. Yes and that isn't a bad idea at all either. If you face a Headstrong in Onslaught or if Diminishing REturns wears off, it will still apply slow. You also will not need the Frosty Beams Shard. Just know it will only harm up to 10 enemies. Any more will result in ignored enemies. Poison/Tenacity/Controller also sounds like good Servos for that combo.
  10. I can already see your problem: You have no means of torch control at your disposal. Any character with Burning Strikes Barbarian with Oil/Fire pair weapons Lavamancer with Oil weapon Huntress with Torch or Fire Chip + Oil Flask These methods are the easiest means to light a torch without having to play the gimmick rules. Just pay attention to your radar to where the Drakenlord lands and the direction in which the ice breath travels. Factor in current spawns when lightning torches as priority is where active lanes are. Some lanes also merge into one. Knowing where these are will give you a definite advantage as you can potentially skip torches. No matter what, the worst case scenario is you will need to light 3 torches. Once you get past Wave 1, assess which lanes had the worst problems and divert upgrades to those locations. Onslaught isn't as bad as Lost Temple is because of the preset pattern the enemies spawn on and both air lanes spawn within interception of the ground lanes. The only thing you truly need to fear is large clusters of enemies with opposing affixes (eg. Spellbreaker and Armored) and Headstrong air lane north if there are Kobolts there. Dark Assassins aren't as bad if you got a good Barbarian as Turtle Stance blocks them. For the south, if the lane has Kobolts, you can place an Obelisk where they fly and use that as Kobolt bait You can also save DU by not having a stunlock combo on the following lanes: Just Timmy (PDT or Flame Aura) Omega Squad Epsilon (wall + reflect) Hexfrost Throwers (wall + reflect) Drakin Barrage (wall + reflect) High Rollers (slow + projectiles aiming engine) Only do this for auras and traps you plan on using in the presence of Cyber Orcs
  11. It depends what affixes they are: If not headstrong, then any stun combo (shock, stun, petrify) will break their hold. Drakenlord's Soul and Shackled also help. If you got a Taser Suit shard, that gives you a chance to shake them off when they hit. If headstrong, then either use a hero with a high amount of life and armor, have an ally Book Drop them or use Barbarian and activate Turtle Stance before they get onto you then slay them with sheer force. Either method, they count as Melee/Chaos so having those Anti-X mods helps. Skarnash is that + Miniboss. Although not mentioned, the Mystic's Call to Madness with Debilitating Madness stacks on another 50% more damage while inside it.
  12. >Problematic Oh God XD Well, then again, the criticism for this has been brutal for the last few days, but as I said in a previous thread: I think people are just dealing with the initial stages but will eventually adapt and overcome it. Don't get me wrong. I still like you guys, but this should have done in advance or as I said: Should have been dealt with in the first place when Elemental Combos were added.
  13. Or Earth or Poison the Wpn Manu and place a Ramster or Explosive Trap set of the other and not have to spend 120 DU. Or we just use Water Elemental and improve the SR stun chances by a quarter multiplicative.
  14. I know the feeling. I bought the game Day 1 and quit Diablo 3 and split this with Path of Exile. I mostly focus when its Onslaught and just do my farming in the middle of wrestling or work via multitasking. Communication was the biggest ballbuster about this fiasco and this should have been addressed in the dev logs ahead of time, so we can ease ourselves into the change and have time to figure out countermeasures (which I already have and got all the parts ready for when the wheels fall off SR/Water; Water Elemental and a Tenacity Servo to replace Water). Players will adapt I am sure, but if this type of miscommunication continues, it will be a problem when DD:A comes out and I for one want THAT release to work out.
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