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  1. Path of Exile. It patches almost every 2-3 months and given the amount of gem and character combinations that are possible, there is almost always some way for me to play the game.
  2. I am aware of the benefits and the mechanics behind the Fused Overclocks (provides +50% armor against Rifted mons), but the question I want to know is this modifier additive (adds the 2 numbers and sets a cut off with damage reduction) or multiplicative (applies the Fusion or Armor reduction first then applies vice versa next) with the standard Armor benefit the Overclocks provide? I also know in either scenario, damage reductions cap at 75-90% and I know the Overclocks standard Armor gain goes up to 60% (Max upgrades @ 3909 Fortify).
  3. I have been doing resets to get to AP100 before I do the big push to 999 if I can. I am currently on AP84.
  4. It also applies to anything electrocuted, stunned or stoned. However, they cannot be nailed with these if they are Headstrong. The Controller kicks in on the 2nd shot onward.
  5. I have gotten 4 of them so far and my Explosive Traps uses that with a 9 Proactive Traps. You clearly just have shitty luck.
  6. Controller stacks as long as the target is slowed and/or stunned in some fashion. Typing of enemies also stacks if they meet the requirements (eg. You have an Anti-Miniboss/Chaos/Melee LSA and it zaps a Gnash, Thorc or Gorbstock).
  7. Yes. It really helped me get everything I need so now Defender Packs basically become bins of Gold.
  8. The best thing about this event: The Tree and all the Duplicate Gold the Defender Packs will give me !
  9. They cannot be slowed, but they can still be stunned. As Exglint also pointed out, they tend to slip past walls and defenses in some cases with their targeting. Apply Poison and then get them with Earth damage or drench them with Water and then deal Shock Damage in some fashion. If they are headstrong in Onslaught, you will never overwhelming force to destroy them. If Gnash spawns, she leaves behind a Fire DoT effect upon hit, so make sure she never reaches your Cores or fragile defenses. Use your own hero to kite her or bait her into attacking you and not your things. Whi
  10. Power Surge Prime: The only defense that is unaffected by the gimmick of the map. Off chance it gets randomly targeted by units when you think it is "out of harms way" If the range on it is garbage,, that is another problem. Wut. Without them, Hornets deactivate.
  11. I used walls on ALL the primes with 10/10 on those 2 + Automation and they barely fell (only when I wasn't paying attention) High ONS they can have their moments but you can't be stupid with them. Besides, you need to have a good Tree if you want your bees to perform well on High ONS anyways. Your walls sound like garbage if they fail on both.
  12. There are Servos like Hardened and Protective Downgrade that can mitigate that and there are instances where things like Hexfrost Throwers and Omega Squad Epsilon and Drakin Barrage can be stopped with just a wall + Reflect Beam without elemental combos. They do lose effectiveness somewhat fast though.
  13. Well good servos, Ascension and smart placement of defenses, you don't really need them. Eg: Betsy you can get away with 6-8 SGTs with some Earthshatter Toss Up support and that eliminates anything with wings or in the air, even Zappers. Enough range and they can even target Betsy with minimal trouble (that is how I beat it and farm her if necessary). They give you an incredibly helpful edge no matter how you cut it.
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