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  1. Particularly, which of these guys would make a good solo class for doing all of this new content?
  2. I see nothing in game that hints at Call to Arms increasing your personal damage, but it seems to do so. Is this a bug or intended? Otherwise, the tool-tip needs to say something about it.
  3. Since call to arms raises your personal damage (even though it's not part of the AOE effect) I'd probably pump points there. However, I have yet to experiment with how good the scaling may be as I'm spec'd 100 points into joust. I would think that since you use Joust as a situational Ogre clearer/wave clearer it should be lower in priority. This depends on how high your hero damage might be... you don't want Joust to not be able to one-shot everything but Ogres/Ninjas. Long story short, just take To Arms > Joust. It's probably going to end up better for ya.
  4. try using a huntress Please, try reading my post. O_o If we HAVE TO USE a particular class just to pass Endless Spires, we need an incentive to run it over other maps if something isn't done about air units. As it stands, people just run Alch labs/other maps with no air units to get the exact same rewards.
  5. This one took me a bit to figure out but it works with pretty damn low tower stats. You far exceed my tower stats(well over 100 or even 200). Not gonna spoil it completely but placement is everything. This was solo but I'd imagin it'd be even easier with duo because then you can have someone dedicated to do upgrades/repairs and making sure warriors aren't being bad. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=1139 Some hints for you: 1. The MM must be able to attack above and below without a problem while being next to the crystal. 2. On the north spot if you put the MB on top of
  6. Is this Castle Armory? Placing magic blockades JUST out of the spawn, where a tower can still hit them, was my strategy. Since it's only "normal insane" (not that survival crap) stuff is a lot easier to kill, and 2-3 MM towers can actually hold a spawn pretty well. (Although Ogre's can still be a problem... have to jump in there with defense boost for that.)
  7. ok, four magic missles, one fireball tower let me clarify that again... if it's not working beef up the respective stats, rate of fire,damage, and range. Fireball tower has to be placed in such a way that they will almost be on top of the crystal by time the Wyverns pop into view. (Aka, right behind it, on the mini-ramp leading to the crystal) Otherwise, the fireball tower can only cover one side, and the large clumps of Wyverns of a dozen or so fire immune Wyverns near the end of wave 10 have about 4-5 fire immune on average. Would have to go really skimpy on MM towers to place 2 firebal
  8. kick up the apprentices rate as high as you can 4 MM's one fireball tower on any troubled spot, always,always works, lol. Heck no it doesn't. Fire immunity is extremely common, and those towers simply cannot handle the huge problem of how high Wyvern HP can be and the fact that they dive-bomb crystals.
  9. Ya I've been using Strength Drain Auras, and my monk is aura specced with 360 aura strength. and 200ish + other tower stats, my Squire has 350 Tower health and still get destroyed. Maybe if I didn't' do it solo. All my friends get to bored by that time and quit. so It's always up to just me :( Magic blockades a lot cheaper than spike and also have one more advantage: Warrior AI behavior. Spike blockades have this big problem of knocking a Warrior back with their damage, but the warrior is then knocked JUST in his melee range to slash at the blockade but the blockade can't react to him. I
  10. I completely agree, although I think the problem doesn't necessarily lie with the HP scaling of Wyverns. I've tried playing Rose Garden and Endlesss Spire insane survival and it's just impossible due to wyverns, yet I can make it to Wave 25+ on Alch Insane easily. Even devoting 90% of your DU to air defense doesn't cut it when a fireball goes past and blows up the crystal. You've touched upon these but just to consolidate the problems I feel with Wyverns are: 1) Wyvern Aggro 2) Fireball damage vs Crystal 3) Tower Issues/bugs (especially DSTs/MM) To elaborate further: 1) Wyverns will of
  11. Ok, sorry to expand on my previous post, but if you really want help you kinda need to tell us: -What type of blockades (Magic or Spike) -If you have/don't have auras. -If you're using towers or traps.
  12. Important question: Are you using strength drain auras?
  13. I made a post about this in another thread, but that thread didn't have the 1337 data that this one does. At the end of wave 10 of Endless Spires, a group of Wyverns come pouring out in a huge clump. (About 10-12 for each side.) The problem is that each of these Wyverns has 20k health. (Or is this just bugged?) There's a couple of problems with the map itself, but also with the health scaling of Wyverns in general, that extremely limit the character you can finish the map with. (You'd pretty much have to have a Huntress or Ranger.) I have: A Traptress just shy of 200 tower attack
  14. heres a picture illustration 209 attack 255 attack 295 attack 343 attack 380 attack note my guardian doesnt actually have any defense boost so it does not affect towers dmg at all. I appreciate how hard you're trying but 200 damage more for the 100 extra tower attack I don't have won't make enough of a difference when they 3-hit the crystal before you can chew past the 10k health they have. (My Monk has 346 tower attack so I know what you're trying to do, but the marginal difference in numbers doesn't cause enough of an effect.) I'm starting to think that for Endless
  15. Make a DPS huntress babysit the crystals. But... I use a Countess so I can one shot Ogres as soon as they spawn. O_o (Literally... you can push an Ogre off the edge as soon as he is out of his spawn at anywhere on the map.)
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