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  1. Dont forget to add that they still get stuck/moonwalk on some places (where the chest at the right spawn and on the lower part on the left). Also just now got an ogre on the left part stuck inside the respawn (could only see it on the map) and another ogre somehow fell onto a tiny little rope and stayed there for the rest of the wave.
  2. Im guessing something like "kill 5.000 mobs to free santa", its been like that for all the other events Halloween at first was a glitchy survival and turkey is.... well, kill 5.000 turkeys.
  3. you dont get much, also ogres give around 50 or so exp instead of 2.000 like in normal maps.
  4. i reached wave 7.... many ogres in pure strat + cant repair mid-wave = bad
  5. Pretty much this, only problem is when ogres get stuck and dont feel like following you to their doom.
  6. I usually dont look "bye bye" posts, but just wanted to check if you had the song to hear it again, thanks for posting it. Anyway, i feel the same, havent played in some time (it was good with 50ups gear, but 200? really?).
  7. Dungeon defenders: Fun game to play multiplayer with friends (thou without friends, you will end up playing solo because its easier) Character stats are almost worthless with end gear: you can get a single item with more stats than your lvl 70 character MMO grind feel, this is since the updates from this month, the game became a grind fest to farm items and get stats, people went from having 300 tower atk at most, to having 600 with 2 or 3 other stats at 400 (also be ready to start farming mana). Orcs must die Not much replayability (thou i havent finished it yet) Awesome traps an
  8. something to keep in mind is that elemental monster deals double damage (half generic, half elemental). So if a monster do 200 damage, an electric monster will do 400 damage (200 generic and 200 electric damage). I dont know if fire is THAT important because those get affected by both, snare and elec aura
  9. All halloween weapons need an insane amount of mana to upgrade.
  10. *Dark Elf Warriors can now target auras and traps. *DU for Alch lab reduced by 20
  11. I think it could be better that Slower weapons have a higher damage cap (maybe 90 or something like that) or gain more benefit from hero damage so they can do the same dps as the fast ones (same happens with bows, why would you use a blunderbuss if a bonebow do almost the same damage but attack faster?).
  12. Never heard of that game Seems like multiplayer GTA or something like that.
  13. I dont know much about coding, but i dont think it would be too hard to do the net thing, just add a net texture as the debuff (i think mobs get some green bubbles on their head when they are on the snare aura) and someting similar for the projectile. Ill try to draw the concept for the towers, but i always end up playing something >_>
  14. Yeah, dont do this for loot, its all garbage. Thats why i did it on hard, mobs with much less hp and still got a pretty good giraffe (77 upgrades).
  15. Yeah, the game already has a "tesla" tower, thats why i made it to work different (but still should be changed, to many elec damage towers now). Poison towers seems to be the slowing one, maybe a trap that shoot poisoned darts or something that deals little damage and slow? Or as Wrenchsman said, some kind of tower based on Da Vinci tank (maybe something similar to the squire slicer, but with flamethrower or small cannonballs).
  16. The auras are there to slow kobolds mostly, so the towers have time to kill them while they lit their bombs. The best thing is to have at least 1 app guardian (more if you dont have good gear), you can get one easily on summit medium or hard (the ideal thing would be one app guardian buffing the front and another on the back). The aura health doesnt need to be that high either (i have around 150 health but they barely lose any) after each wave), just build them covering the stairs where the towers have range (or else you will be slowing mobs and make them cluster, and that isnt good. The
  17. The max is 6 sps, i have one with 40 ups, it started with 130-ish base damage and 3sps i think. Now it does around 8k damage per shot (it has 2k something attack, cant remember exactly and to lazy to log in xD).
  18. Not only that, but is also really fun to watch the entire map get shocked by the towers at the same time
  19. Im sure you are using an Apprentice Guardian as a pet on your Apprentice, that pet buff damage of nearby towers. There is a buff that if you use the character that built the towers, they get a 33% buff (if you build with an apprentice and swap to a huntress, you lose that bonus)
  20. Hello everyone, i wanted to get a giraffe so i tried a easy strategy for Alch Lab. It was on hard (much less hp mobs) in pure strategy mode (no elemental), you dont get any superloot but you do get a good giraffe (i got one with +25 to all stats and 77 ups). Info: I did this on HARD difficulty (No super-loot, but you get a good giraffe) Pure Strategy Mode (so you dont get elemental monsters) What you need: Tower Apprentice with good gear (mine has 400 tower atk, but im sure you can do it with less). Aura Monk with good aura range App Guardian (if you have a friend or a gamepa
  21. The worst thing is when you chicken push an ogre on mix mode on wave... 18? (cant remember much) on top of your full hp crystal and destoy it in 1 hit (i saw it moving his axe while i was running to kill it all in slowmotion). Edit: Yay, just lost connection on wave 19
  22. Just wait for the next patch, when the chicken will have a minimun of 80 ups and a max of 100 and you will be stuck with 80 ups. (my stupid chicken only has 60 upgrades). I think its a good chicken, but they arent that powerful to start with.
  23. I think for me would be the youtube videos. Found them very usefull when trying to do all the achievements and got stuck on some challenges. And even if i dont use the calculator, the map thing and the trade site (used it a bit XP), they are still great.
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