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  1. Dont forget to add that they still get stuck/moonwalk on some places (where the chest at the right spawn and on the lower part on the left). Also just now got an ogre on the left part stuck inside the respawn (could only see it on the map) and another ogre somehow fell onto a tiny little rope and stayed there for the rest of the wave.
  2. Im guessing something like "kill 5.000 mobs to free santa", its been like that for all the other events Halloween at first was a glitchy survival and turkey is.... well, kill 5.000 turkeys.
  3. you dont get much, also ogres give around 50 or so exp instead of 2.000 like in normal maps.
  4. i reached wave 7.... many ogres in pure strat + cant repair mid-wave = bad
  5. Pretty much this, only problem is when ogres get stuck and dont feel like following you to their doom.
  6. I usually dont look "bye bye" posts, but just wanted to check if you had the song to hear it again, thanks for posting it. Anyway, i feel the same, havent played in some time (it was good with 50ups gear, but 200? really?).
  7. Dungeon defenders: Fun game to play multiplayer with friends (thou without friends, you will end up playing solo because its easier) Character stats are almost worthless with end gear: you can get a single item with more stats than your lvl 70 character MMO grind feel, this is since the updates from this month, the game became a grind fest to farm items and get stats, people went from having 300 tower atk at most, to having 600 with 2 or 3 other stats at 400 (also be ready to start farming mana). Orcs must die Not much replayability (thou i havent finished it yet) Awesome traps an
  8. something to keep in mind is that elemental monster deals double damage (half generic, half elemental). So if a monster do 200 damage, an electric monster will do 400 damage (200 generic and 200 electric damage). I dont know if fire is THAT important because those get affected by both, snare and elec aura
  9. All halloween weapons need an insane amount of mana to upgrade.
  10. *Dark Elf Warriors can now target auras and traps. *DU for Alch lab reduced by 20
  11. I think it could be better that Slower weapons have a higher damage cap (maybe 90 or something like that) or gain more benefit from hero damage so they can do the same dps as the fast ones (same happens with bows, why would you use a blunderbuss if a bonebow do almost the same damage but attack faster?).
  12. Never heard of that game Seems like multiplayer GTA or something like that.
  13. I dont know much about coding, but i dont think it would be too hard to do the net thing, just add a net texture as the debuff (i think mobs get some green bubbles on their head when they are on the snare aura) and someting similar for the projectile. Ill try to draw the concept for the towers, but i always end up playing something >_>
  14. Yeah, dont do this for loot, its all garbage. Thats why i did it on hard, mobs with much less hp and still got a pretty good giraffe (77 upgrades).
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