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  1. I thank everyone for the replies. However, this was not about spending medals or it's limits. This was basically just to report that I thought it was a bug/technical issue about the "Reroll" Daily button not refreshing on the 24 timer when dailies are full. If it's supposed to be this way... <shrug/boggle> okay. But if they didn't realize it was doing that... here's a message. Thanks again for advice/support.
  2. Path of Exile way to much... Orcs Must Die Unchained, Marvels Online game a little...
  3. Been playing a while and typically don't let my dailies fill up... but I'm at 12,000 so no point in doing them right now. When your dailies are full and you click the "reroll daily", you get a new one. Seems all good, however, unless you do one of the dailies, the "reroll" button will not reappear. I've waited 3-4 days to get it to come back thinking it was a glitch. Do a daily, button comes back with the new daily... wait with dailies filled and already refreshing one... it will not come back. I think the "reroll" button should reset on the 24hr time that dailies do. It should not be based on the fact of getting a "new" daily.
  4. I agree with the idea of being able to farm them in some way, Onslaught or like DD1. However, I think what we will get is the Carnival coming back, and we'll be able to get them with golden tickets. (I haven't watch or read all the dev streams, so maybe Carnival is not on the table)
  5. Just read a thread at the beginning.... seems to still be an issue.
  6. I know there was an issue with daily missions a patch or two ago... but are they still broken? I completed 2 dailies yesterday (didn't have a third)... log on today, weekly mission reset (good there)... but I don't have a new daily mission... Anyone seeing the same issues?
  7. Can confirm... did not get a new daily quest today.
  8. Don't enjoy it at all. Spam one tower type over and over again for 15 minutes or so... no fun, completely mindless. And like the OP said to have to farm this for a 750 item... well, I might just go without it.
  9. Personally I enjoyed the episode. 1. Sound Quality: No offense to Trendy, but they need to give everyone a microphone, you Edtheduck, and Elandrian... do a better sound quality job. 2. Like that you explain in a little more detail the updates. Expanding on what they are are saying and giving opinions. 3. Enjoy giveaways, but it causes a lot of spam in twitch chat, difficult to read and keep up with good information and answers to questions. 4. It was nice some one from Trendy were watching chat and answering questions while you three were talking about details. Thank you for taking the time to do that stream.
  10. I was wondering if Trendy meant to... or wants to make a reward system based off difficult of completing daily missions. This is just an example of if they want to, then there are mistakes... Win 3 Maps = 375 DM vs Win 3 Incursions = 300 DM. Not that either is difficult mind you, but Incursions are typically more difficult than just regular maps... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=714461492
  11. Fozzie, though I agree with your thoughts... let me throw some counter points and exploits at this idea. 1. ipwr vs ability... We all know you can have a high ipwr and not have the ability or knowledge of how to win certain maps. Some people avoid Betsy, Harbringer like the plague because even though they have high ipwr, they aren't sure how to build it properly... etc. 2. ipwr in hero deck exploit... before you log off and dailies are distributed... remove all gear from heroes in deck. Lvl 50 hero with no gear... = 10 ipwr (pet)... = easy quest. 3. Easier way to stop lower level playing to do dailies. After completing NMs... turn off the ability to start a game in Easy/Normal/Hard even? 4. How people chose to farm for items/lvls/badges: ... does it really matter? A lot of people will look to complete things the easiest and fastest way possible. Again, I like idea behind what your saying... these are just counter points.
  12. A few friends and I've had that happen a couple times now too on this map. It's always been a problem, one of the many bugs. But Trendy needs to get that fixed if they are going to put entrances so close to a core.
  13. The Build I use still works the same, 300s left since hotfix. What were you using? Squire waller 802k down to 374k and Monk LA 6800 down to 3xxx + SA, Apprentice frosty, squire flamethrower dps. To be fair, I have not tried it, but based on how close some attempts were when I had 1mil hp walls at rank 2, that had 200k left... lets just say, I know the outcome. All heroes bar my Frost Apprentice are over 750 ipwr :'( I have no interest in AL and EV, as even post buff (Before the hotfix) they were still far superior. Sorry Zimmerman, I knew when reading that you could do it with newly buffed hero's... then reading they were going to revert them... you were going to be in trouble without a AL or EV. =/ Hopefully you got a good mage weapon while it lasted. Positive note, it will be back... hopefully soon.
  14. [[30264,users]] Check out this post... pictures and good ideas. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/136055/nm4-incursion-bastille-with-over-300-seconds-remaining-with-placement-guide I get it to wave 5, but lose... it's just taking me to long to start.
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