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  1. Sadly it has to be this way im assuming to prevent item hacking. This was a huge problem in DD1 to the point people would actually make real money by selling hacked items so this might be their solution to that. The game is in alpha, there's going to be problems and you should be happy that theres so many players on that its causing issues on the servers (id imagine its somewhere close to 20k players).
  2. I love posts like this because it really shows how little people know about porting something. Most people think you can just port something and slap a console/pc logo on it. It doesn't work like that. It takes a lot of work, if not months paperwork, lawyers and other things probably further on top of that just to get the ok to release a game on a single platform. Not only that another port just adds a heavier workload onto a team thats working heavily on a project for 2 systems already. The more work you ask they to do the harder it is to meet deadlines = worse experience overall for the devs and players. That doesn't even take into account things like overall gameplay. You can literally add endless amounts of things onto pc but silly consoles can only handle so much so then you end up having completely different builds and then it becomes a hassle for the devs.
  3. Crit in general is just badly implemented over all. Crit damage needs to be a modifier to damage when critting not just a flat amount of damage. If you're rocking 500 crit then you should be doing at least +150% dmg with +100% dmg from a crit being the minimum 0. Hopefully the devs change it to make sense to build heroes for DPS because right now hero damage scaling is very underwhelming and imo doesn't come close to how it felt in DD1.
  4. Id imagine NM Betsy would drop the staff with a higher ipwr.
  5. I already posted my 2 cents on this is a similar post. More or less the hero deck needs to either be removed or completely revamped. In DD1 because we werent limited to the amount of characters we could bring into a map and could switch at any point between rounds, it allowed for massive creative freedom when creating build concepts for every map. With the hero deck the creative freedom is completely removed, youre forced to make basic builds that you know to work and cant spend hours coming up crazy and unique builds to defend the crystal like in DD1, unless you want to cheat the F2P system and create multiple accounts and run it in a sandbox or on multiple computers. Solutions 1. Make the hero deck just a bonus to stats/tower effects/bonus effects etc. while still allowing us to choose between any characters we have made. Say we have 10 heroes, 4 can be used in the hero deck and gives a bonus to all tower placed based on the card combo and hero stats placed in the deck, while still allowing us to choose any of those 10 heroes we made to change to at any time. 2. Just remove it which would just be a waste of potential with it.
  6. Not really tbh. A lot of people used to spend hours on maps coming up with really creative builds using many different heroes. This removes that freedom of being totally creative. It's a feature thats good in concept but poor on execution tbh. Let the builders have more freedom and let the creativeness let loose.
  7. I agree with this but DD1 had a big flaw. Almost any gear that had a + to any stat showed up as a better alternative even if your gear was superior in every way. I agree it needs to be brought back but it should be brought back in a way so there's not hundreds of green dots on the map because its ipwr is +1 higher than yours but the stats are worse outside just 1 of them. Possibly some sort of filter we can put on the minimap dots that will only show upgrades for specific set of stats. Like if you're on apprentice and you want Defense Power and Defense Health, only gear that drops with those stats that are actual alternatives to yours would show up as green.
  8. Tbh something like this would have been great in DD1 for things like Kings Game where certain builds required pixel perfect placement and building would alone take 30+ min to do. I remember me and my friends spend 45 min one time trying to do a certain build where there was a spot you can place a turret in the build but placing it was so hard that it took 25 min alone to get it placed. Other than that i don't see this as being useful because there's pretty much never a point where you need to spend close to an hour placing the initial build in any map. Good idea but there's no point to it.
  9. Yea i agree the Hero Deck needs to be removed and make it so we can switch to any characters we have like it was in DD1.
  10. I feel like a ton of systems need improvement. It's a solid game that has a ton of potential but right now it feels very lackluster and is missing a lot of the feel that DD1 had. 1. Weapon Variance: This is a good start. The weapons have unique properties like DD1 had but theres one thing that bothers me to no end and that is them all feeling static and the same. You find a good weapon and stick with it. It doesn't matter if its multi projectile or single shot they all do virtually the same DPS and theres no real benefit to using a multi projectile over a single shot. Also on top of that there's no real dmg scaling on weapons. It seems to all have been moved to the heroes dmg stat instead of the heroes stat being the modifier. I feel like the weapon scaling needs to be far broader than it is now like it was in DD1. I remember those farming sessions on DD1 where id be blown away when id find an insane weapon that has multi projectiles and shoots wicked fast and was great at dealing with small creeps around the map before they made it to the towers or one weapon was single shot but hit insanely hard per shot and was nice for helping take out Ogres better compared to most others i found on the same map and difficulty. 2. Armor Stats: Why have tower speed and range been taken away and replaced with critical stats? The great thing about DD1's armors were that they allowed you to stack stats how you wanted and it allowed for a broad spectrum of builds for almost any endgame map. In DD2 it feels like all that was taken away and its all just very static. You put walls up and your towers somewhere near them which puts the towers in danger as much as the walls. Bring back the Tower Range and speed stats on armor. It allows for far more creative builds on maps and it makes it more fun coming up with new ways to stop hoards of mobs from getting to the crystal. 3. Inventory: Bring back the Item Box. The Item Box in DD1 was great. Held up to 260 items, allowed up to make tabs for a sorting system and it just worked out really well. Downscale it to 125 slots to start with and allow people to buy as many extensions to it as they want. I know people who love to mass hoard gear and will buy tons of extensions just to keep their collection. I didnt even have every hero maxed out in DD1 and still pretty much had every slot of the item box filled up with gear and pet to suit every built for every hero in the game except for a couple of heroes. 4. Auto Collect and Auto-Sell Loot: This is great but definitely needs to be expanded more. There needs to be an option to be able to set what rarities and above for the auto collect to take. Anything below the lowest rarity set that isnt collected at the start of the next round should be auto sold off for gold just like in DD1. The amount of trash that builds up on the map is absurd and this fixes that problem.
  11. I would personally like to see Tower Speed and Tower Range stats added to armors and weapons for more diverse builds.
  12. Arcflare

    Show gear

    Because it would just look odd. All the armor you pick up looks like heavy plated armor outside a few pieces and for the most part looks all the same. It wouldnt make sense plus id rather not have every hero look the exact same as squire.
  13. TBH anyone saying any 1 specific type of trading like an auction house will break solo play is wrong. Anyone from DD1 will know that solo and party play was well balanced to where you could have 1 insanely OP hero but it wouldnt be enough to carry you through a nightmare map nor was just having 1 super op hero in a party while the rest were decently gear enough to carry through a nightmare map. With proper scaling of enemies between solo and party play, solo should be just as hard as with a 4 man party. 1. Auction Houses: This is a great idea if implemented correctly. I think there should be a system to allow people to put up cash shop items for auction. This is a free to play game but too many companies restrict cash shop items to cash currency only. TERA is a great example of a system that allows people to buy cash shop items and allows players to sell them on the marketplace. It adds more variety to the economy and allows free players who cant afford to buy stuff with real money a way to still get cash shop exclusive stuff. A player should be rewarded for hard work and dedication and this is where it really shines imo. 2. Private Trading: This should be allowed as well whether it be being able to set up private taverns as shops and listing your items there or 1:1 trading in a trade window. This should also allow for trades to be made with both gold and gems. This will give once again hard working and dedicated players more satisfaction at the end of the day.
  14. Yup this would be a great feature to have and saves a good bit of time when you can instantly switch on the fly between rounds.
  15. I agree with this. Buy back is always nice especially with the meh inventory system we have atm.
  16. Probably not til after the game goes into full release. This is just an alpha and it would be absurd to think more heroes would be added this early. The 4 we have now were the original 4 from DD1. DD1 didnt get more heroes until DLC's landed.
  17. It's true that its a niche tower but the comparison isn't stupid. Theyre both utility towers and the frost tower has far more uses than the Earthshatter does in pretty much every map. It's not so much a map issue as it is just the overall usefulness/DU. As the old saying goes you pay for what you get, well With both towers is false. You get way more bang for your buck with the Frost Tower and its the opposite for the Earthshatter. Im not saying it needs some over the top buff, Just a small dps increase and stun chance/duration increase would be a huge QoL change for the tower and will allow it to fill a broad spectrum rather than a small niche.
  18. They really need to make it so the different towers of each character compliment one another. Obviously Squire's blockades are the best and have always been the best as walls. But as far as tower builds go each one should be able to fill specific rolls but make so each can be used for different situations on maps. Lets take the Frost Tower and the Earthshatter for example. Frost is obviously vastly superior there's no doubt about that and there's no reason not to use it over Earth. If they buffed the Earth tower to do more dmg, bigger radius and a better stun chance this would not make the frost tower useless. The frost tower would be perfect for lanes that have smalls waves of enemies and can slow them down while the dps towers do their work. The Earth tower would be perfect for those lanes with ogres or very large waves of enemies that require tons of aoe's and an occasional stun to keep at bay. The Earth tower atm does not fill this roll in any shape way or form because it is unreliable. All you have to do atm is build a frost tower in each lane and you're golden. On the flip side of the coin if they did bring back the Magic Missile and Lightning Towers we would need a way to boost apprentices tower speed through the roof. In DD1 you built speed and dmg on your towers. It made these towers great at wave clearing small creep waves but in end game did require vast amounts in both stats. From my knowledge you cant even get tower speed increases on armor or weapons in DD2 which is something they should really bring back now that you can put points into tower speed as well as tower range. It will allow for more intricate and different builds if they were both reintroduced on armor and weapons.
  19. Where is this system is something for Trendy to sell? Remember they have to have a way to make money. In DD1 you had a max of 260 item storage which was A LOT. I said to downscale it. Meaning lower it to around 100-125. This i enough for a small basic endgame collection. Small amount of gear for each character build + pets. But very little room for actually picking up items. Thats where selling inventory space increases comes in. The DD1 Item box was a lot better than the bags we have when it comes to item sorting because you could make as many tabs as you wanted. Also before you say "125 is way too many inventory slots. no one will ever need to buy more." With the current amount of characters, no you wouldnt, but in the future when we have twice or even 3 times the amount of heroes we have now it wont even be remotely enough for a basic gear set up for end game for each hero. In DD1 i had over 180+ armors and weapons to accommodate every gear build possible for each character and that doesnt even include pets which was close to another 50 or so. Not only that if Trendy allows us to trade gear and/or open shops like we could in DD1 that will require even more space. You cant just think of the present when doing changes, you have to think of the future as well. If they get the inventory system right sooner, it means more resources can go back into the actual gameplay.
  20. The best system would be to just bring back the old Item Box from DD1, downscale it a little to accommodate for people who love to mass collect gear to expand it (the one in DD1 held up to 260), throw in the tab system the original one had, allow each tab to auto collect loot by rarity and allow any items that are below the rarity you set to be auto sold. This would be the best solution i believe.
  21. Post Level 50 XP Exchange System: A system that allows us to use our exp for perma boosts. Additional Stat points Bonus Gold+ % Increased Rare Drop Rate+ % Decreased Shop Prices Just to name a few possible ones. Of course these wont come cheap though. Ones like Increased drop rate should require vast amounts of exp for just a very minor boost of like 0.5%. Bonus Gold wouldnt cost too much for a 5% increase and could be bought multiple times. Maybe this will be a good alternative to xp after level 50.
  22. I believe one of the reasons stated in a stream was because they wanted to also see if the leak problem could be fixed by increasing the size of the towers but according to others it didn't and the devs figured it wouldnt but it was at least worth the try. A lot of people have mixed feelings on the size increase. Some love it, some hate it.
  23. Tbh they should just bring back the item box from DD1 just downscale it a little and let people buy upgrades for that. That held up to 260 items which was a good amount. I had like 10 pages dedicated to every different gear build for every hero and a ton of pets. That way inventory isn't as limited for free players and it gives more options for people who like to hoard/collect gear and pets. Can set up tabs that you can name to sort items how you want and allow each tab to have an option for auto collect.
  24. You have understood my point exactly. Thank you. Well it makes complete sense. There should be a bigger gear variety over all. Even the armors feel pretty static in terms of stats on each map. Id love to see those armors that drop and you go "oh its a rare!" then look at its stats and be like "what kind of garbage is this!?" Then later on find another one on the exact same map that blows the other one you found out of the water. Its really what made me play DD1 for hours on end because i really never knew at what point i would hit the absolute pinnacle of gear and it made me strive to play more and find out.
  25. This is a great suggestion. I was literally about to post this in another topic too. But i suggest that it be implemented within auto collect. If your auto collect is set to only collect items of a certain rarity and above, the items that are below that rarity get auto sold after each round.
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