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  1. They need to just bring back the Item Box from DD1. Being able to create as many tabs as we want for sorting items was incredibly useful and far better then the bags we have now.
  2. This would actually be a pretty insane idea and its something they could definitely look into. But the way for this to be implemented that would really diversify the different elements is if we would have to have maps for specific elements. Like snow maps that spawns only ice based elemental enemies that are weak to fire but resistant to other elements. But for that to happen they would have to make each element on their own and make resistances for each individual elements.
  3. Tbh ive never seen a game company be this open and in tune with its community. Literally every post on updates and bug fixes is answered with incredible detail on whats currently going on, how the problem is being looked into, and even what will happen after the patch. Absolutely incredible, couldnt ask for any better of a Alpha experience and hope it continues into Beta and post launch!
  4. This has been answered so many times. The devs already said multiple times theyre going to lower the drop rate of items a lot once they figure out how to get stats and passives to drop consistently together so gear actually makes sense. Like instead of seeing a Frosty Power on a Hero Health/Defense health piece youll see it drop more paired with Defense Power Also its a good idea to watch the dev streams they have every week, it really puts into perspective of what theyre doing, working towards, how they listen to the community etc.
  5. I don't understand it either. Some people will say the reasoning behind removing tower range and speed from gear is because how small the maps are but people forget Ramparts was really one of the smallest maps in DD1 and to even remotely be able to challenge NM you had to build tons of Tower Range and Speed. I think the devs are trying to shift them onto passives but i dont see this as being anywhere close to what towers really need. They might be able to cover the range portion of it with passives but when it comes to speed i dont see it happening. The devs should consider at least making
  6. I personally feel like its harder to remain mobile as a melee DPS because of the move foward when attacking. In DD1 i used to spend most of my time doing DPS on my Monk and it felt very nice and mobile but on here it feels far clunkier and it feels like if you want to melee you pretty much have to face tank everything just to get a few hits. Ranged though is able to remain mobile the entire time which is nice. I wish melee was like that too.
  7. I definitely agree with this but it is still alpha. The map could use a nice update along with bringing back the bigger map overview you could bring up in DD1. It was such an incredible help when you had a huge map to take care of even in 4 player co-op.
  8. The biggest problem with consoles other than their spec limitations is actually asking for permission to patch a game. A version of the patch has to be submitted to Sony every time they want to patch something and then Sony has to approve of it. It's not like on PC where they can patch as often as they want without limitations.
  9. The closing day for the monthly is the 1st of November when the new monthly starts. On the 27th is when the new maps will be released and those maps will only spawn Plaguing Hulks (i believe from what the devs said on the last stream) as to help people complete the new requirements of the monthly after the force reset they had to do. As to why the monthly requirements havent been lowered is beyond me.
  10. For me its odd, its like theres no multicore support, im running a 4790k and my first core on my cpu is always running the hottest meaning its doing nearly all the work while the rest are just there chilling out doing nothing. My first core is runs roughly 12C higher than the rest of my cores while playing. I know its not my cooling either since every other game i have played makes all cores run about even give or take a couple degrees. Hopefully they fix whatever is causing it.
  11. This has already been suggested countless times and the devs already stated in past streams theyre looking into implementing something like this.
  12. I personally think this would remove the excitement factor from the eggs. If it has a longer timer then you already know its going to be decent. At least with it being random those times you get a mythical pet you jump out of your chair from excitement because you were expecting less. The rot timers definitely need to be changed. 2 days of waiting for an egg to rot is a little much when youre trying to evolve your pet. 6 hours i feel is more fair personally because eggs aren't super rare and even if you forget to hatch one its not the end of the world.
  13. i believe theres a quest you do that gives you free gems for completing it but its only a one time thing.
  14. On gear there seems to be Hero Magic Resist which can roll on armor. Im assuming there are mobs that do deal magic damage but i dont believe the Arcane Barrier is made for magic resistance so i wonder if theres plans in the future to possibly make it like this? I really do believe the Arcane Barrier should have magic resistance if it doesn't already to help add a little more variety and make the tower actually more useful. Another idea is make it the opposite of the Spike Blockade and have it reflect a small portion of magic damage it takes back to enemies. Overall this is a good suggestion
  15. The dev's stated in a stream a while ago they vastly increased drop rates for now until they figure out how to make it so special stats on gear are paired with the stats they work best with. Once they figure out how to make stats drop together in a way that makes sense they're gonna tone back the drops rates a lot.
  16. In the last dev stream they stated they were looking into expanding the auto collect and an auto sell feature for items of certain rarities.
  17. Yup definitely King's Game and Aquanos. Both were superb maps.
  18. Im assuming that has to be a bug because usually every free play hard i do i get between 2-4 eggs every run. theres only been like 3 runs ive done where ive only gotten 1 egg out of it. Hopefully its something that gets sorted out since this is the time to farm pets while drop rates are insanely high. The devs in a stream stated once they figure out how to make drops become higher quality and have their special stats make sense paired with the base stats on the items dropped they're gonna start toning back the drop rates significantly.
  19. ive seen this too. A weapon with a slower attack speed with have a + to its stat compared to a faster one. Im assuming this is a bug with the way calculations work.
  20. I personally have no problem with it. Even just starting free play you get lots of pet re-roll boxes as drops and its a good gold sink to have in the game to keep the economy intact. It gives you more reason to go for more pets rather than just endlessly trying to re-roll the stats on your current one as well.
  21. I dont see how you can even remotely believe this. Once the economy gets going it would be impossible for a new level 50 to just buy their way to NM4. It would take ALONG time to farm the amount it would require for someone to even purchase decent NM4 gear let alone NM3. Even if someone saved every gold from the moment they were level 1 to 50 they'd only have about 1.5mil give or take. I can guarantee that wouldnt even be a fraction of what most basic NM4 gear will cost Ive played MMO's for years and have never once in my life been "ok im max now ill just buy all the best gear in the game."
  22. Tower speed would be nice but I don't think Tower Range would fit into the game at this point because of how small the maps are. An aura in DD1 could probably fit over half the size of every map in DD2 and that is definitely not balanced lol. Being able to easily out range javelin throwers would be nice though You have to remember that only a small portion of maps are even implemented atm. in DD1 even alot of the first maps were small as well. Even ramparts which was probably the most played map before certain DLC's was probably the smallest map in the game and you needed tons of range and sp
  23. Actually, and this was covered before in a devstream and on forums, the tower speed / range is not completely removed from gear - it was limited to passives. The main stat as a whole was removed, yes. But Trendy themselves are very fond of the spraying Ballistae and what not, and these things are definitely on their desk. When? Nobody knows. Ballista passives are there already. However lacking they are.. We had Ballista shooting at 0.65s rate before. You could literally jump straight (with minimum preparations, of course) into the hardest content and clear it. While it was super awesome to
  24. Tower Speed and Range definitely need to be implemented back into gear someway. It wasnt only just seeing the towers develop overtime but it was also how people can come up with some crazy and unique map builds that added to it. It really puts into perspective looking back at DD1 and looking DD2 how there was such a huge variety in building you could do because of these 2 stats. Also this should be moved to the game suggestions or Feedback so dev's can become more aware of it if they aren't already. It would be great seeing both brought back to gear so we can see more diverse builds across al
  25. 1: Will we be seeing Tower Speed and Tower Range stats brought back to armor and weapons like in DD1? This allowed for far better and far more creativity when it came to building on almost all maps and was just fun to watch them in general. 2: Will we see a possible return of the Item Box from DD1? The Item Box allowed us to use tabs as a sorting system and i believe with an item box it would be a lot easier to manage items as well as far easier to allow for infinite expansion through buy-able slots.
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