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  1. This is like saying why are legendaries more powerful then worn.... The power gap between pet rarities isnt even that big and i actually wish it was far bigger that way its actually worth grinding for the rarest pets.
  2. Ive hatched every egg ive gotten for the past 2 days so theres no way i could have missed it myself.
  3. They really need to just bring back the weapon scaling from DD1. At least in DD1 it was very satisfying having a multi shot weapon that looked similar stat wise to another but would end up being better when it came to dps.
  4. Question: Will Defense Speed and Defense Range be brought back onto gear to allow for more building freedom and diversity in maps like in DD1? Question: Will we see a return of entire map overview with the press of Tab or another key like we could in DD1? Lightning: Will auto sell at the beginning of each wave for any items not picked up be implemented like in DD1?
  5. I dont mind it personally as long as the skins are high quality like the new Dark Arts Apprentice skin. Ive seen it and it has amazing animations and it probably took a lot of work to make a skin like that so its only right for it to have a decent price to it. Also my family is dirt poor so i cant afford a skin like that but i can at least appreciate the hard work the devs put into making a skin like that for us to enjoy if we do decide to buy it.
  6. Steam has a built in FPS counter. Go to your steam settings under View > In-Game > In game FPS counter.
  7. Tbh if they set it up like CSGO weapon skins has it and allow people to freely create items to put on the workshop for the devs to view and pick their favorites to add i could see this being a good thing. Unique community made weapons armors pets etc being added to the game would be awesome.
  8. Neither really broke the game. Some NM maps at the higher waves weren't even possible without them. I hope they do bring them back especially summoner because the RTS view you got with summoner was amazing for repairing towers
  9. Salvaging would be pointless after they fix the loot. Watching the dev streams really puts into perspective how the devs are approaching problems and the passives is something theyve touched on recently. They said the tons of loot dropping is intended for now until they can make it so passives are more linked to the stats that suit them best. Like a damage+% passive will be paried with defense/hero power damage stats. Once they fix that salvaging would be completely useless since finding the stats and passives paried together will be far easier and loot wont be dropping nearly as much. They'
  10. Dev's have said several times during streams that no more character wipes will be happening on PC. PS4 will be seeing a wipe soon but as for PC we are done with wipes. The only time things will be wiped is when a piece of gear needs rebalancing for example or something similar to where its a very small rollback or a complete wipe of that piece of gear is needed. Also if something game breaking happens and its only fixed through a wipe all gems ever spent would most likely be refunded but the chances of a bug being so bad that it requires an entire wipe happening is so slim at this point that
  11. Dev's already confirmed theyre working on implementing a bank system in the future. It was a lightning round question during the last stream.
  12. Either remove getting duplicates or lower the key price to 1 Wyvern coin per key. ive used 5 boxes for apprentice and out 5 of them 3 were duplicates. Also stackable lockboxes or any item being stackable is a great idea.
  13. I agree with this. It definitely should scale off DP since it is a DP tower or they could scale it 50/50 and have it scale off both DH and DP and make it so we see more hybrid squires rather than pure DH?
  14. There are a ton of opportunities to make crazy unique and off the wall weapons. Weapons that have the ability to knockup mobs with basic hits, ranged weapons that have the attack speed of a chain gun, weapons that change damage skills like mana bomb into a CC skill like you said. Hopefully the devs do see this and really like the idea overall. Like i said before they already said they have big plans in the future so i hope they mean stuff like this.
  15. I would wait personally. i dont see it getting nerfed but the devs did say theyre 4 new builds coming out with the patch meaning something might be more viable than the EC might happen. Idk the full extent the changes are supposed to be considering all the devs have really said are 2 new event maps + 4 new builds.
  16. thats what I ment, it scales with monks' DP, but only to 10%. meaning 4000 dp -> 400dp as boost Oh thats interesting. From what ive read monks DP doesnt affect boost auras at all and its just a flat % boost to tower DPS. Either way the usefulness of the Boost aura is virtually none existent atm and definitely needs to be reworked.
  17. Is this true? Can someone else confirm? Maybe I will just go watch it myself, just to be sure. Yes. They covered it very briefly but they did say they were wanting to implement a bank or vault system of some sort.
  18. They really do need to make the boost aura scale by monk's DP rather than it being a flat out % boost. At the moment the only use it really has is early game if you dont have a huntress for her traps. Hopefully well see a buff to it in the Ascension Part 2 patch on the 27th along with buffs to some other towers.
  19. Like phoenixX said the Dev Stream covered this pretty well. The high drop rates are only a temp fix for right now, sooner theyre going to provide another temp fix to change some of the problems and in the future theyre going to straight up fix it altogether. They also did talk about a crafting/forging system to enhance and customize your gear more to your liking.
  20. This may or may not happen in the future. I personally hope it does because in DD1 it was always exciting finding super power versions of lower level pets like the hero pets.
  21. I agree more variety definitely needs to be added in terms of item qualities and uniqueness but the devs have stated they have big plans for loot in the future so lets keep the awesome suggestions like this one coming! :D
  22. The dev stream that just happened earlier said theyre wanting to implement a bank system so that's good news!
  23. Man, its almost like the game is in alpha at the moment or something and there's still lots of work to do, like adding new content constantly and fixing bugs, who would have thought??? The ignorance of some people is astonishing.
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