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  1. Devs have stated on stream once they introduce the crafting system which will allow us to transfer passives between gear they will be significantly reducing drop rates on gear. This is a temporary solution for the current extreme RNG and wont be staying.
  2. I could see making the DU more interesting. A more interesting mechanic would be something like the less DU you use the higher of a drop rate you get. In the future the devs have stated once they make the crafting system to be able to transfer passives between equipment they are going to be making drop rates far lower than they are now so this could be a way to boost the drop rates of early waves.
  3. This would severely break the game all together. It would make last rounds ridiculously easy because people would just save up their mana after upgrading everything 1-2 times then be able to place enough extra towers that would more then make up for the lack of upgrades and end up having far more towers then you would ever have or need.
  4. But no matter what, the currrent issue is that players, once they hit lvl 50, can just leech in other peoples games to get that 700 ipwr legendary item anyways :D without having to either trade or farm items step-by-step themselves This could be easily solved by putting minimum ipwr requirements for endgame stuff in public matchmaking and then leave off the requirements for private. If im ipwr 700 but have a friend thats only just beaten the campaign and dont wish to wait for him to grind for weeks/months before he can play with me, i should be allowed to help him/her get there faster. That
  5. instead of making forum posts it would make more sense for you to just submit a ticket.
  6. Hero Deck: removes any creativity and incentive to try out unique builds. In the future when you have 12 heroes and you can only choose 4 of them and trying to come up with a unique build everytime you want to try something different youre forced to back out, switch 1 hero go back into the map, and rinse and repeat that process how ever many times it takes to try out all of the different builds. This is a poor system for solo players and people who have a passion for building unique things. The only point that the hero deck makes sense is with a full team of 4 premade friends and theres a deep
  7. Positive, The chances of a full wipe happening now is like it happening after the full game is released after beta.
  8. They stated that no more full wipes are going to happen unless something happens that breaks the entire game. The only rollbacks that are subject to happen are equipment rollbacks if they need to do some rebalancing and even that is unlikely.
  9. Actually this could be a good idea. Not buy additional bags with gold but maybe when the bank system in introduced there could be a way to adds slots to a bag with gold. Like 1 slot = 20,000 gold or something like that and allow for bags to be expanded up to 10-15 slots by gold. When theres going to be twice as many heroes in the future as we have now the bag space will be needed.
  10. Trading needs to happen. Right now trading doesnt make much sense since theres such a small gap between ipwr items in maps, but when there becomes maps with a 400+ ipwr difference and gear isnt nearly dropping as much we will need trading. I know some people who spent months in DD1 grinding maps trying to get specific gear but it would never drop but because there was trading they were eventually able to buy what they wanted. Fun fact: Rare high end gear costs weeks/months of grinding in order to afford in a good economy. So the misconceptions of people being able to buy their way into endgam
  11. Nice, that's awesome :D Yea it is. Hopefully its got a decent initial size that can be expanded later on like bags that way we can keep multiple gear sets for multiple heroes at all times. But yea the dev streams answer a lot of questions the community has and they're really fun to watch. Even if its the VoD after the stream ends. Definitely suggest checking them out if you get any free time to.
  12. Trendy already has plans of implementing a bank into the tavern. Was confirmed in a dev stream not that long ago.
  13. They are turning the maps into free play maps so they are not going away. But i believe when they change to non event maps skeletons wont be spawning as much but the weapons will still be obtainable. The event maps are amazing and for an Alpha trendy did an amazing job when they already have so much on their plate to tackle. It makes me wonder if they have something big planned for Christmas as well. The amount of love that Trendy shows constantly for the community is going to make this game an amazing success.
  14. The new maps did everything you were suggesting. The new halloween maps spawn tons of special skeletons as normal mobs and you can get 10 of them in a single run. As for future events i do if the requirements for the monthly are going to be exceptionally long and tedious like the initial October monthly then yes increased rates for 1-3 days towards the end makes sense.
  15. actually if you run 2 +10% apprentice range spheres and vector corrector (increases range of towers even more) then the flameburst towers take out anything with range and do far more damage. On my apprentice i have a +16% Vector Corrector on my head piece and +20% range from spheres and never have to worry.
  16. This idea just came to me while thinking of questions for the dev stream. More or less its a change to how magic works. Each element gets their own greater unique roll and all defenses will be able to be changed to specific elements in some way, maybe ubers or something. The Elements Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Light, and Dark. With Light and Dark being strong against each other. Each element will have their respective elemental weaknesses and random lanes could have strengths to magic like we do now and on top of that has a random element its stronger to or weaker too. For instance the
  17. 1. Will Defense Speed and Defense Range be brought back to gear stats? Having more opportunity to build both will allow for more creative builds in the future rather than the static few from the lack of both we have now. 2. Will we eventually see each individual element play their own bigger roll in builds in the future and be able to build for each element when we need to, like changing the Flameburst tower into a tower that shoots a ball of ice (Iceburst Tower?) that does more damage to enemies that are weak to ice?
  18. It sounds like a bug because when i do it with 40% exp boost from spheres i get like 150k exp or so every full run of throne room. I doubt youre doing anything wrong unless youre only doing 1 wave but i doubt that. Id submit a bug report if no one can give you a solution to it in this thread.
  19. I feel like something like this would cause a giant flaming pillar of destruction that engulf everything inside and around it the moment a mob walks over it lol. Would be an insane Uber to see in action thats for sure. This looks so good i say we call art!
  20. Just go into your private tavern and look at them there. Also the dps from different weapons in rather linear so its easy to figure out even across multiple targets/projectiles. You find a good weapon on a map and no other weapon will really do much better than it in terms of dps. They need to bring back the old DD1 hero dps system where hero damage was a modifier to the dps on weapons and make weapon scaling far more diverse that way the training dummy has an actual use.
  21. i could see this as a fun game mode for PvE. The towers should be random of multiple heros and if youre on that hero the towers that correspond to that hero gets a damage boost. So if its multiple different hero towers around the map you have to look at the lay out and choose the correct hero to run into order to clear the map. Either way theres lots of creative ideas for PvE modes and we should hope trendy adopts some ideas from the community.
  22. I suggest you go watch previous dev streams in your free time. They answer tons of questions weekly and tell you their solutions to the current problems that are in the game. Drop rates: The item drop rate was significantly increased as a quick fix the extreme RGN with passives and stats currently. In the future once they make it so certain passives are found more commonly with certain stats the drop rate of all things is going to be turned way down to were it should be. They have been working towards this but they said they're going to be doing another temp fix soon until they can get it 10
  23. If Defense Speed and Range was brought back to gear towers wouldnt be as weak in NM4 imo and would make them far more powerful and usable in NM4. Plus it would for allow more diverse builds overall.
  24. Ive seen this happen but its not fixed. Sometimes the mana crystals will stay but most of the time they will disappear. Hopefully Trendy will get the bug fixed because it does get a little annoying not being able to pick up mana after opening the chest.
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