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  1. Theres a very simple way around that and make it so perma locks cant happen. This can easily be achieved by making it so after each lock make a target immune for a few seconds after. Adding back speed and range as a basic stat would give more build options and experiment more and would allow them to increase the base difficulty across the board. Theres lots of things they can do to balance out the speed and range but they decided to take the lazy route and just remove them all together as a basic stat.
  2. The current map designs are terrible. Huge auras would be nice but they wold but completely useless because you have small lanes and all lanes lead right to a central crystal. No big open areas where you could actually make use of them. Tower range and speed not being a basic stat on gear really ruins the DD feel for me. DD1 was over the top and that was what made it fun. DD2 there gives no visual sense of progression and all the mechanics are for the most part terrible with the exception of a few. Everything is essentially dumb down for casuals. Most people from DD1 would love to see Tower range and speed brought back as they made it visually appealing and awe inspiring. But because when they originally had them in DD2 they were broken beyond belief because people could just perma lock every lane with geysers and had stupidly fast ballistas even at low levels and because of that instead of trying to fix them and recoding how speed scaled and how geysers worked they just straight up removed them which was just a shame.
  3. The thing that peeves me the most about DD2 thats really preventing me from playing more is your first point. Gameplay. DD1 did it sooooo correctly in almost every way. Just the sheer amount of base stats that you got on weapon and armor and how awesome the loot system was really blows DD2's system out of the water. It's too simplified towards casuals. Never once in DD2 have i had a moment where i fall out of my chair just looking at the stats on a piece of gear that was dropped. It's far too bland. Theres zero excitement in gear drops AND THATS BAD IN A LOOT BASED GAME. Some people will argue "oh but you get passives which equates to more than DD1 had." No. Just no. A passive is not a stat, its an augment and its random. DD1's end game gear pretty much rolled almost every stat possible for the gear type and no stat was useless. In DD2 why would you want to roll a range passive that gives such a small boost that it doesnt make a difference over something like frosty? You dont. Ontop of that if you had all of the same type of gear on you got a bonus to all stats up to +40%. Pets too. Zero excitement when it comes to pets. You get one and its pretty much the same as every other. Just slightly different utility. DD1 did pets correctly. Each one had a specific use and was extremely useful.
  4. DD1 did it right. Putting an emphasis on over the top. Tower range and speed as an actual normal stat, Gear sets that raise them further, Weapons with a plethora of different stats to upgrade from damage to number of projectiles. Over the top is what made DD1 so incredible. Having a turret shoot incredible far and fast is not overpowered when you had a Sharken barrel through your defenses and have a 50million hp ogre prance right up to the crystal and 1 shot it. It was fun, it was hard, and it made you always keep a close eye on everything. Those moment you could find the trashiest weapons and armor then in the middle of the map under hundreds of other drops sits a beautiful "overpowered" piece that makes you scream like a little school girl. DD1 did it absolutely correct with its gear as well as its pets. Find an amazing weapon/armor/pet with only 15 max levels? No problem, you can find a slightly weaker weapon/armor/pet with about 250 levels that could blow the other one out of the water when upgraded. There was no restrictions on the amount of heroes you could have or bring to a map. You could spend hours creating and trying out different set ups for almost every single map. Me and my friend would even spend hours looking at other peoples builds and take idea's from them and combine them. Over the top is what made DD1 what it was and it was amazing. DD1 allowed you let your imagination run wild when it came to builds and items. There wasnt heavy restrictions set on what you could and couldnt do. If you want DD2 to be as big of a success as DD1, build upon on what made DD1 so great. Lift at least some of the restrictions. Give us back tower range and tower speed as actual basic stats. Not useless passives. Rework pets so they are more like DD1's pets. Weapons need a pretty hard revamp. They are all pretty much the same in terms of dps. Weapons should not scale with hero damage, only be modified by it like in DD1 and armor needs to have set bonuses like DD1 as well.
  5. If they wanted to promote group play they would just make it the same way DD1 was. The more people in your party = better loot drops overall. Why bother playing with strangers who dont know what theyre doing and wipe on wave 1 when you could solo and get more of the same loot as you would with randoms? To a certain extent i agree with the NM scaling, what i dont agree with is Trendy's thoughts on balance. Atm they created a situation where theres no point in joining randoms. Friends will still play together but theres no point for randoms to group at a chance for even less loot than they would get playing solo.
  6. This doesnt really make much sense to me. Defense Speed and Range werent always absolute above everything else in DD1 There were plenty of builds you could do that set these stats at the bottom of the barrel in terms of importance in a good amount of maps but were always nice to work on for character builds over all. Theres no reason to remove them as basic stats on gear in fear of this. The main reason it was so op before the wipe was because you allowed ways to stun lock mobs infinitely instead of fixing the locking issues which is quite simple. All you had to do was make it so enemies cant be knocked back up x amount of seconds after. This change to traps make far more sense than completely removing stats altogether. With the recent NM rebalancing it makes even more sense to bring back Speed and range back as actual stats to make things like turrets far more feasible than they currently are. You can always change the scaling on speed and range so they dont affect traps as much as turrets.
  7. Im sure they do. theres just other things that are far more important to work on over a small convenience.
  8. Already been suggested and dev's have stated in devstreams they plan on making a system for gear to drop for multiple characters in a herodeck.
  9. Already been suggested multiple times across multiple devstreams. Dev's have said they like the idea and will probably do it at some point.
  10. Projectile towers would be easily feasible if they would just give us tower range and speed back as actual stats and not passives with small tweaks done to traps but for whatever reason they absolutely refuse to do it even after the huge Nightmare rebalance in the last update.
  11. Ill throw in my 2 cents. My biggest problem with DD2 is that theres no feeling of actual progression with characters. It infuriates me to no end that they removed attack speed and range off tower stats and made it as passives that are almost completely useless over other passives and once even more passives get introduced theres not gonna be any reason to use the tower range and speed (because of how minimal the boost is overall) over other passives. If they would just bring back the speed and range back as actual stats and not passives it would give more sense of character growth which is what i loved about DD1 personally.
  12. 1. Will we be seeing more stat options in the future such as Defense Speed/Range as well as build/repair speed on gear? I know most of these can be obtained as passives but currently if you want one you have to sacrifice more than would be worth it so moving these passives to stats even in smaller amounts could fix this. 2. Will we be seeing more to the Nightmare difficulties in the future when more build possibilities are added, such as adding in more options for nightmare like Hardcore and mix mode?
  13. It's sad but true. They dont stack and trendy has stated in devstreams that getting a stat twice on a pet is a bug.
  14. OP makes me want to ram my head into a brick wall. There isnt even a viable reason to compare 2 games that are completely different in every shape way and form. Youve obviously never touched DD1. Everything that you mention as a bad thing in this game and Diablo is what made DD1 amazing. You'd have so many particles and animations going off you couldnt see anything if you were in the middle of your builds and it was awe inspiring if you were able to reach that level of power on your gear because at anytime you could look at where you started from and where you got to. DD2's animation effects are nothing compared to what DD1's were. Numbers? This is the dumbest thing ive ever seen anyone complain about. Who actually cares if youre doing 1000000000000000 damage per hit and a boss has 99999999999999999999999999999 hp or doing 10 damage and a boss has 9999 hp. It doesnt matter how many numbers there are, it matters how long it takes to reach 0. it doesnt matter if you do 150 or 150mil dps if it still takes you 10 min to kill a boss. If youre really that bothered by it then DD is not the game for you. DD1 was catered to the hardcore and thats what made it as amazing as it was. DD2 atm is extremely tame by DD1's standards and i hope it changes in the future because catering to the casual around mechanics made for the hardcore is not going to let it succeed. Also DD2 started out as a moba and got scrapped. Devs have said theres no current plans for any form of pvp (and there really shouldnt even be any pvp implemented in a game like this because it wouldnt make sense for this type of game.) Also im getting sick of people throwing around the word overpowered like they know what it means. Doing 150k dps doesnt make you overpowered if what youre trying to kill has 5-10mil hp. What would be overpowered is if you were doing 150k dps and a boss only has 100k hp or say if something doesnt make sense stat wise and is way more powerful compared to everything else. Thats when it becomes overpowered because youre killing a boss instantly or something has far superiority over everything else.
  15. Pets are very boring in general compared to DD1 imo. Sure theres some nice things they can do but when it comes down to it none of them are really powerful at all and almost pointless to go for. At least in DD1 pets were exciting to farm for because getting a good pet meant a decent boost to your overall ability to solo and in a party.
  16. The boxes need a hardcore revamp in general. I believe the boxes should have a chance of dropping items that have a greater ipwr than the map itself. So say youre farming a map that drops ipwr 700 gear max then the box should be able to drop items up to say ipwr 720.
  17. Hate to tell you this but i asked if they would bring back auto selling ground items upon the start of the next wave like in DD1 in one of the dev streams and they made it sound like it was unlikely to happen which is really sad.
  18. Yes they still plan on doing it and theyve mentioned it plenty of times on stream. Its going to be along time before its implemented but we will get it eventually.
  19. They need to implement things like bloom and a lot of other things into the video settings so we can make the game look how we want. We need far more customizability in the settings options in general.
  20. im pretty sure the devs said they plan on getting rid of legacy gear gear like this because its too op compared to gear we can get now. so use it while you can.
  21. 1: Will modes like Hardcore and mix mode make a return? 2: With the introduction of the weather system can we see more in depth mechanics with the element system? Like right now with the snow theme monsters would be ice based so they would take more damage from defenses and weapons with the fire elements like the apprentices fire turrets or huntresses blaze balloon?
  22. Not till the big patch in decemeber i though :D in the test patch notes it says all drop rates were reduced by 30% across the board and end game is down to 45% of the loot it previously used to drop.
  23. Arcflare

    Monk Rework

    50% boost right off the bat would be way too much imo. Without any scaling there would be no reason to level a monk past the boost aura. 25% base + an additional bonus based on Defense Power. This way its not a static boost, room for improvement and viable in end game with work. Possibly 1% for every 75 power, +67% boost from 5000 DP + 25% base , so that would be 92% boost from the aura which would give you more DU to play with and to try out far different builds than what we currently have. Defense Speed in general needs to be brought back onto gear as well so all towers/auras/traps. It would make several things far more viable to build.
  24. This is really creative and [[4370,users]] should totally take a look at this. I back this 100%.
  25. It's impossible to program something without bugs happening. The bigger the code the more bugs youre going to experience. Id love to see you code a game and release it to 100k+ people and have your game bug free. Come back when you do because youll be the greatest programmer in the world at that point.....oh wait youre just a nobody that doesnt know anything when it comes to programming.
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