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  1. Tbh i would like to see a full stats/passive system rework. All the random +1-3% damage to Tower Damage should just be converted to an actual stat. just like Defense Power, Range, and Speed are. Gear should drop with the 3 Tower stats and then on higher level gear should include stats like: Tower1: +50 Tower 2: +5 Tower 3: +15 Tower 4: +0 With this change you're not having to constantly remake meaningless passives and applying the tower bonuses to gear and increasing the overall build possibilities for all heroes at the same time. How These tower stat bonuses affect each tower could be straigh
  2. They need to just redo the stat system entirely. Make tower bonuses a base stat on gear drops ontop of the already Tower damage/range/speed like we already have (like say Tower 1:+50, Tower 2: +5, etc) and change passives so they can change how towers interact with enemies and the environment. This would allow people to build their heroes far better than what we have currently, open up far more possibilities with builds in the future, and just be far more fun overall to play around with. It gives the devs more time to work on actual passives than having to worry about adding +2% passives to ev
  3. The sad thing is DD1 had some of the most fun mechanics. Why Trendy completely threw everything away from the original is beyond me. The absurd amount of different stats you could get on gear, the amount of max levels you could get on gear, the crazy enemies like assassins, genies, sharks, spiders etc. It was what made DD1 so fun and so challenging. It didnt matter if you were rocking some hardcore gear, those genies and sharks would really mess up your day if you werent paying attention. Not to mention the vastness of build combinations you could make just by playing around with your base to
  4. DD1 was far from a perfect game, but the overall mechanics with stats in general were far more interesting and why the devs went away from that path is beyond me. You would think DD2 would have taken everything that was great in DD1 and expanded on it rather than tossing almost the entire forumla out the window. So many loved DD1 for how crazy and hectic it was. All the stats allowed for far more flexibility in growth and growth was far more noticeable because of the stat system in general. But the stat system didnt make heroes op considering there were enemies that could completely ruin your
  5. I remember them talking about having color options for heroes a long time ago like DD1 had. It would be really nice if they implemented a fully 255 RGB color pallet for people to color their costumes with if they havent already implemented something like that. As far are more accessories are concerned i doubt it because once a costume is released usually the final product but its possible they might make changes in the future.
  6. Again its almost like DD1's stat system was superior and made every stat like elemental damage viable.....man if only DD2 did the same thing that DD1 did and just expanded on that....
  7. Aquanos, King's Game and Sky City are hands down my favorites from DD1. Kings Game was a slew of madness, Aquanos being the best in almost every aspect in terms of layouts and music, and Sky City because its a darn fun map to play in general. Good layout, cool wind pads around the map, and the boss fight is fun.
  8. I have to disagree with your first point about DD1. Unless your core heroes pretty much all had top tier gear nothing about it was faceroll and that took so insanely long to get to you should be allowed to faceroll content because theres not much else for you to do. Striving for that power is what made DD1 so fun to begin with because you had a end goal with tons of different ways to go about it. DD2 is so boring in almost every aspect to DD1 that they really need to look at what made building characters with stats so much fun to begin with instead of watering down everything to the point you
  9. 1. Im hoping they're removing the speed passives in order to set up for bringing back Defense Speed and even maybe range back to gear. Something they said in one of the devstreams that hinted at this before the power update was that they said down the road towards the end of the overhaul of everything they wanted to start getting into the crazy stats like DD1 had. 2. The armor sets are a massive disappointment. They made it sound like how DD1's armor sets were so if you were wearing a whole set you got a bonus to all stats on every piece of gear. This makes far more sense than what they came
  10. I lol'd at this. If anything the current state of the game proves that it has to stay in alpha for at least another year. Beta means most of the game is already well fleshed out and its not even remotely close to that point. If Trendy moved to beta in its current state id actually have to disown Trendy completely. I dont even want to this game to leave Alpha until it becomes as fun as DD1. Ever since i started playing its been a huge disappointment and thats why i havent even touched it in the last 6 months except for a couple minutes to try out the last update. They have pushed out some nice
  11. No one would spend 1m gold to re-roll a stat or passive on a piece of gear. Not many people also have any where close to 1m gold, most likely around the 100-200k range. If gold was easier to get I would say sure, but since jackpot doesn't stack as it should, there is no easy way to farm gold, even with a squire using all jackpot items. Simply the fact that it is easy to complete end game maps currently for gear is reason not to waste that gold only to have that money go straight into the trash with nothing in return, because what are the chances the stat will actually improve, it could just a
  12. This would break the game tbh if not implemented correctly. its already stupidly easy to get gear as is compared to what it was like in DD1. If they were to implement this it would have to have an insane cost and a crazy material cost to reforge a piece of high tier gear. 1mil, and 4 legendary tier materials is a good start for end game costs. Implement new crafting materials that drop from bosses and end of match chests with grades and make legendary grade materials have a very low drop rate of 1-5% but give each item that drops a chance to be a legendary crafting material. So say a boss/c
  13. The biggest problem that DD2 suffers from is what DD1 did amazing in and that was variety. DD2 has such a small gap in gear stats across all tiers that its absurdly easy to max out characters. Theres also a distinct lack of basic stat variety that makes it really boring when building gear sets unlike in DD1. Theres not enough appeal for people who like a hardcore grind unlike DD1 and its really where DD2 is falling flat on its face atm. Hopefully in the future Trendy will fix that. If i remember right a few dev streams ago they stated that they were going to focus on the crazy stats like DD1 h
  14. Where as I want things to "not be like DD1" because "doing it like DD1" is the fastest way to get me to quit playing. DD1 was fun right up until the Shards DLC, then everything went to s**. Everything. Nightmare wasn't balanced, the new mobs weren't balanced, loot wasn't balanced, the new maps weren't balanced, bugs in loot drops allowing some people to fast-forward over content, only for it to get fixed leaving the rest of us without a bridge... No, I don't want that back. There's already issues in DD2's design with regard to high iPWR weapons, in that the amount of enchanting you need to
  15. Actually, it was done because the animations would reset so quickly that the defense would be incapable of dealing damage. So while a skeletal orc do jazz hands is quite funny to watch, not having it deal any damage at all is a bug. A bug that can only be fixed by introducing a limit on how fast it can attack. It is lazy design because it was something that could have been fixed so it worked properly but instead removed it altogether. Capping attack speed wouldnt be the only way to fix a bug like that. Theres a ton of different ways to code something so it works properly but the devs didnt b
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