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  1. De-summoned towers are completely gone. Towers that are moved were never destroyed
  2. The portal Gun was for steam players if you wanted the portal you should have bought it from steam.
  3. This has been addressed a few times already of the forums. Also this is being fixed in the next patch as seen in the upcoming patch notes
  4. No reason to nerf it, it buffs perfectly for the DU it costs if it were anymore it would surely not be worth it.
  5. Maybe he fired the poison ball so that it originated behind the reflection wall? I was thinking that too but it still seemed to happen even when i moved the walls to be in front of the towers instead of behind the walls who knows. I don't mind its just something I need to deal with until the EV bugs are fixed.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that in nightmare the ogre poison goes past the walls and hits the towers? He also completely ignores the walls which allows him to get massive reach to hit the towers behind it due to the AoE he causes when hitting the ground. If I'm not the only one I hope this gets looked into because its very disheartening that my towers are getting ignored by the ogres.
  7. Can most of you not read the patch notes? It says, "ETA," as in, today, the 29th, isn't for certain. I'm amazed so many people seem convinced the release is today. Any number of things can happen. 29th is an estimate. ESTIMATE. I don't know why you are calling this an estimate it was tweeted that it would come out today https://twitter.com/#!/TrendyEnt/status/185103587381223424 https://twitter.com/#!/TrendyEnt/status/185029602236825600
  8. Yeah I am beginning to feel bad for console players..Its just not fair.
  9. I'd rather them just take their time so that there isn't any bugs for once! aha
  10. These extreme posts are beginning to annoy me. OT yeah they have some problems balancing but it most definitely doesn't make the game unplayable..
  11. ^ :) this! they are getting better at this whole patch thing! -psycho
  12. I hope there is a change I was looking forward to this particular section -psycho
  13. Yeah I believe another 40% is a tad bit much. Though I never used it anyways haha -psycho
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