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  1. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/138635/official-ps4-release-date-w-trophies ^_^... i jus asked the question a few days ago :)
  2. - Please redesign the speech bubbles, they look very childish and cheap. - Can there be a way organize the items when switching characters. For example if I am the squire, all his weapons are at the top of the list, and there is some affordance that the others are not equip-able, other than saying it is not for the squire when the pop up shows. Maybe a little bit greyed out of opaqued in the list. - A filter than can list out items based on traits (defense power, hero strength or etc.)
  3. Maybe even have like a special set of trophies for being an early access-er. [[77599,users]] thanks for the clarification, it makes sense. This is actually the first time I've been apart of an early access game, so hence the questions. I would assume they would wipe all accts when the game actually releases? and is it safe to say that the game will return all blue gems that came with the alpha release package they bought? thanks again for answering the question. cheers!
  4. I was wondering if the game will get an official release for PS4? and on top of that will it include trophies? happy defending ^_^
  5. that would be a nice overview. can we have a way that pairs a whole equipment set-up as one equip. so like SPEED Equip. Would have all your equips that boost speed, and for a quick change, have a power boost one. so different loadouts in reference to CoD. happy defending everyone.
  6. Not only is the speed not always correct -> The range and attack values are not always correct as well. Yes, I hope they fix that as well. yep. I meant to state that as well.
  7. What I also found weird is when I view my tower's stats lets say my ATTK Speed is .65. When a friend looks at my tower's stats its very different, .75 speed. Hope they fix this.
  8. good idea, but it would have to be a later wave, as the beginning waves don't really have anything to worry about until wave 4-5. Then wyverns and other aerials are added
  9. can there be a function to take a snapshot while all players (including yourself) face towards the users. Similar to little big planet, so you can upload a group shot of your team. at moment everyone can do it, except the player taking the screenshot =[
  10. I would suggest using the corners of the ouch pad for different functions. for example, bottom left corner-->repair bottom right corner-->upgrade center touchpad-->build similar to how Metal Gear Solid 5 uses the iDroid menu.
  11. i agree to an extent, not everyone is comfortable chatting with strangers. However, I did come across a monk that spent all the build points on his electric aura's... like excessively... -__-
  12. agreed. or by default equipped items can be locked. and then you get a toast message to unlock to sell.
  13. I think hit area for picking up an item needs to be larger, I keep jumping :T
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