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  1. Ive been to misty wave 20 now quite a few times. Never seen anything even close to that much stats. Usually most of them seems to go negative. Might be 20+ waves. But no way its from 16-20 Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  2. While I can't comment on ramparts, I will say that strength drain auras are utter crap in nightmare. Not in any way worth the DU
  3. Actually, ogres are somewhat of a problem on the really late waves. I couldn't keep up with repairs against wave 22 ogres on alch labs, after wave 20 they actually start to hit the walls all the time instead of standing around like clowns. Wave 20 on misty is also scary how much harder it is than the first 19. You can almost be playing with your feets up until then. But ogres aren't the main problem there really (even though you have to babysit the walls if you have them there), it is more of a combination of suicide bomber putting big dents in your walls if they reach it (1800 tower hp) and
  4. Yeah I can see a squire guardian being useful here actually. IF that means MM tower can tank her at enrage
  5. We did it with pretty normal gear, we where not wearing full misty hc gear (campaign) even. This is the base tactic I would use if I ever did it again, in fact this setup is a base I've been working on for some time. Though, different anti spider setups (this one is by far my favourite) We ran with one of each char. Monk, ranger, squire and apprentice. Monk.. well it was his only character. I played the apprentice in hybrid gear. Had 8xx tower attack, no clue on the other tower stats. I also have a wall apprentice with 1k tower health that built all the walls. We built auras on last build
  6. Actually that's exactly what they should do. The queen is too hard in the gear you get up to her. We managed to do it, but I think she got stuck in the ground somehow (we had a squire block tank her so can't really confirm it) for the majority of her enrage phase. Give her a proper threat table, half the hp and no stupid enrage and she would still be a challenge for most and 1000x more enjoyable. Will personally never ever even attempt that crazy queen again.
  7. Well you have "finished" the campaign maps. So I guess survival is the only place for you to progress. And chapter one maps, or alch labs to be more specific is where I went to progress. It might be a ton of ogres, but they die fast enough. They only have a few mill hp compared to the monsters in mistymire survival. I should add that it need to be HC.
  8. From my experience towers IS the cause. More specifically the apprentice towers. I have tried complete copy of my build on UMF 1 with apprentice towers and squire towers. It went from unplayable lag, warps no repairs, taking damage and dying from invisible sources to running super smooth, smoothest I've seen in months. If squire towers ever get on par with apprentice towers I know my eyes and computer will be saying thank you for a long time.
  9. x-ray, and the fact that you can't interrupt their web load time with damage AND chain snares is slowly turning my hair grey.
  10. By far worst thing is fireball towers boosted by a huntress guardian, did 2 wave 20+ runs yesterday where I was mainly protecting a spot with 4 fireball towers and my eyes are still sore and it's been well over 12 hours since we stopped. Not sure I will clock any hours today, my eyes are not well at all. Really wish they could give us an option to use different projectiles for the apprentice. I don't know if lower the settings to lowest helps, I don't want to play this game on lowest settings either. All colors turns a nasty shade of grey and it is hard to identify items on the ground becaus
  11. Was thinking we could try and discuss and see if we can come up with some way of improving the squire towers to be viable in nightmare mode. I'll run through all 5 of them and do my own comparison with the apprentice towers (i know each hero is supposed to be unique builders, but since more or less everyone compares these two I think it's fair to say they are the same type of towers). I am currently working on progressing on Mistymire mix mode (small group of friends 2-4 players). My furthest progress so far is Alch labs nm/mm/hc wave 23. I stopped using squire towers when we got Spooktacul
  12. [QUOTE]* All: You can now hold "Alt" and click on another Hero Icon in the Hero Selection or Swapping UI to swap those two hero positions, so you can more easily organize your heroes into sets.[/QUOTE] Patch 7.12. So it is an old feature, but it could have easily been missed for newer players, or newer forum readers I suppose.
  13. [QUOTE]FIXED it with uncheck steam cloud sync close steam rename appcache to appcache.bak reboot steam uncheck steam cloud sync in settings again PLAY GAMES!![/QUOTE] From steam forums. Worked for me, though I didn't have to uncheck the sync the second time
  14. I feel at the moment that steam is the biggest pile of... yeah. I don't know if it is the horrible combination of ranked servers with steam and survival maps. But this is most likely my first and last game that I will buy through steam. I don't have a single good word to say about it, except cheap games if you buy on sales. When I originally got steam it was to try out the alien swarm demo, which was great, but i remember having issues back then too. Second time I got steam was so that I could chat with some friends that I met while playing rift that didn't use msn/irc etc. But(!) since I hadn
  15. I'd say huntress guardian with 40 boost is on par or slightly better then a 20 boost app. BUT they can't boost ele towers or auras. Duoing with one each though gives crazy results. Except for some reason some maps will almost be unplayable due to the lag (misty mm and umf)
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