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  1. yeah the rubber banding is a real problem atm...not sure what is going on
  2. If they follow the pc path there was only one wipe.. ie. Wipeageddon. But so much changed after that it was a necessary evil. They did a gear retuning a bit later but that was due to gear being a bit OP and there were some very easy ways to get highest tier nightmare gear due to some unbalanced towers.
  3. I feel your pain Csb2147. 4 toons sitting at 25 for a while now just waiting for the bump to 50. It is hard to maintain the love depending on your play style. I personally just randomly jump in lower level matches to help new defenders learn some basics and assist where they are stuck. Helps kill the time and hopefully helps the ps4 crowd pick up a tip or two in becoming better players and better teammates. keeping my fingers crossed that hotfix 1 is followd up by wipeageddon pretty quickly and that we don't have to wait another month+ for it after hotfix.
  4. If they follow the trend from PC which I couldn't see why they don't you will get 1 costume for each toon you got to 25 (i.e. hunter, squire, mage, monk) there was no bonus for having 2 squires at 25 etc. Just get one of each to 25 then wait for the wipe to happen and we should be able to start working on our lev 50 toons. I truly hope they stick with the roadmap of PC in that for each toon you got to 50 you got an xp bonus applied to your account to make leveling alts faster.
  5. 200+ hrs on pc version and I can confirm anything bought with gems is purely cosmetic. There is no pay to win. This downscaling did in fact go away on PC and they went with the ilevel that you see on gear. For private matches you had free reign to try your luck on any match of your choosing but in public play if you didn't meet the minimum ilev for gear you didn't get to que up.
  6. i agree with not always wanting to chat over the mic. some preset lines would be great. Its frustrating to get in a game trying to help those new to the series learn and you can't communicate with them as easy as you can on the PC version.
  7. other than the random pings.. I am all for any suggestions you guys have on how to convey some simple messages with groups in game. Nothing frustrates me more than to join a round and try to help educate some of the new players and assist in rounds without any kind of text or emote system. Case in point they are struggling with a lane or two because their walls only have 4k life while my base walls start about 10k. I can jump up and down on them, ping right beside them, created the red shadow of my wall and move it back and forth over theirs but they don't seem to get my implication. So we
  8. Don't get too locked in on it atm. Just enjoy the game for what it is. If we follow the path the PC has taken everything is going to get a huge revamp and tower speed will be completely removed from gear other than being able to modify it via skill spheres. Speed had towers so broke it wasn't even funny.
  9. 1. Some sort of emote system for recomendations for group play e.g. "sell this defense...repair defense here...wall needed here etc. 2. Have a way to lock your equipped gear so you can't sell it by accident or a buyback tab.
  10. yep thanks for the clarification here. little more in depth from my original post. Just excited to play on console as well as on pc. Wish sony was as easy to get content out as pc but keeping fingers crossed we don't fall too far behind. Guess some of us just weren't expecting to be at Wipeageddon when so many great things have come since then. Thanks for the post!
  11. =( was hoping for some sort of response from the dev on a roadmap for this. Love where we are on the PC just feels like we took a giant step backwards on PS4. Speed for instance was removed from gear for obvious stacking reasons...yet here we are..
  12. same here. Title was in the mail box yet it is not showing for purchasing the collectors edition. I do have the skins for the 4 characters just not the title to select from.
  13. So with where we currently are on PS4 with Wipe-a-geddon inbound. This would have me venture to guess we are around patch 5.0-ish when the cap was still level 25 and we were limited to only 3 in our character deck etc. The game on pc (proud owner of both becuase i love the series this much!) has made so many huge leaps and bounds forward for the better with the inclusion of the story mode and how the inventory system and war table functions. Is the road map for PS4 set to follow the exact same path with the same increments or will we get the same content but in larger chunks to catch us up
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