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  1. Will any possible bonus for Wyvern Tokens be only on unspent tokens? Or all tokens collected over time?
  2. Aim assist is already in the game. How can you not notice it? It's huge.
  3. Option to DISABLE aim-assist. Please. Necessary when trying to focus on critical hits.
  4. Didn't happen on PC. So I don't see it happening here. However, there were rewards based on number of wyvern tokens collected before the wipe. I don't see anything about that on the PS4 version, however.
  5. I can tell you right now, some combinations are broken. It takes a while to learn what does what best. And towers are OP lol. But you can also focus on hero damage and be successful. Make sure you level up other classes. I leveled mine up in pairs. They work synergistically. If you only play one class, you're going to have a rough time unless you work together with friends in a party. My strongest tower combo does 29k dps. That's not a typo. I'll let you figure that one out ;)
  6. Each person opens one chest and gets all their mana for the wave. That's how it is intended.
  7. Is this thing bugged? Or is my inventory bugged? It says I have at least 120 more slots to fill in my inventory. I can't bring some of my temp items over though. If I sell 5-6 of my items, I can bring one or two temp items over. Wtf is going on? It says I have room. Anyone have an idea?
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